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We have just gotten season 1 act Force cut scene from Modern Warfare 3 zombies and my God was that an insane cut scene it had me on the edge the entire time definitely one of the best cutscenes, we have gotten in Zombies thus far the overall story line in this game so far hasn't been that interesting I really liked act 3's ending cut scene but the outside story with all of the radios and stuff like that hasn't been that engaging and I'm glad that the story line is really ramping Up Now quickly with season 1 and can't wait to see what happens and how it evolves over the six seasons and how much it ties into Cod 2024, zombies golf war zombies whatever it ends up being called anyways I'm going to play the full cut scene for you now if you haven't already seen it and then I'll dive deep into it and explain everything that I can take from this cut scene.

One, Johnson, this is Renov. The Strike Team has returned from the rift. Renov AA made contact with some kind of entity. They're coming for a debrief report to Ops. They are what an entity is. Inside the rift. I'll be right. There okay, so first things first, I want to say that I am only going to be analyzing this cut scene from the cut scene itself.

act 4 cutscene

I'm recording this right after it's been discovered so I am unsure if further radios that get discovered May provide further context to this cut scene or anything like that if any new story information is discovered after I post this article I will be sure to have an updated article on the channel anyways at the end of act four the deadbolt CIA operators managed to defeat The Ether worm inside of the dark ether upon doing so when they exit a rift to teleport out of the dark ether into the regular World they are greeted by an anonymous entity, who says you have stayed long enough go back to the light and I guess this is happing back on the fact that the regular world is essentially the light ether with the dark ether being the underworld.


The Entity says this is not your domain it is ours now most likely this entity is Samantha Maxis, of course she was trapped in the dark ether at the end of Cold War Zombies to trap The Forsaken in the containment chamber she sacrificed, herself and we're not sure about her fate but as it'll come on to later in the cut scene we find out that she is definitely still alive and this is huge news and because she has been in the dark ether all this time we of course saw what happened to zikov spending 40 years in the dark ether which was the equivalent of 400 Earth years since time works differently and he corrupted into one of the most powerful Elder gods in there something similar might have happened to Samantha Maxis now we know that the dark ether clones, people and entities, so most likely there are many of these entities taking the form of Samantha Maxis and I really do think that this is Samantha Maxis it does kind of sound like her and her figure seems very similar, however we do know that the Forsaken appears to be the announcer, in Modern Warfare 3 zombies it sounds distinctively, similar to.

Him so I'm not exactly sure what this means. Does this mean that the Forsaken manages to escape the Gulf War zombies from the containment chamber, or maybe he is still the announcer from within the containment chamber? We're not sure what happens to the Forsaken because if Samantha Maxis might now be an elder god and may be in control of the dark ether, why would the Forsaken still be there unless they are both somehow working together?

They're both somehow still in control. We're not really sure, and we're not really sure how this factors into Eddie Rick's plan as well, which I'll come on to in a second anyway. The cut scene then pans to the scientist, Ava Jackson, picking up her pills. Now, of course, in the act three cut scene, we know that she has dark ether powers similar to Samantha Maxis.


This entity was talking to her, which again is probably Samantha Maxis. We don't really know why she has these powers, but she's been taking these pills, I guess, to try and suppress them. It seems like this entity has been talking to her and getting into her mind for a very long time, and it seems like she's trying to convince AA to let the entities be free from the dark ether in a similar way to Zov, pretending to be Valentine's.

Father throughout the events of Cold War Zombies, to trick her into trying to free him from the dark ether. Now we're not really sure as to why she has these powers; has she been trapped in the dark ether before, similar to Samantha the Maxis? Has she just been exposed to large amounts of ethereum, potentially even injecting herself?


We're not exactly sure, but most likely something happened in her childhood. I think maybe she's been in the dark ether before, and that would explain why she has so much knowledge of the dark ether to begin with to begin her scientific research. Now I've seen a theory floating around that maybe she is Dr.

Gray's daughter, and maybe something happens in COD 2024 zombies that may explain how she got these powers; she might be present in that game as a child or something like that anyway. As the cutscene continues, it appears as though zombies have overrun the facility and the CIA deadbolt facility, and zombies start raiding in.

She picks up a gun, and then we see a bunch of familiar characters; we appear to see Samantha Maxis; we see Gregor Weer clearly with his eye patch; and in the subtitles, all of these zombies are just referred to as entities. And it appears as though we see other recum heads; we also see at one point soap, so it just seems like almost everyone is envisioned.

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There is one moment, though, when she goes to shoot or kill a zombie and its head drops on the ground, and that looks strikingly similar to Eddie Richtofen. So yeah I'm not really sure exactly what this cutscene means because of course in the intro cut scene for Modern Warfare 3 zombies Victor SV gets these ethereum vials from this room underneath her hotel in zstan in this room we of course see Gori Weaver and the other recum heads of deceased laying around some sort of device where maybe they sacrificed, themselves to try and free Samantha Maxis or they were tricked something happened that caused them to sacrifice their lives their soul for some reason maybe Samantha was the one tricking them or maybe it had something to do with Eddie rck hoffen we're not exactly sure but they died so it makes sense why they're appearing in this cut scene because they are deceased, but like I said we see other characters such as soap now of course we know soap dies in Modern Warfare 3's camp campaign but this is a prequel in 2021 so it's set before then so we're not sure why soap is portrayed as a zombie or why other characters are such as Rick hoffen we don't know the fate of Rick hoffen right now we don't know what he is up to after he closed down reum in 1985.

Samantha working with Richtofen on Janus! Zombie Weaver! MW3 Zombies Season 1 ACT 4 Cutscene Explained Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Season 1 Cutscene. Let me know your thoughtstheories on this.
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