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How the mwz secret rooms work

How the mwz secret rooms work

Outside of Ekhan. And with that being said, there are keys found inside the regular and hardcore versions of the dark ether that can open secret rooms. Now in the Act 4 story Mission in the dark ether, these keys cannot be found, and the secret rooms are already open, so there's no point in attempting this in the story Mission.

This will only be done in the dark ether that you access via sigils or elder sigils. Now. I do want to circle back to the Act 4 mission later in this article since we did find something a little strange, but around the dark ether, or albra. I should say, there will be secret rooms, and once inside, you'll find power bonuses and even wonder weapon cases.

These are really easy to access once you know where the keys are located, but I want to point out that I've seen some odd comments about them on the Cod Zombie Reddits and even on Twitter that these keys aren't quote-unquote left over from DMZ. It isn't a mistake that they're in the dark ether. It is intended for you to find these keys inside the dark ether.

They can open secret rooms, which do contain some bonuses that you might find useful. This isn't a bug; it's not a glitch. These are intended little side quests inside of Alpha here in MW3, Zombies. Now it's worth pointing out as well that the keys cannot be stashed when you grab them and bring them into another game; they're only one-time-use keys that could be used in the match that you're in.

What reward rng you should expect

What reward rng you should expect

You can't exfill with them and bring them into a separate infill of the dark ether, and it also appears that the rewards inside of these secret rooms are randomized, meaning the weapon case might be in one secret room in the game you're in but then in a different room during your next infill.

It does appear, though, that there will always be rewards in at least a few of these rooms, just not the same ones in every single match. There's five secret rooms total, and I would recommend running death perception, just so you know for a fact if a weapon case is in one of those rooms, especially the locked doors, which you can't really see behind.

At least in some of the secret rooms, you can kind of see what's behind the gated door, but if there's a door that's completely shut, if you have death perception, you can see if there's a weather weapon case sitting right behind it, which is all the more useful in the case that you want to just prioritize.

dark aether antiquities key

Which keys should you grab in the match that you're in? Maybe in a future update, they'll change it to where you could steal keys and bring them to a separate match, or they'll change it to where there are guaranteed rewards in every single secret room. I'll keep you guys posted if.

Bring this for the secret rooms

That changes, and now I also want to point out what to bring in because when going for these keys and opening the secret rooms, it could be extremely difficult, especially on Solo or if your team is scattered and you have hordes, and I mean hordes of zombies, behind you.

You're looking at tier-three zombies in the dark ether on top of increased spawns of special enemy types. Things get very difficult, and I wouldn't recommend doing this in the Elder Dark Eternal Dark Eternal version, right the hardcore, which makes it feel like tier four level zombies. I mean, if you're in there doing contracts and you happen to run across these keys, go for it, but I'd really recommend doing it in the regular dark ether, which just requires the normal sigils.

Zombies are going to get tough here, but if you have decoys or monkey bombs, definitely use those when picking up a key and opening a secret room so you get at least a couple of seconds to breathe and grab your rewards. I'd also recommend a scorcher as often as you can inside of the dark ether to ensure that you can fly anywhere you need to go, so you can kind of jump to a different spot if there's too many zombies near you or just to give yourself some breathing room if you just need a second to regroup and think about where you need to go next, but I really want to stress that there's a really weird bug going around in both ukhan. And Al's dark ether to where if you're in the air while you get down and you fall to your death, you cannot be revived and you're going to be dead the entirety of that match, but also, as you're aware, tier three zombies are pretty tough; bring maxed-out weapons with the highest rarity possible, and certainly, tier three Pack-a-Punch.

All 7 secret room locations in al bagra

All 7 secret room locations in al bagra

So here's how this works: There are seven total secret rooms you can open up in the Abra dark ether map: one in the barracks, one in a bedroom, two in the office recorders, two in the storefront, and one in the antiquity shop. So in total, you should be able to find seven keys in every match that you play here.

Inside the dark ether We have a graphic here from Detonated detailing exactly where the keys can be found and what rooms they are for. As of now, it does appear like the keys are always in the same location and always open the same doors, but I will keep you guys posted if anything does change, and if there's any type of weird RNG that we just didn't discover in the 10+ games that we tested this out in again, the keys should be in the same locations in every single match, and it will be the same keys in those locations that open up specific doors in every single match, so starting off with the officer quarter Keys One should be in an info booth right near the spawn point here.

dark aether barrack key

Officer quarter key spawns & rewards

As you just enter this area of the map, there'll be one just sitting here, right here, on a desk. Another one could be found upon doing a little bit of a parkour, Quest. So if you go all the way up to the top of this pillar, you'll see a crane floating in the air every 30 seconds or so. The crane floating in the air every 30 seconds or so, the crane will move close enough to you to where you can mantle onto it and parkour onto the other pillar that's across the way.

That's the only way to get there unless you have a scorcher; they can launch you into the air, and you can just parachute to the top of this pillar, where you'll see a Second Officer quarter key. Once you're in the officer quarters, the left door should typically have a wonder weapon case. I've seen some pretty good RNG, where I think every other match or so there's a wonder weapon just sitting in there again.

dark aether officer quarter key

It's an acquisition, meaning that when you pick it up, it doesn't just use it right away and put the wonder weapon in your hands; it'll go ahead and stash it in your backpack for you to either pop right then and there or bring into your next match. The door on the right, the other officer's quarter door, should have a power-up in it.

SECRET MW3 Zombies Dark Aether Rooms FREE Wonder Weapons | All Key Locations - Season 1.
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