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Can just absolutely go off destroy got four points in that first game you think they're going to end like that absolutely not so foot is full force on the gas Yes, it is, and well, that's why there's a lot of chunks—a chunk of change—on the line: $25, 000 for today's tournament as we jump into Map 2, $9, 000.

For first place, 5K for second, and 3500 for third, so it's going to be a nice payday for whoever is able to come out on top; that'll be 3K a piece for that trio, but jumping right into of the money with none other than the team that took first in map one that is going to be Shifty on your screen and no surprise they are already gunning toward those loadouts immediately trying to get their sight line on some of the teams to start acre those kills early and well I think if I take a look yeah no surprise Shifty already has two; yeah, already has two.

It's like I'm going to go over here, and you slay out on the other side of the map. We'll jump back on board with him late Circle because they will be alive, but switching over here to Chrissy, they played very well, in eighth place right now with 18 points. You mentioned her and her squad before this tournament began, and so far, so good for them; they are just now getting their load out.


Yeah, as long as you can start getting some of those eliminations, getting yourself set up for that economy is so important. Not only at this point in the game, but if you are forward Thinking enough to have not only the plates and yes, the utility you need, but the money toward the ladder point in these games to get to one of those buy stations, that can really make or break a team's final placement, because often times you're going to see a team that maybe all three are alive, but they have no plates, no utility, they don't have any taxes, lethals, or anything to work with, and they end up falling apart because of it.

Yeah, because you know, when you're a team that plays a little bit slower and stuff you don't get in those engagements, you're not able to grab more loot or get that you know expedited money by taking out a squad, and right now you can see. Running out of am Mo clay is going to knock some shots down, so they have some time for the time being, but yeah, as you mentioned, you got to wipe squads.

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You can't just do damage; you got to wipe squads, get their util, and get on out. And a fight here in the Maze forces Chrissy to scramble away around the wall. She will be able to play up and re-engage, but after a little peekaboo, she spots him again, taking some damage. Nick Cool has gone down as well, and this is a tough spot to be in for her to run.

You have someone on the high ground, someone right behind you as well, and that's going to be tough because if that's two players down, you need at least one to survive for just a little bit to get your team back up. You cannot afford to get fully wiped out this early. Yeah, they're going to have to try to CLA their way back into the Destroy Squad.

Four kills last game, that's it. Destroy is trying to pick up some kills. Run that shot off with the red dot. Here comes an engagement, Ru. I believe going to get taken out and destroyed with some solid shots is barely any health of his own, but trying to get out without getting knocked two knocks here would be a problem.


Yes, it would, but that's destroy getting the better of Ebates, and that does mean it's only 5 Seconds the te to get back up and just getting a few shots shy it was Prospect return in the favor but thankfully should still be two players alive on that team as I believe there was one who was just about to respawn, yeah destroy just getting a little bit too aggressive there you know, sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't dry Peaks that one gets taken out, and they're going to be on the Resurgence.

Switching over here to Intex, we know what he's capable of. We've seen him in a ton of tournaments playing with Brolic a lot, but now a different team has empathy, and I believe both of them are solid players in their own right. They have an advanced UAV up here, so now I'm expecting them to get involved in the action of rooftop control.

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You know where everybody's at. You have your weapons. Let's get mixie we'll swing back over immediately, unfortunately, to a player that's already down, so not long for this world as we swing back to Intex. I like your call, right? If you're going to invest in that advanced UAV, you have to take advantage of the information; you can't be passive about it.

As we see some of our first teams getting full white with just 17 remaining in the lobby. I love believing in this team because he's a player historically who's done very well in Search and Destroy tournaments, but as of late, kind of really in the entrance. Al Mazra has started playing a lot more War Zone and Resurgence tournaments and has actually done quite well, so I am hoping to see some of that performance here from him today.

100% You're right; I mean, he's been around for a while, and he's done very well in search tournaments. I've played against him myself; I lost him before, so I know what he's capable of, and empathy finds a couple of kills here. They have really good positioning here; they're in the circle, and there are people around them.


And I've never seen a box like this all-gold queen. Shout out to you, Innovative. I actually like it a lot, and it already has four eliminations. That's a great start for this team. They will have to be a bit careful with that 202-hour timer on getting their teammate back, but we know damage like this.

Downs like this have already boomed for 10 seconds. I was able to confirm it, and the communications are fast. They are scrambling away because that is a dangerous spot to be in the open. Absolutely, it's a dangerous spot, but they're finding kills. AO Queen is already up to five, and with her life being full, she does have 4, 000 as well, so not a terrible spot.

The buy station behind them needs to grab anything; it's right over there, so they're in a horrible spot. I mean, I do think they need to get some high around there, but you hear the coms, you're in the open, stay alive, Finess. I have one. Here we go, swinging back over to crank seven eliminations as well, so already.


A lot of the teams we're taking a look at have some nice individual kill counts, and you have to assume there's seven here. Braxton, and they're going to have to have a certain amount as well, so easily you can say double digits, but with the smokes out shots being taken from the right, they've got to scramble to safety, and I think if the smokes aren't there, this team is not lasting that long, 100%, and you know when we get to war zone 2, there's that I think it's a field upgrade or something where you get knocked and a smoke just pops instantly.

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