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I mean, I wonder if, when we talked about the Shifty team last map, they were laughing, joking, and vibing. I wonder if they're a bit more serious now. Like, hey, we lost a map, we didn't get into the second-best multiplier, and I'm not happy about that time to lean into our monitors a little bit more.

You can already see a couple players getting killed off rip, so definitely accumulating some eliminations destroyed with two himself already. At the very beginning of this map, there are two fully eliminated teams. Already instantly, you know those are the teams that are at the bottom, right? They need to get it going; they know that they have to play aggressive, which can be hard too.

You get what one bad drop? Maybe you drop somewhere where you weren't prepared, and a team like Destroys is there. You don't even have a chance. Yeah, no chance, and try to OTF, BBY, and see if his team could go up in the rankings; they are currently in 13th place. It's not a terrible spot. Oh, I thought they were at the stadium for a second.


I was going to be concerned. Stadium drop would be reckless, but load out here already for them to spot one player there in the street, Jukes. We know he could take over at any moment, with Sha J in the mix and Chrissy going to take her out. Yeah, and Chrissy's team, take a look. I do believe they're in about 11th place right now with, yeah, 41 points, three points, so not a bad spot for them to be able to jump up into the money and really make an impact, and Chrissy herself, a lightning fast player, has very good three eliminations here, and that's a great way to start; absolutely, that's a great way to start three kills already, and you're in 12th place, so you know you're in a pretty good spot; you don't have to send it, and like drop a bomb, you just have to be in the mix at the end, right?

Get one of those multipliers; so far, so far, so good they're going to need to plate up. There, it looks like they do have their loadout already as well, which is fantastic. Good positioning with that rooftop, and I agree that the plate is making me a little anxious; there's like three selfes on the ground right there; the heck's going on, and that's a jump.

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I don't know if Chrissy was even aware that player was just right in front of him; it looks like they glanced slightly; maybe they had just come up the zip line, but Chrissy will have to wait on that respawn. As we swing over to Jesse Cooks, it is going to be Aamai that is able to get a down-off screen; no eliminations for her just yet.


This is another one of those teams that's kind of in that 10th to 15th range and definitely makes something happen, but this is where it needs to start. 100% we're going to hop on board here with Intex. First of all, that skin goes. Crazy, second of all Intex team needs to turn up they in eighth place with 56 they're in the discussion but you expect them to be involved like top five towards the end they haven't got too many of the multipliers, yet, or at least it hasn't been broadcasted so I'm excited to see them put together a good game here, so am I you're going have to be mindful there's streaks across the way not only your teams but an enemy team intex's coming out on top and that fight plates up and pushes forward alongside believe in empathy getting a nice down as well it looks like with a little bit of a pistol in hand that time he had the revolver counts six shots there goes another one in the staircase finds the kill, his team get tra he traded that down so empathy going to be back up and running it's good loot for him right there with the load out just out back, yeah great money amount too yeah great Mone out you got cir at your back you're in a pretty good position.

Here maybe not R's there. And well, you talk about a team that you're going to try and get points over. Brock is sitting in fifth; that would be a good team to try and come out on top of, but you're going to have to be careful; it's going to be a 5-second respa for believe to get up and hopefully get back to his loot, as Intex is again just working his way back and forth across these series of rooftops because there's still a large amount of players in this area, obviously showing some respect.

dollars25k 21 savages fright night

Of course, with that movement, I am not trying to be too easy of a target for someone on maybe one of the rooftops to their right. Yeah, trying to just control this area right there's going to be stragglers and Resurgence left and right team players trying to wait for their team to come back and you just can't get caught in a gunfight for too long and get third parted so as you can see his teammate, that's a perfect example right there take note chat his teammate was in a gunfight across the map and he was just checking the staircases in every corner because he knew somebody was going to be there finds the kill it's knocked by the Betty but gets right back up so that's exactly how you want to play these situations Katie I just got some nameless news The first-place team that had a red-hot start has a fairly mediocre middle because apparently they've already been eliminated.


No, the door is wide and open. At this point, I am absolutely unbeaten. You're 44 points behind. Yeah, Shifty's team is completely out, which means they got no multiplier if they had any kills at all. It's simply going to be that number, but the player flies with empathy and pays the price for it.

It's a little bit of an interesting play, but it doesn't work out in their favor. The SX is out, forced to scramble away, but does have seven eliminations. Katie yeah, and you can tell right away that they're trying to be very systematic about this, and it also looks like on this map you're going to have different fog amounts each iteration, and this time the fog seems to be fairly significant.


Which can be a bit of a nuisance to teams on the map right it really limits your sight lines especially when you're actually dropping back into the map to see if where you're Landing is safe, yeah when the fog comes out I mean I just get infuriated, right I'm like I'm getting old I'm about to be 30 my eyes aren't what they once were right so like fog go away please but for irrational I don't think it's a problem no I don't think it's a problem at all but what is a problem is the final update I have on team Shifty, it looks like they had no kills and they placed 20th so their score line is going to stay the same and un rational he may not know it and maybe he has folks in chat letting him know but that is an opportunity you must capitalize on.

100%, and down here we're back on board here with BBY, saturation on Max there in the color correction. Settings. Aiden just took out JY, so they got Aiden Squad to deal with here, inside the concert arena, and yeah, if you're them, you just kind of want to fall back; maybe find a different route out of here you don't have a ton of plates.

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