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You can still sort of bank on Shifty Squad making a mistake and just playing your game; it has been working; you have 153 points, you're playing absolutely fine, and you know with them it's like they're just exceeding expectations at this point. You're hungry for it. You know that Shifty's team is capable of a dud map case; in fact, you said it maps four 20th Place zills to their name.

You have to hope that happens again, but you also can't rely on their missteps. To help you win, they're going to need to give their best effort in these last two maps. Yeah, you just have to play your game. Hope for the best can't force anything, and it seems they're doing just that. Another team that's been playing very well cracks the squad.

We highlighted them a lot throughout this tournament in the way that they like to play. They're always together in tandem. You can see there are some shots down. He's going to get taken out by King AJ, and it's going to get very mixy here. You've got to be careful not to get Squad wiped. Yeah, you have to be very careful.


That is not how you want to go out. You can already see it on the top right. One team has been fully eliminated, so we have 21 squads. They are going to be watching Gam Playay for a while before we get into the last map, but Shifty has no eliminations. With the most to lose, they have had some highs and lows in this tournament, but it is that consistency that's really going to help them continue to maintain that first-place spot.

100% they have been unbelievable; in their wins, it's just been beautiful to watch, and there you can see he was on the radar. He didn't know exactly where he was going to get shredded and taken out, but Sres is coming in. His teammates are around him. Biff's trying to get information, but I don't even think they know where he was.

Yeah, that was a little tricky—maybe just a bit of a pot shot—but they do have that bounty. Well, if it was eBay, the bounty's right on top of them, so it might be exactly who Biffle just took out and landed over here. Yeah. I heard you One landed low, like there we go, some of those kills starting to work their way in for this team, and.

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I mean, really at this point, and it feels like if Shifty's team can simply get the 1.2 and 1.3 multiplier and double digits. I don't know if there's enough time to top that, yeah, if they get 15 and 20 kills and a good multiplier. 1.3.2, they're in a really good spot to secure this tournament, but like we said, it's like anybody's game; there's a lot of teams that are very close, and you know, 3 four five to nth.

Aiden is one of them yeah team's still playing for a lot Aiden's team is sitting at 114 I mean they can make their way all the way up to fourth place you know after this game that's literally difference of what 11 points so that's pretty big for placings and money and all the stuff so they're still going very, we'll swing back over to Shifty who has picked up an elimination as we were looking at Aiden's POV.


Biffle off screen does take down Prospect what a team to watch it seems like they're always so decisive in what they want to do and fully confident when a player like Shifty just takes a risk because they assume more often than not he's going to get the job done absolutely they just take their turns right it's like I'm going off this game you're going off this game let's just team fire and take over here you go back on board here with Braxton Squad crinks picking up kills they're able to come back and, they've been utilizing the Resurgence I feel like the best like they've been losing people left and right but he coming on back picking up more kills and now the Scramble with five eliminations crank's just trying to stay alive that's no Spartan a nice kill to be able to pick up because who is in fourth place right be behind crinks noou Spartan's team so a big pick up there I don't think that was a team wipe necessarily but anything you can do to slow them down is certainly going to help you, 100% I'll Echo that and I'm looking at it it's three is the difference.

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There are points there, so this is a very scary situation. In two seconds, Braxon Crinks has to stay alive. He's able to do it. Braxon does come back, and now we need to reset. We need to stay alive. Throw that cluster M down to the bottom. Let's just stay alive and finish. When it's a lot, simply that movement right will chunk time off the resurgence timers, so even if you have to sprint around the second story of this house, just get M back as quickly as possible.

Let's take a look at Santana on our screen with one elimination. They're able to take it down. Actually, excuse me, FIFA is hanging on. I'm not quite sure by whom Aid there we go, so I want to get that back. ASAP, look, you got to pull out yours for broadcast, I'm saying. I don't know somewhere upstairs; next time I'll have it, but now I'm learning that's how you get dialed in the war zone here.


They are in the aquarium, just trying to live their lives. This is a team that hasn't lived up to expectations so far. Still a couple games to leave an impression here in the 21 Savages Friday night. J, where are they at 56? They're right around the same; they're just one spot under Santana's team, actually in 15th, and they've had some pretty decent games; they just haven't had that X Factor pop-off game yet, so hey, there's certainly still time to do it, but a solid showing so far.

I agree with your very solid showing so far. Bounty up; they were here last game as well; they really seem to like this area of the map. I just got to say Sha J is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met in gaming. She is awesome, like one of the nicest people. She always has a smile on her face, is always having a good time, and just loves Call of Duty.

If you haven't checked out her stream or anything or YouTube stuff like that, go check it out and show her some love because she is awesome. I couldn't agree more. Definitely worth your view. It is definitely worth your support. I did just get news from wonderful production that it looks like our seventh-place team, Aiden's team, was fully wiped out in 20th.


All right that's a hell of a squad to be gone now in this lobby for everybody. It is indeed great news if you're on the Inex team or the Unrational team, because they are at 114. Points are also a bit of a breath of relief for the Brock team, who were only about three points ahead of them in the score lines, but yeah, anytime Aiden is removed from the map, that's good for everyone, 100%.

And now you know we're just chilling here with Sha J Squad; there, B is actually coming right at them; it's Jes. Now that is a terrifying Bounty, as you can see they're very hesitant, so we'll check back in with that one in a bit, going to switch over to them for sure, and what do you know once again.

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