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You have to be ready for things like that. All right, I think we might be good to jump into things. Yes, we are M-five now underway. Aiden, the player we started off the tournament with, got to give him the respect he deserves. Already, two eliminations looking for a third will go to his teammate, but I believe Sha J will be taken down by their third in Adrien.

Yeah, so Aiden's team is another squad we expected to play really well today; they've dropped the ball a little bit, sitting at 62 points, but half the tournament is still left, so he could definitely make some moves here, and it's going to start with Aiden. He's the guy we know loves to play aggressive.

He needs to pop off. Yeah, I agree, Aiden. We also know how high his ceiling is. We also know how high his rating is. Aiden is exceptionally good as well, Adrien, so I think they can definitely do it. It just feels like they have a similar problem to Crank's team up until mat 4, which is that they're going to get those.

They're just maybe being a bit overly aggressive, and that's stopping them from really getting into that high multiplier endgame situation. Yeah, you know, when you're a really good player and you have a good team, you know what you can get away with sometimes, and in war zones, it just doesn't always go your way.


I just think it's one of those things where, on any given day, right like Aiden could be, dominating a tournament. It's just that there's a lot of RNG involved, and you increase the level of RNG when you play at the pace that he does. Yeah, I think that's a great way to put it. RNG is always a factor in a game like this; it's just how well you mitigate it in your game.

Playay style is now absolutely fairly close together here; they do have a few loadouts in the area we can see, and in Circle 2, we got about a minute 30 before it started to close, but a few teams right close by, so it looks like they're trying to gun for them, maybe get an early down push their way into these buildings, and that's exactly what happened, none other than FIFA killing one of the solo YOLO winners historically of the World Series of War Zone taken down in fashion, alongside teammates.

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Man, they just haven't been able to get it going today. With the KD FIFA kill and Santana Squad, it's been super unfortunate for them, but they did run into Adrian, who was going to get taken down by the UAV up in the sky streak, no indicator at all, going to take some damage but get away with his life.

Yeah, and sometimes it's how you adapt to that situation. Maybe there isn't that streak indicator that could have been quite useful, but Aiden was able to sneak away into the water and survive for the time being, but yeah. I agree FIFA kills teams having a bit of a slow day, but again, resurgence, custom tournament multipliers.

Anything can happen; we saw it, of course, with Crank's team in Map 4, but again, the team that I am laser focused on, at least for map five, is going to be Shify's team because they have to jump back into things in fashion, but they have been a staple in a lot of these tournaments and are doing decently so far throughout this one, and I'm taking a look, but I'm not quite sure where.


Top, okay, top 17, so if they have a couple good games, they could definitely find themselves in the money in that top eight positioning. Yeah, the top eight's definitely on the board here, like it's not the realm of possibility for them, and you know they've been in a pretty good situation, with a lot of these maps surviving.

At the end, getting pinched right, so all about positioning later on, you can see right here got their load out—not too many just yet, but just trying to get ked up and get in a good situation for the middle of the game here because it gets it gets crazy. I mean, we're talking about like our fourth circle, and there's still 55 people left in some of these lobbies that we've had so far.

You have to have loot for days. Loot for days that carry you over to the end game. Very well said. Take a look at our second-place team. This is team destroy; with 99.6 points, they are only about 24 points behind Shifty's team in first place, but they did take a win on mat three. I believe they got third place in mat 4, but a hefty amount of kills in the process, so really, it's been Dish's team lightening things up through the last two maps, and I love to see that historically.

dollars25k 21 savages fright night

Dish has been such a dominant player from Verdance all the way till Almaza. Vondal, and Beyond, so to see them continue that kind of consistency is always great. And he's one of the most exciting players to watch Katie every time, right? He's always getting super animated; he gets loud, yeah, he gets super loud, and when he wins a game, he's going to make you hear it, so I'm very excited to see him continue throughout this tournament.

I mean, where are they at right now? 99.6 so they are in a great spot; if they win this game, they could take over first place. So, take a look. I'm trying to look, and that was actually Shifty that was just taken down in the kill feed, so you got to be a little careful, assuming Hoka and Biff will have to be somewhere near by, but a kill on at least one of them is always going to be good.


Start, we and they always treat ourselves in a building. This is the way that they've been; they were playing the first couple of drops, and they just fought their way out of it, and it's actually the same church, the same building. See, he's got some shots down smokes as well, and the live ping comes in.

That's what I was talking about with the smoke; that's Biff KN, that's Huge, yeah, because, as you said, one's floating, one's by. The Bu Shifty team is in a bad position once again; they cannot afford another game of a non-existent multiplier and low kills, so they're just trying to find them out, but destroy gets taken down by Hoka, a sneaky play from him.

Not ready for it, they're starting to answer back against the second-place team, St. to answer back, and here's all gold. Queen set up on the edge of the circle looks like they're changing their strategy just a little bit, trying to get information. UAV, and this is a slippery slope because you set up on the edge, you can end up getting held, maybe not in this circle, but eventually it's going to happen.


Shi, though there's no one up here right now, it looks like Hoka did probably end up getting traded out by Sunday or the rest of Destro's team, but should be. I think, spawned back in at any second, that is. Juke taken out of the water gets meleed to confirm the kill. Shifty is already at what I believe those five-six eliminations are, and now that Hoko's back on the board, they have to start the reg.

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