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Rebirth island updates!

Rebirth island updates!

We got the full road map for season 3, and the content for War Zone and MW3 is looking pretty promising. Call of Duty is going all in on Rebirth Island this season, and this is very similar to the OG rebirth we had with Control Center built out similar to the Cold War era, with a couple of updates and POI tweaks for the full trailer and my breakdown.

Check out the article in the top-right corner. Fortunes kept coming back with all these cracks and divots around the map, but Cod learned from their mistakes and kept it pretty much the same, but there is a lot of content coming at launch and throughout the season for Rebirth Island other than the map being reintroduced.

The first-ranked Resurgence will be leaving Fortune's Keep for season 3 and moving to Rebirth Island for the season as of right now. I haven't seen anything confirmed that this will be a full rank reset since it is a new map or if you'll just go down a division like in multiplayer, so if you're in Gold, you go down to Silver, diamonds go to Plat, etc., but you have a new map to run and slay out to rank up.

Rebirth will also be getting a modified Champions Quest or the new contract, like on ERS Stand and Vondal. Currently, it says that once a certain number of consecutive wins or total number of wins are achieved, the ultimate contract mission will be confirmed. Big map and vondal I think it took five wins in a row and 30 total wins in a season to have a shot at the contract.

We'll see if that stays the same for rebirth. Some other features coming are a new contract called Spy Drones that will have a bunch of drones spawn into an area for you and your team to take out enemies. A third party can easily take out the drones and take the rewards, so check your six Later in the season, we had two major elements coming to the island.

Dynamic changes coming!

Dynamic changes coming!

There will be variations of rebirth that will randomly happen. You can get a dark, foggy rebirth, and thank God they kept fog around. The community was a huge fan of Anano, so Big W was there.

You can also get a clear blue sky rebirth or at dawn. Sunset rebirth: sometimes a change in weather and lighting lasts the whole game, and other times it will change throughout the game, which is kind of cool. We are getting a sense of the dynamic weather coming to Call of Duty. The other major feature is random map changes that will alter certain points.

According to Raven software, players will have a rare chance to encounter an infield strike that will alter one of three possible points. At the start of the match, the three points that could be hit are a water tower right outside a prison and the prison itself, which has a giant hole in the center.

And then lastly, the lighthouse that looks to make a little ramp to the prison roof and the lighthouse building itself have solid possibilities of little twists that can make playing Rebirth feel a little different every time you load in.

Returning rebirth features

A couple of returning features Also in season is the weapon trade station, where you can deposit a weapon and get a random reward based on the weapon.

Rarity, the move was to get down and wipe on someone that had their load and trade them in so then they can come back, can't find their stuff, and you more than likely come out with a UAV and some stacks of cash. Specialists will also be returning, and you will get all MW3, Perks active, as well as the foresight kill streak that shows you all future circles for the match for the big map.

Big map updates

Big map updates

Sincerely, not much is listed at all. The one thing listed for Battle Royale is the Clim and Punishment goog public event that will randomly happen at the start of your fight that will have a ladder come down and you and your enemy can decide to do a truce and both climb the ladder to escape and get back into the fight.

I'm already excited for the clips coming out of these betrayals and backstabs, so the conversations, trying to convince people just to chill, are going to be a good time, but yeah, that's it from what we can see, so it's going to be a rough time for Big Mac players coming up for.

Multiplayer updates mw3

Modern Warfare 3 It is a very similar story with multiplayer and zombies.

MP is getting a good amount of content, and Zombies is only getting updates in season, so nothing new at launch. At this point, I only use zombies for camos because Borealis is way nicer than interstellar and bioluminescent. Will be finished today to be ready if MW2 weapons are ever viable again for MP.

cod mw3 godzilla x kong

There's going to be six maps coming throughout the season, with four at launch. Emergency and six-star are brand new maps coming to MW3. And then we have a tank that will be the zoo area from Vondo repurposed for a 6v6, a map that is a pretty solid POI overall, and then a grow house that is a remaster version of the sphere from Vanguard, so we look a bit familiar for those that went through Vanguard.

A year later in the season, we will get Grime, that is going to be a shty and sniper map for sure with checkpoint, that is the security or strong hold section of rebirth that is going to be a shty and sniper map for sure with all the open areas outside of the main, like the three buildings that POI has, so we'll see how it plays out.

modern warfare 3 season 3

A couple of returning favorite modes are coming too, including capture the flag and One in the Chamber at launch, followed by new modes of Minefield that will be played on modes like kill confirmed and domination. But when you eliminate an enemy, it will drop a mine on their body that will be lethal to the enemy team, so if they have a second player near them, you may be able to get a quick double kill.

There's going to be chaos as the game goes on, so maybe rock that perk that lets you see enemy equipment for this one. The second mode is escort, which is essentially the payload objective from OverWatch, where you and your team need to stay near a device for it to move forward into enemy lines. You will get a chance to attack and defend, so it could be fun for a couple of rounds.

New perks and field upgrades are coming to MP as well, so feel free to pause to get a better read of the effects and abilities. But we got the Gunslinger vest, the modular assault rig, and the compression carrier. Reinforced boots and a high-grain antenna are all coming at launch with the new tackle of the EMG grenade that is already in the war zone. Coming in season with the enhanced vision goggles field upgrade that looks to give an outline to enemies, if you want help seeing someone that is this close, I guess.

Zombies "updates"

Zombies "updates"

Now for zombies, like I mentioned, all this is coming in season, where there will be another story. Mission, yes, Mission Singular, where you'll need to explore an even darker Aether Rift.

Season 3 Roadmap for Call of Duty Warzone and MW3 has soooo much to go over! Modern Warfare 3 is still getting decent support but mostly for the MP side. Quick Summary. -Rebirth Island Returns.
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