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Let's break down some more zombie content, releasing new dark ether skins in the game, and much more. Work it all down in today's article. Be sure to drop a like on.


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New bundles finally added to modern warfare 3 store

First up, lives in the store.

A lot of you guys have been asking about this. It's finally in the game. It's the zombies ethereum. Ultra-skin, of course. The main thing here that comes with the bundle is the scorched-out, broken operator skin. It's an ultra-reactive skin whose visual effect intensifies. On kill count, the final stage is shown here, so it's not going to start off like this, but as you get more kills in the game, it'll slowly start glowing and have this really cool purple look coming from the actual dark ether crystals.

modern warfare 3

A super good-looking operator for sure, and if you guys didn't know you were able to get this early, a lot of you guys may have been already using this bundle for a couple of weeks now. Of course, there was a glitch where you could buy the bundle early. Now you may have been shatter batt banned, or I don't think anyone actually got banned completely.

But you know, people were scared to use the bundle because you're not really supposed to use it early, but now it's officially here, so if you guys bought it earlier, feel free to use it now. We're also getting a Striker 9 SMG blueprint, which looks pretty cool. C points I feel like you should guaranteed get some tracers, and you know, purple dark ether themed tracers and, you know, death effect, dismemberment, whatever like would be pretty sick in this bundle here, so the fact that it's not here does kind of suck.

We have an MTZ 762 blueprint as well, which is cool but not as cool as the other one. Sincerely, I like this one a lot more, but it is still interesting. You get a zombie's acquisition of refined ethereum crystal, which is a Pack level two colon card. Join us there. That's pretty fire, large decal-growing crystals, and a weapon charm, so some solid stuff here.

Cosmetics in the bundle for the ultra skin are pretty cool, but I don't know Man 2, 800 C points for no tracers. I mean, honestly, I think bundle prices should be 50% of what they are right now, in my opinion, but if we at least had tracers, it would be a little more worth it. We also got this here in the store.

The saddle-up bundle for 1,600 C points comes with a jabber operator skin, which is pretty cool. A lot of people have been complaining about the lack of just-like-normal operator skins, so this one is kind of like that. It's nothing too crazy, nothing too mythical, just a normal cool operator skin with a different look.

Not bad there; we have a DG 56 weapon blueprint, okay, a colon card, a weapon sticker, and a looting screen, so a decent bundle there as well.

Player vs player mode in mw3 zombies update

Player vs player mode in mw3 zombies update

In my opinion, adding PVP to zombies would not be enjoyable. At all times, it's a pain to get everything in order to get the items needed to access Tier 4 dark ether, even Tier 3, and you have to avoid possible PVP only for people to camp entrances. I mean, I described this briefly in my article, but I can go through it more in depth in a separate article.

The whole point is to fight zombies and bosses, get perks, pack punched weapons to actually fight them, and progress through the game. Easter eggs do challenges as well; it's all about fighting zombies, and adding players would just not make it zombies anymore; it would make it a different mode, so you know it would be cool to see it again, as I said as an LTM.

More zombies features & gobblemgums returning

More zombies features & gobblemgums returning

Call of Duty: Black Ops Golf War is the rumored name, and the year after that, another semi-trader cod as well, so we're getting a lot of try zombies content over the next couple years here, and we have a bunch of leaks about what we're getting, at least for next year's Call of Duty. A bunch of interesting stuff, so first off, Tombstone is returning in 2024, but not confirmed yet.

This isn't too surprising; it makes sense. Tombstone has been in the past couple of Call of Duty episodes here; Cold Warart finally returned; and we saw this year's MW3. I feel like it's a new staple now; it was originally only a, you know. BO2 perk, but it seems like they're going to start bringing it back for pretty much every new TR Zombies iteration, which is fine with me.


This one here is a major leak: gobble gums in COD 2024. Which leakers have been saying it's not pay-to-win? I doubt it would be pay-to-win. It seems like Activision and Cod are completely away from that whole pay-to-win aspect, but it begs the question: how will gobblegums work here? Obviously, it's going to be the new way to get abilities in zombies, you know, but does that replace other items in the game, just like the Cold War crafting table?

Will that replace all the kill streaks you get there and all the other features you could get from field upgrades as well? Will that all be brought into gobblegums, and gobblegums will just be earnable? In the game, by completing challenges and missions, when you do the Easter egg, you get some gobblegums.

You get one free gobblegum per round, of course, with all that different stuff and different tiers of gobblegum. We'll see how that system works. I'm very confident it's not going to be paid to win, which I think is a good thing. We have the Pack-a-Punch animation and the OG Pack-a-Punch animation returning.

Which is fire, not that cold wars were bad, and it was kind of easier to just run to the pack machine, click it once, and instantly have your packed weapon. The OG Pack animation is super classic and super cool, but it adds a little more difficulty. Factor there; I'm definitely down with the fact that we have Group 935 returning as well, which is another interesting thing here.

Will they go back to that former story? Will they continue the Cold War story and mesh in some other things from the past? Will we see the you know OG, Premise, Vicus characters, or any of those other just OG guys from the you know normal ether story line, not the dark ether story line? Well, that all happened in COD 2024.

I have no clue. I don't want to go too much on the story here because it's way too early, but it's interesting to see leakers mentioning.

New cod 2024 leaked info revealed

New cod 2024 leaked info revealed

Group 935, here are some more leaks for COD 2024. These aren't zombie-related, but they're still pretty interesting, so I thought I'd add them here at the end of the article.

We have War Mode returning in 2024. This is a really big W, in my opinion. War mode is super fun in this game in MW3, I should say, and then also back from World War II as well, World at War had a different variation of War as far as I remember. I didn't really play that game too much, honestly, but it's probably going to be the same way it is right now in MW3.

NEW ZOMBIES LEAKS, PVP in MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Operator Update Released.
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