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This article is going to show you how you can get between one and four Wonder Weapons for absolutely free every single time you go into the dark EA, allowing you to quickly build up a stash of Wonder Weapons to bring in every game without having to wait for a crafting cooldown. If you like the sound of that, drop a thumbs up and let me explain.

Secret rooms easter egg explained

Inside the dark EA, there is an Easter egg where there are five secret locked rooms that require you to find a specific key in the game to open, and inside these rooms there are guaranteed powerups and the chance of finding a wonder weapon case. Some secret room locations can actually take two rooms at the same location, so in total we have eight secret rooms and eight key locations, with half of them being fixed spawn locations, so there will always be one in the same place every game, and four locations that randomize the key that you'll get.

First, let me show you the four fixed key spawn locations, and then I'll show you the four randomized key locations. A massive tip is that if you come in here with death perception, you can go up to each secret room location and tell if there's a weapon case behind it or not, so you then know if you need to find the key or not.

Officers quarters key spawn (fixed spawn)

So the moment we spawn, we're going to go for the first key. If you have a Scorch, it's going to make it a lot easier, but the first key location is going to be in this office. Directly in front and slightly above where we spawn, so it's going to be right there, and if we go inside of here, we're going to always find the Alpha officer's CIS key, so let's pick that up.

Barracks key spawn (fixed spawn)

Barracks key spawn (fixed spawn)

If we go back to the spawn, if you want to go ahead and take the left side of the road and follow it all the way down, we're going to go to this building marked here and on the bottom floor.

In this window that we're looking at right now, you'll be able to go through, and on the table is going to be the Alpha Barracks key, so let's pick that one up.

Munitions storeroom key spawn (fixed spawn)

If you take the right side of the road, it will lead you all the way down to this right-bottom part of the map. And in this marked building here on the right side, there's going to be two windows.

We're going to take the right window, right on this table, once we get in. We'll find a key there for the Albra Munition Storage Room.

Abf antiquities office key spawn (fixed spawn)

The next key location is past the dome where you do the outlast, and there's going to be this little well here.

First randomised key spawn location

So here you just want to either ZIP down or just fall down and then right here on this box is going to be the ABF Antiquities, office key so let's pick that one up that completes all four of the fixed key spawn locations and now let's move on to the four randomized key locations , these locations will always be the same but the key that you'll get from these are always randomized, so the first location that you can get a randomized key is going to be off to the far right of the island once you spawn in and this is the location of the dog house this is the only dog housee on the map and here if you feed it three or four pieces of meat the dog house is going to spawn the hellhound but where the dogghouse was in its place it will drop a key on the floor, now as mentioned earlier some of these secret rooms actually have two rooms meaning you need a key for each room in order to open both and in the case of this example we got another Antiquities.

Second randomised key spawn location

Second randomised key spawn location

Key and since there are two rooms in the Antiquities office that means that we can open both rooms , this next location is actually for two randomized key spots and it's going to be on top of these pillars now these are going to be here over on the map and there are two ways you can approach this the easy way is to just use a Scorch or to fly up there but there's also another way where you have to go through a parkour puzzle so if you follow the route I do to go up all of these flights of stairs eventually, you're going to get to the rooftop and hoping that it's clearer than what you can see in this run you're going to be going up this ladder, which is going to take you onto the roof of this pillar you're going to mantle onto the sides and run over to this side and you'll notice that in front of you there is going to be a floating vehicle, just upside down now the way that this works is that the vehicle is actually slowly floating.

Both upwards and then going back down, so what you need to do is you need to wait until the vehicle is at its lowest point, and then you'll be able to jump onto the back part, and now you just need to wait until it rises up a little bit again, and then you're going to be jumping into the middle part of the vehicle, so right where you see that circular base, so here we go, we're going to jump, and there we go, we make it, and then from there we're just going to go onto the sides, and we're going to wait again for the vehicle to rise up ever so slightly. So that when we run and jump off, we aren't going to miss this top fortress pillar, and as you can see on the floor, you'll find a key, which could be a duplicate of one of the rooms that will have double doors, or it could potentially be the south albra, top floor bedroom.

Third randomised key spawn location

Third randomised key spawn location

Once you've got that key, there is another key on the adjacent pillar, so you're going to need to repeat this parkour puzzle.

Again, by waiting for this ambulance vehicle to be as low as it possibly can before you can jump on it, you'll be able to jump over to the next vehicle and then make your way over to the pillar, and right here you're going to find another key, which again could be another one of the double door rooms or could be the bedroom key again.

Fourth randomised key spawn location

Now your final key location is going to be found directly underground. In what is an infested stronghold, there are multiple entrances, but the easiest way is to go to the Pack-A-Punch in the center, and you'll see this great place where there'll be a ladder that you can choose to fall down in, and then there you go; there'll be a ton of spores that you'll need to take out and the final spore that you destroy.

I will drop a key, so if your final spot is facing the water, the key is going to be in the water. If the final spot is somewhere on a wall, it's going to drop on a wall, and the chances of this will give you the final key area that you don't already have, so this could be the top floor bedroom key for you or it could be another key for one of the areas that have two secret doors assigned to them, so you can use both keys to open both doors.

MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Secret Rooms Easter Egg FREE Wonder Weapons Every Game.
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