News - Grand Final" Warzone 2. 0 $25k 21 Savage. S Fright Night Custom Vondel Tournament. Game: 8


And then noou Spartan as you mentioned in kx's team three-point difference I mean there's a lot of money on the line here so still a lot up for grabs a lot of teams going really hard well and let's talk about the team that was able to take it away in map seven that is Chrissy's team just took out scum a nice trade after scum eliminated Nick cool that'll be her first elimination of the game and a team that played their 3v3, against shifty's team in the prior map about as well as you could have asked them to so excited to see how they do in this game that is going to be Chrissy's team currently sitting in eth now that eighth place is not a comfortable eighth place they're going to need another very good map to secure the money, 100%, and they can move up the rankings I mean top four is still very much achievable for team Chrissy so if they can repeat that last performance I like their odds they're F.

If you can work your way into a third-party situation and catch both teams unaware, you can farm up a lot of pretty easy kills without a ton of risky spots. One in the air goes for the shots, tags, and armor; nothing more than that; CH on till still looking for more. Finding two kills early is fantastic; it doesn't even have the load out yet.

You hear the coms are getting pretty crazy; they're trying to play aggressive; they want to move on up in the leaderboard. See if they can get it done. No teams have been eliminated just yet in most of these maps. We actually have seen teams get eliminated fairly early, but look, this is Noou Spartan on your screen right now.


This is the team that is in third place behind the Noobs with 148.5 points. Points are hot on their heels, about 2.2 points behind them in fourth, so this is really a team to watch. I think another one of those players that I've talked about is nameless, who might not always be the flashiest but is so consistently good in these tournaments, always just trying to make something happen, playing consistently, and so far so good in this tournament at 148.

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I mean, that's a fantastic score line, especially through seven drops, so there's still an opportunity to do some damage here in this final. Drop, the coms are flowing in but I don't understand the language so but I'm sure though I'm sure it's fantastic it does sound very crispy, and the loadout coming in so expect them to rotate over towards that load out once they get those weapons they'll start to play a little bit more aggressive and try to rack up those skills, again if you are just tuning in this is the final of eight Resurgence maps in 21 Savages Fright Night $25, 000 on the line with 9, 000 of it going to first place that's a cool three grand for each player in the trio that can get it done could be Shifty steam who knows I've seen Wilder things happen in Resurgence than someone getting usurped out of first in the very last map but now you've got your weapons on hand that is exactly what you want to feel a bit more comfortable approaching some of these.

Gunfights got [__], and I was looking through some of the games to see numbers that people are putting up; it seems like 10, which has been a pretty consistent number for a lot of the heavy Slayers. Nobody is really going above and beyond and having an insane game, from what I could tell so far, like a 20-bomb.

You have seen some. 18s for Shifty's team and how they've all been doing individually, I don't know if you've taken a look; I can find it. It'll take me a second, but I will find it because people deserve to know. And I'm curious too, but there we go. Let's take a look at how noobs actually get taken down the staircase at the same time that Knight is in a fight.


I'm not sure exactly by whom, but as we swing back to shift, there are already three eliminations. Looking on the rooftops to find an engagement, and no surprise, again, these are the rooftops that they always find themselves in, so I got you shifty's high in this tournament so far has been 18, which is I think the tournament high in general.

I have to take a deeper look, but from first glance, that's the highest number that I've seen, and it was Shifty, so shout out to him. I think that might be my favorite ending so far: nameless, seeing the noobs and Shifty fight, and having come out in first place. Yeah, I mean, that was epic, right?

Just knowing that that's the team that you have to beat getting the kills from them and then checking the scoreboard after and they've somehow extended their lead had to just be so crushing, but either way, the Stellar gameplay that we've seen out of Gorgo Knight, a player that we highlighted earlier on the tournament, and obviously, these guys have just been lights out all day taking out Braik.

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Here come some extra kills on the other side of things for Crinks. This team is currently in fifth place, with two kills separating them from our Spartan in fourth. Circle two closes in 10 seconds, and there's already been four teams fully eliminated. Four teams are gone. This is where you're going.

You know you have nothing to lose at this point. If you're at the bottom of the leaderboard, some of those teams are just trying to ruin some games. Is that what you do? You're like, I'm just going to try and find Shifty and ruin their day. No. I wouldn't target anybody, but I would definitely play super aggressive, and you know, maybe there's a team that knocked me out earlier or shot me through smoke or something like that, and I saw them on the map.


Yeah i'm going after him; personal vendettas are getting executed. Here, crank's going to have to back off for just a minute because if it's not bullets it's nades being thrown their way know someone's underneath just trying to get some sort of a sideline Braxton's down there too and it's going to be braxon taking out picnic striking first again, crank's team currently the team in fourth place just behind no boo Spartan so almost certainly guaranteed to place the money how much though still to be decided as skullface is taken down back right now skullface Squad hasn't had the best tournament so far I mean it's been tough they've been struggling a little bit right a new Squad trying to figure it out but here we go, there goes a knock raxton trying to get the full he does get the full the comms coming in there's one down bottom Zoo bottom Zoo got the one bottom me, and you're headed into the aquarium side of the zoo, he's getting aimed at this is a terrifying situation you got to get down or inside one or the.

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