News - Free Dark Aether Blueprint Unlock Warzone 2 Zombies. Dark Aether Portal Easter Egg & Geode Unlock Mwz

Free dark aether blueprint unlock in mw3 zombies!

Free dark aether blueprint unlock in mw3 zombies!

you can unlock this dark ether blueprint for free right now in Modern Warfare 3 zombies and in this article I'm going to show you the steps you need to complete in order to get it so the long and the short of it is that you need to go to the dark ether and this is not the same dark ether that you go to for the story mission for act four you need to go to the one where you need to complete a little Easter egg first to actually summon the portal, and then once you get there you need to complete the three contracts within the dark ether in one game, so the items that you need in order to spawn this dark Ether Portal is a golden tier locked diary pill bottle dog collar and security camera, so there's a few different ways that you can go about this you can either head around do the easter eggs and find all of these items for yourself.

Golden locked diary act 4 mission


Or if you manage to join a team or you've got a friend that already has all of these items then you can go with them to summon the portal and then the portal will stay open for you now in terms of getting these parts for yourself, the locked diary is found in the reward Rift after you kill the boss during the act four Story Mission, so for this Mission you first obviously need to select it in the menus, and it doesn't matter if you have not done any of the previous act missions you can select and start this one straight away so once you've got it selected and you jump into a game you obviously you want to get yourself prepared so if you've got some schematics to be able to pop ether tools perks and Pack-a-Punch, then do that otherwise just Farm some contracts earn some Essence and then buy them that way the xville pointer is just south of the high threat zone and it's labeled on your map with bad signal, you just want to head up to it and it'll give you and your teammates a prompt to start it once they accept it you'll then be teleported to the dark ether.

dark aether portal easter egg geode unlock mwz

So once you're in the dark ether, your first objective is to break four different seals. There'll be four different seal locations that you need to break, and each of these locations will be marked on your screen with these yellow ping icons. At each of these different locations, you need to go up to the podium sort of thing and interact with it, and this will begin the process of breaking the seal.

Once you activate it, it will spawn a whole bunch of zombies, and you basically just need to kill these zombies within a certain radius of the podium to fill it up and then break the seal. After doing this for each of the four different seals, you'll then be instructed to leave the dark ether, but this is just a ruse because you'll head down to the beach and a giant gorm Gant worm boss will spawn, which you need to kill.

dark aether portal mwz

Now this boss fight is not easy; it's going to take a lot of damage in order to kill this guy, and there's a lot of other things that you need to deal with as well. There's zombies that'll be running around the place trying to get you, and this boss also spawns these annoying ass orbs that just completely shred your armor, so you need to be taking care of those all at the same time.

Now the boss's critical points are these sort of glowing parts along—I guess you'd call it his body—so every opportunity that you get, you want to be shooting him here. If you run out of ammo, there is an ammo cast just on the edge of the beach that's a permanent spawn, so definitely make use of this, and if you need to throw down some decoy grenades, you can easily resupply.

If by chance the worm eats you, what you can do is wait until he splits you out, and more often than not, you can quickly pull your parachute, and you'll actually still be able to survive and not get downed, which can come and really clutch. So, like I said, while you're fighting the boss, he also spawns these orb-like things that attack you and absolutely shred your armor.

They don't take a lot of damage to kill, but they can be quite fast, so the second that you see them, you need to shoot and destroy them. So once you've defeated the Gorgan within the reward Rift that spawns, this is where you're going to receive the lock disk that you need. Now you're able to check this out, and you're also able to keep it within your stash for when you're ready to go and summon the dark Ether Portal.

So these are the next steps in order to get the legendary pill bottle, dog collar, and security camera. You can really do this in any order that you want to. You can do these each one by one in different games.

Golden pill bottle easter egg

Golden pill bottle easter egg

or you can smash them all out in one game. It's really up to you how you want to do it. So for the peel bottle, you can use any weapon that you want to, but you need to make sure that you have the brain rot ammo mod equipped to it. Then, you can head to any location that is marked on your map with this icon, and what you need to do once you get there is shoot one of the cysts that are inside of it one time.

Once you've done that, you'll then find that the cyst will give you a prompt to open it up, so just go up to it and hold down your interact button until the cyst opens up, and then inside of it you'll see the pill bottle you need to grab. Now this pill bottle will be a purple rarity one, which you can extract with, but what we need is the gold-tier bottle.

So the way to upgrade this is to first find one of the Ether Rift portals. A very useful website that I've been using to find all of the different locations for these so I could look around to check if they were there is the WZ Hub interactive map. This will actually be handy for a few of the other items you need to find as well.

So once you've found a rift, you want to jump into it, and you need to pull your parachute straight away and look around in the sky for another rift, but this one will be colored green. Manipulate your way into this rift, and once you do so, you'll find that a purple bounty contract will be marked on your map in the low threat zone, so drop down and start the contract, and once you kill the mimic, it puts the bounty on the reward rift that you'll receive, which will have this upgraded gold Cher pill bottle.

Golden security camera easter egg

Golden security camera easter egg

For the security camera again, you can use any weapon that you want, but this time you need to have the dead wire ammo mod equipped. Once you do, you then need to find a harvester orb. Again, for this, use the War Zone Hub interactive map; it's super clutch and shows all of the possible spawn locations for these orbs.

Once you've found one, you'll see it marked on your mini map with this icon, and you then just need to start shooting it. You'll know that you're doing the right thing because when you first shoot it, the ball turns yellow, and basically all you need to do is keep shooting it until it's destroyed.

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