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Now I know that everybody right now is absolutely loving the FJX, but I want to show you guys a gun that can be just as good as the FJX, or, in my opinion, can sometimes be even better. These things have always been really good in Modern Warfare Zombies, but I just recently got a pretty good buff that makes these things absolutely insane.

I'm talking about the stinger and pistols. First, we're going to do a bunch of testing with these things inside of the red tier zone, and then we're going to go on into the dark ether and complete that. I'm just going to tell you guys right now that you will not be disappointed with this weapon. I appreciate everybody that stopped by the article today.

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We brought in a legendary ether tool, plus I brought in a flawless crystal. I just wanted to come in here and jump straight into the red-tier zone and start taking out some mega-abominations. Don't get me wrong, I think the Stingers have always been amazing little pistols to use here in Modern Warfare Zombies.

I've actually been pushing for these weapons for quite a while now, but I haven't used them since. I think, season 2, and now they're just absolutely insane, especially when you throw on that Maga holding it, which just makes you guys unstoppable, and with damn near 800 rounds, that's not too bad of a reserve for ammo, but as you guys can see, we took down that Mega Abomination really fast, and then I decided to come over here and take on this guy as well, just absolutely melting through these tier three zombies.


I think this is definitely a load-out that you guys should try. Of course, when you get these things in a Kimbo, you're going to miss out on a little bit of that Snappy With the Deadshot, but that's all right. I think the power of having two of these things more than well makes up for it. Next, you're going to see that we ended up getting an HVT on another Mega Abomination, and this guy ended up putting up a little bit more of a fight just because he was an HVT, and usually these guys do have a little bit more health.

You can just see the health absolutely falling off of this guy. I did end up using this thing last night. I actually attempted to get this article last night, but unfortunately, my game crashed, which has been happening to me a lot lately, and after the crash, I spent like over an hour in here. I just didn't have it in me to come back in here and do it again, but we're here today.


Not only did this run go over pretty well, but I've made a couple runs today, and the server seems to be okay now. I just jinxed myself, and I'm going to end up losing everything tonight over quite a few weapons that I've ended up testing out over the last few days. I would say this is probably the best one yet, and So4 was absolutely a beamer as well.

I thought the swarms were really good too, but even back then, I loved the stingers. I would always tell people, Yeah, the swarms are pretty powerful, and they got a lot of ammo, but those stingers almost act the exact same way. Yes, they don't have as much ammo, but the power that's behind these things is crazy.

Watch how fast I almost instantly melt this Mega Abomination; I would say it's almost as close as the flamethrower if I were to pair these things right up with the FJX. It would be a really tough one for me to choose, honestly. There might be some instances where I would go with the FJX. But I think I might grab the stingers a lot of the time.


What's been your guys's favorite gun here to run in season 3? Have you been running something that maybe not everybody knows about, or are you just running the same thing like FJX? Like, what is your preferred weapon for this season? Personally, I think pistols are absolutely dominant. This season, we have The Stingers, which are incredibly good.

The retti is insane inside of Modern Warfare zombies, as is the x13 from Modern Warfare 2, and we got quite a few SMGs that are very viable to use as well. I don't know. I think the weapons are good this season. I think the meta is pretty nice. It's pretty all over the place here. We are inside the dark ether, and we're grabbing our first contract here, our HV.

And what do you know? We ended up getting a Mangler, which is pretty surprising because, like, nine times out of 10, whenever I come in here, I always get the Mega Abomination. Now I did hear some people say that he spawns into the Elder Dark Eternity more than anything, but I don't know, man, he usually spawns in whenever I come in here.


I think I've honestly only ever gotten like The Mangler, the mimic, or the disciple a handful of times, which I really don't mind because these guys seem to go down a little bit easier except for that disciple. Sometimes he can be a complete pain in the ass, especially if you get that disciple inside of the Elder Dark Eternity.

My, we were able to take down that mangler pretty damn fast, and the loot from him was not that bad either. We ended up getting a magga holding, plus we got another refined crystal. I'll definitely be taking that. Now we're over here in our Outlast contract, and we're going to see how these things just handle these dark ether zombies, and yes, I made sure to say Outlast contract.

I know somebody commented, Why do you say hold-out contracts every time? Well, the reason I say hold out is because, let's be honest, this contract was ripped straight from the outside, if you guys remember. The contract inside the outbreak was almost exactly the same thing except that it was called holdout now, but honestly, the holdout missions inside the outbreak.


I would consider this to be way harder than this one because you weren't able to leave the areas that you were designated to, like if it were inside of this cafe here, you wouldn't be able to go outside the cafe, like you'd just be stuck inside once you get enough mimics and like zombies and everything else in there, it's just absolute hell.

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