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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard. I'm TX rebirth Island is finally back in the war zone after almost 2 years of being gone. In today's article, we're going to be covering everything you need to know about the season 3 update from Call of Duty: War Zone, including how the new Rebirth Island compares to the original, several new features that were introduced in season 3, and what's the meta after the introduction of two new weapons and a lot of weapon balance stages as well so starting off with rebirth Island it's also playable in Resurgence for all squads sizes so solos Duos trios and quads, and it's also playable in rebirth ranked, which is only trios.

The playlist, of course, is subject to change, but currently, the other Resurgence maps of Asika Bondle and Fortunes are not playable right now. However, we do not know what the playlist is going to look like over the next few weeks, so we're just going to have to see. In case you haven't played War Zone in a while and you're just coming back to the game, here's a super quick review of where we are in War Zone.

The movement is very similar to War Zone 1, the main difference being that you cannot Bunny Hop and that slide canceling does not reset tactical sprint, but otherwise you can slide cancel, reload cancel, sprint while plating, and all that good stuff. Overall, the movement is feeling really good in the game.


The guns are different from War Zone 1, so we are not playing with the same guns from the original rebirth, so no k98, growl kilo, blixen, etc. However, on the note of the Kar98. Reportedly, data miners have found files in the game for a Kar98 weapon, so although it's not in the game currently, it's heavily remembered that it might be making a return in the near future, so Rebirth Island overall is the same layout as it was when we last played it back in November of 2022.

It left us right before War Zone 2 came out, but there are a few points of interest that got a kind of facelift, especially on their interiors. So the most popular pois, like prison headquarters control center, they're pretty much identical, minus that some of their textures just look a little bit different than before, however chemical.

Factory, which was Nova 6, was just renamed Factory, and then Industries, which was Decon, was renamed Decon. Those got a little bit more of a change. Overall, the building structure from the outside is the same, but on the inside, the layouts are a little bit different than before, but overall, the flow and feel are still the same.


There are a few other small changes besides those like Harbor, the Shore by bio and industries, and then Stronghold. But again, overall, rebirth will look and feel just like it used to, but the changes they made feel really nice. One thing I really like right off the rip, though, is that the lighting and coloring for Rebirth are just great.


It's bright; it's vibrant; it's not gray. Dre Asika, I think they did a great job there. Another thing that's going to be coming later in the season is known as infill strikes, where before the match starts, one of three different scenarios has a small chance of occurring near the lighthouse. Water Tower or the prison roof can get blown up and collapse before the game again this is not every game this isn't going to come until 2 weeks later into the season a few new mechanics that I want to briefly cover regarding rebirth Island specifically, is first the squad assemble mechanic so if you're playing in something other than solos, basically if you land together with your team in a close proximity to one another you're going to get a supply UAV where you can see the loot boxes kind of through walls like wall hacks for loot boxes you're also going to get rewarded extra XP and cash if you do this so this just kind of encourag you to land with your team and play together sort of also biometric, scanners where added and these are a bit interesting so if you go up and you interact with one of these it will randomly give you a key card that could range from bronze silver all the way up to Orion being the most rare you can then take these key cards to a buy station.

Trade them in for gear, and if you get one of these really rare key cards, you can get weapons that have more than five attachments, and they're supposed to be just super awesome good weapons. I guess another cool thing that was added was the smart displays, which are basically big TV screens that you can see and that will tell you messages, like the current kill leader or what locations on the map are having the most activity where the most people are fighting.

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These are just randomly located on different walls and buildings across the map, and you also notice staged weapons. So if you remember back in rebirth the top of the lighthouse, the top of the water tower, there were those snipers that would always spawn up there. Well, those are back. Of course, they're different snipers than before, so you can land on them and grab one right off the rip, and they're in very different, various, different areas throughout the map.

There is also now a Champions Quest, a.k.a., the nuke contract in Resurgence. So you have to win five wins in a row to unlock it, or you can earn 30 wins throughout the entire season, and then you can unlock the contract to do it. It seems like the contract itself is going to work a bit differently than the nuke contract for Battle Royale, so we're just going to have to wait and get more details on that once someone completes it.

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After playing Rebirth for the day overall, I had a ton of fun. The small changes to the map seem great, but it's still the same Reaper that I used to love, and I think the new changes are just enough to feel different, but it's still Rebirth. My main complaint would be that there do seem to be a few locations that just do not make footstep audio.

Sometimes it was fine; I had no issues; other times the enemies are completely silent, so hopefully this is something that gets addressed in the near future. Let's talk about weapon balance changes, what the new meta is, or what the best loadouts are right now to use in Rever. So first, they did add a new SMG, the FJX.

Horus, you can unlock this just by leveling up in the battle pass. You don't have to buy the battle pass; you can just get it by playing the game. This one feels sort of similar to the WP Swarm in that it is very good at very close ranges and has great mobility, but its damage range is not very good, so it's going to lack some versatility.

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But for Rebirth Island, it'll be a great option, and it's definitely going to be worth leveling up, especially if you just want something new to use. So they also added a new sniper, the Moors, which is a sniper from advanced warfare, and at first glance, this is probably going to be the best sniper in the game.

Rebirth Island Resurgence is BACK in the Call of Duty Warzone 3 update! In this video we cover the new weapons FJX Horus SMG, the 1 shot MORS snipers, weapon buffs and nerfs, what's the new meta, and more! Become a YouTube Member to receive exclusive perks.
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