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Look no further than this article. I'll be sharing my top five long-range meta loadouts. These class setups will give you the edge you need to take down your enemies and secure victory. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, these layouts are perfect for you. Don't miss out on this game-changing information.

Starting off with number five, and this is more for a ranked preference, it's going to be the signal 50, so it is quite simple. Ranked for just the points you get a kill and assist mean the same thing so very simple break somebody just one tap breaks them it's an assist and this point for you in the ranks so that's why this is number five and here is my build Well, starting out with the nilsound 90 silencer for the muzzle tuned for negative point 14 and bullet velocity is going to be 0.48, next the barrel is going to be the 29-inch TV kilo, and we're going to have a 0.37 where the recoil stadium is and negative Point 32 for the aim-down sight speed High-caliber, high-velocity rounds, 0.38 for the damage range 6.10.

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Grams for the bullet velocity; for the rear grip, it's going to be the SA finesse grip tuned for negative 0.71; for the aim-down sight speed and aiming-out stability, 0.38; and lastly, this is very common for just snipers in general; it's going to be the forge tag. Delta IV optics is what I like to do.

I like to max out the aim-down sight speed, and the close eye position is because it's better for the optic in general. That is number five on the list, number four on the list overall, and my favorite probably in the game right now is the sakeen little recoil, and still, it's easy to crush somebody even in long range, but the only bad problem is if only con I really see takes.

Forever to reload, even with 100 bullets, it's still probably one of the best guns in the game. I mean, you don't really need much for recoil, and it still crushes hard, so starting off the muzzle, the ZLR Talon 5 is tuned for 0.59 for the recourse moon and.58 for the bullet velocity. Next, we're going to have the Cronin WL55 for the underbarrel tuned for points 62 recoil stabilization.


Point 18: For the aiming out stability next, we're going to have the choreo enforcer optic I like a holographic for long-range guns because, really, you're not just going to move around or anything, and so what I like for at least the sake of I don't like to do really anything for it, but if you are going to probably touch it, maybe for the aim-out size speed or maybe for the closed eye position because it's its long range.

Next, the laser is going to be the FSS old V laser tuned for negative 19 for the Sprint fire speed, and we're going to max out the aiming idle stability. Last, our barrels can be the 20-inch Bruins silver series barrel tuned for 0.34 for the recall steadiness and 0.26 towards the damage range, and that is our metasakin.

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Number three on the list and probably the, best gun probably in the game still because it's just our ranked of beast in general the Cronin is here to stay there's probably been five different nurses for this done and it's still one of the best ranked guns in the game and it's just it's here to stay and it's mean it really doesn't, want to leave the ranked or just overall medalist in general and so this is my ring to build that gummy Diamond this year or this season this is my build that got me diamond this season and I plan to hit Crimson next season definitely Crimson so we're starting off with the muzzle socking tread 40 tune if we're gonna max out the recoil stabilization and we're gonna max out the recoil control next, the under barrels can be the f-tap Ripper 56 max out the recoil and max out the aiming aisle stability next the barrel is going to be HR 6.8 Barrel we're going to tune it for 0.35 so as the recall say to this and.32 towards the damage range honestly.


Kind of just messing with it. I might just max out these abilities because, really, it's just that extra damage range, and maybe even the recoil could be very helpful next to the 50-round drum. Recently, I have been using the Amop V4 in ranking. I'm actually able to aim down sight speed, and again, the close eye position, because really, that close eye position really does help when the long range games do happen for right, but overall, this is the meta build for the Cronin, and I plan to keep using this build in right next to the fan favorite M13.

It's back, and you know what? It's here to stay. M13 is back, ladies and gentlemen, and it's probably here to stay. I really don't think they're going to Nerf this gun only because it's been such a fan favorite for a very long time, and again, we have no recoil just like the first game. The only difference is that it doesn't hit as hard as number one, but it's a really solid build, and overall, it's a casual-friendly build.

casual-friendly gun, you know what? It could take over as number one, my build for the fan favorite. M13: Starting off the muzzle, Komodo Heavy, we're going to tune it for the 41 towards recoil stabilization. Point 16 is for the recoil control F-tack Ripper 56, and we're going to max out the recoil.

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I liked some aiming walking down speed, but if you want better recoil, basically more negative recoil backs up the aiming out stability, but I like it as negative point 14 because negative recoil might be a thing in this game. Next, the barrel is the 14-inch Bruin Echelon, and we're going to have 0.44, which is a very cool statement.

Point 13 towards the aiming downside speed next 60-round mag and personal preference again I like the SZ mini reflex optic; we're maxing out the aim down sight speed and we're maxing out the eye position, and, really, you could have far eye position, but really, there's no recoil in this gun, you really, for it's just a very simple pattern, and I'm really not doing anything.


And I mean, look how straight it is; you barely need to pull down on your trigger, but ladies and gentlemen, that is number two, and our number one meta is the Beast of a Matter, the cast of 762. Ladies and gentlemen, this might be the vondel Beast, but for long range, it's definitely a vondel type of a vondel type of gun al-majros, might still be your Cronin or M13, but for 40 bullets, it still crushes as hard as the recoil is there, but for a 40-round mag, it still crushes at least three people, and for ranked or just regular Battle Royale, this is perfect, starting off with our muzzle that ties the LR8 muzzle, maxing out the recoil stabilization, and point 15 for the recoil control next.

Discover the Top 5 Long Range Meta weapons in Season 6 of Call Of Duty Warzone 2! In this video, we dive deep into the most powerful and effective long-range loadouts that will help you dominate the battlefield.
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