News - Warzone Mobile Huge New Update Is Here


Gear Up Booster offers servers in all of the major regions that have war zone mobile, such as Latin America, Europe, and Australia. Not only is GearBooster the best tool to use to connect to War Zone Mobile, but it also offers the lowest ping in order to ensure that you get good network service in many mobile games.

In War Zone Mobile, you can be kicked out of matches for having more than 150. Right now, they are offering a free 3-day trial for new users, and it's not only the best VPN for War Zone Mobile, but it's also the cheapest one if you decide to subscribe after your trial ends. Now back to the War Zone Mobile Update.

This update brought cross-progression with Modern Warfare 3. Now what stuff do we get to keep from Modern Warfare 2? All previously unlocked MW2 weapons and operators will be accessible in Modern Warfare 3 and in War Zone Mobile. All previously unlocked Modern Warfare 2 weapon camos will carry forward into MW3, and War Zone Mobile and newly acquired weapon camos and operators from MW3 will now be accessible in War Zone Mobile.


If you are still playing Modern Warfare 2, though, please note that the cross-progression is no longer enabled between MW2 and War Zone Mobile. So that last part is really important to note. If you're still playing MW2 on your PC or console, then just know that cross-progression with War Zone Mobile is no longer supported, so anything you unlock in MW2 will now stay in MW2.

I think the only way you'd be able to bring all that stuff over is if you purchased MW3 and then unlocked that stuff in MW3, because then it would just sync to War Zone Mobile, but I could be wrong. And we also have future crossover skins coming from the Dune franchise as well as Amazon's The Boys franchise.

So there is definitely some pretty good content in this new update. Personally, for me, the MW3 cross-progression excites me the most. I'm really hoping we see some MW3 maps in War Zone Mobile's multiplayer soon. They also mentioned updating the graphics slightly, but honestly, I couldn't really tell.

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It mostly looks the same to me except in the lobby, which definitely did get improved. The character models look much better, for the most part. In this update, there was also an unfortunate crashing bug involving aiming down sites, and as a result, they temporarily disabled gyroscopes to fix the issue.

There was also an issue with people using guests' accounts. But that's it for this article. Make sure to download Gear Up Booster using my link, even if you've already downloaded it. It really helps out the channel, so I'd really appreciate it, and yeah, that's it for this one, guys. I appreciate you watching.

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