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Let's break down the next big update for MW3 zombies. With season 2 reloaded, we have new bosses, their locations, some interesting changes, and much more. We'll go through all the information in today's article.

Mw3 season 2 reloaded update release date

But first off, the expected release date for this update is Wednesday, March 6th, which is actually coming pretty soon.

We'll cover all the official info as it releases on the channel, but for the most part, we know pretty much what we're getting, at least in terms of zombies for this update.

Bigger stash size for mw3 zombies new update?

Now, first off, here we're wanting to cover some interesting potential changes that haven't been confirmed but have been talked about by TR themselves, so Mr.

modern warfare 3

Dojd tweeted this out exclusively. A stash size increase in MWZ, There is an ongoing investigation looking at the scope of increasing the stash, according to Treyarch. They have heard the feedback and demand for more size but the stash was designed for you to make calculated decisions on The Limited items you could store so no ETA, on if any changes are coming to the stash size but of course it's been actively talked about in the past couple of weeks here which is super interesting because I definitely feel that the stash size is a bit too small although I understand how it incentivizes, you to use your items and then continue to grind for more now as I said in previous articles if they want to keep the stash size the same that's fine just increase the Rarity of rewards you're getting in higher tier zon so if you use up your stash and all the good items you have right now you could go back into tier three for example do a couple contracts and get those items back much quicker than right now where If you go into Tier 3, you could be getting a J, not soda, from killing an Abomination, or maybe a rare ether tool that you do not need whatsoever.

Not only in your stash but in tier three at that moment in time, like by the time you go into tier three, you're already going to have level three pack top items. You're going to have all that stuff while you're in Tier 3 anyway. If you're in there, you need that stuff to survive, so the rewards they give you in Tier 3, especially.

Are so useless, and it makes you grind forever; it makes you have to go into the Elder Dark Eternity to even get you some somewhat decent items that you actually want to keep in your stash. So, I just think increasing the rarity of rewards would be a decent change. That sounds like a good idea. Be sure to check out my partner Apex Gaming PCs, a bunch of great customizable PCs over there great for playing Call of Duty and other triaa titles and making articles as well.

They did a huge price decrease on all PCs.

No more dlc perks & enemy types for mw3 zombies

No more dlc perks & enemy types for mw3 zombies

I really do appreciate it, guys, but for another update here, I had to add this because it's so unfortunate. D also said this here. TR confirmed in a season 2 Creator call that there are no plans for any new enemy types or new perks to come to MWZ. At any point, of course, we've had plenty of leaks in the past.

I covered on the channel about mu kick being a main perk to return. We also talked about Electric Cherry as well as Widows Wine. Potentially, those perks got teased there, and there may have been plans originally to bring those perks to zombies, but of course, as time goes on, we've seen this for so many years now.

In the past, I've been covering leaks for several years now, and sometimes content is cut for a variety of reasons. In this case, it's pretty clear Treyarch is no longer the main developer for MWZ, and they're now fully focused on Black Ops 2024, which is fine. I would rather them focus on that game, but it does stink because zombies in this game are still pretty fun, and it seems like a lot of the content we could have in this mode will just be cut and no longer released, and new perks and enemy types will be some of the content that will be cut now.

We're still going to get extra updates, as I'll talk about in future articles as well, but I feel like at least Mule Kick would have been an easy edition. I don't know why the new developers, High Mooon IW, are remaining. Right now, I don't know why they don't just add that. I mean, maybe it's a complicated task to add a new perk; I'm not so sure, but no perks and no new enemy types, especially.

It's very unfortunate, but maybe there's a change to that decision at some point in the future. Maybe they will find more time to add more enemy types and perks. Again, it sounds easy, but we'll see very soon.

New dark aether p.o.i map releasing␦

New dark aether p.o.i map releasing␦

But now for the actual season 2 reloaded updates, we do have an idea of what we're getting, and it looks to be pretty good. So for a summary here of the reloaded updates for zombies, we have the Dark Eternal Story Act continuing. Operation Deadbolt Strike teams are tasked with confronting a new anomaly.

In the exclusion zone, enter the second Rift and, of course, face down the largest infested stronghold you've encountered. As you enter a new and terrifying Rift, new challenges and schematics unlock prestige levels to acquire zombie challenges and gather three new schematics to aid your progress.

We have the warlord Kera, of course, an elusive chemical warfare specialist who has set up some impressive defenses at the kill house in the Orav military base. Prepare effectively before attempting to take her out. Now for a breakdown of stuff for getting into season 2, strike teams from Operation Deadbolt continue to confront terrifying transdimensional anomalies.


New secrets await in the exclusion zone, and tensions are heightened this time as Terminus outcomes have filed your team into the rift. Thankfully, you have an expert guiding you, Serge Ranov. Battle alongside the rest of the squad, completing a series of dangerous tasks, and find your way out of the dark ether before it's too late.

So, first off, here is probably the biggest part of the update, in my opinion, the new dark ether Rift, which unfortunately is just SED City from Al Masra, which is fine because, as you know, the current dark EA right now in Fortress is still pretty cool. As I said, it doesn't really feel like you're in Al Masra; now is it as good as a holy new location?

Is it as cool as maybe the new dark ether Rift could be on transit, as I said, or mob of the dead? Well, imagine going to Alcatra Island. I mean, Rebirth Island is releasing. This year, imagine having that as a dark rift location; that would be fire. Unfortunately, that's not what we're getting, but what we're still getting is still okay.

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