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Well, today I'm showing you everything you need to know about the new dark ether. The thing about the dark ether is that the storm's right here. The dark ether has a different difficulty curve than anything else here in Ukan. You are going to have basically everything you need to survive right here, but the dark ether is going to require you to get set up before going in, and I want to say most of the difficulty comes from what you do or don't have set up for you, so I'm going to try not to spend too much time here in öand for this article because all I'm really doing is getting points and hoping for a Sigil and just getting ready to go into the dark ether, and for this article.

I'm using the HRM, 9 SMG from season 1. You know, the one I said was going to change the meta. Yeah, it's still really good. I don't know if this is the best setup for it. I put on a suppressor just in case, and I kicked it out for Max t-back dance, and there's a Sigil right off the bat, an elemental pop tombstone, and another self-revive.

I do also have a scorcher case, but that's really just for me to make things go a little bit faster. As you're gearing up, you're obviously going to want all of the perks and Pack-a-Punch tier three on a legendary or epic weapon. As you're getting points and ranking everything up, you're also going to want to be on the lookout for any Casmirs.


Look at any Casmir that you see that was so lucky, and with this season's dark ether, Zad City, I always try to take in a juggernaut. However, those juggernauts are pretty expensive; they are 10, 000 points at a Tier 3 buy station, so if you have an operator with a high containment level like I do, that's going to help you get this all set up even faster, and if you don't know by now, you can also buy Kazmir from Tier 3 byy stations for 5, 000 points.

Oh, that double point is going to be really good. If you get a double point when a contract is completed, it doubles the number of points you get for that contract, so I'm going to get this double point, and hopefully we'll finish it by the time it goes up. Let's see how many points we get. We got about 5, 000 points now, and after completing it, we got another 10, 000 points just from that one contract, and of course any self-revival you can get, depending on your comfort level, will be good as well now in terms of how many Casmir you want.

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I usually try to purchase at least six, but that obviously depends on your comfort level. But I think we're ready to go now that we've got a juggernaut kill streak. We've got 1 2 3 4 5 six. Casmir, we've got our triple-pack-a-punched, legendary weapon. All we need to do is avoid this little thing, and we can spend our sigil here.

Let's get started now. The dark ether is unlike anything else in modern warfare. Zombies, because it's just you and you alone in here, can throw even more zombies at you, and they definitely do, but this first contract is going to be found right here in the Northwest. Version of the map right here, you'll just pick this up, and this is always going to be an elimination of the Bounty contract.

And in the five or six times I've done this, it's always been this mega-abomination. It's not always the Mega Abomination, but it usually is for me, and this right here is just kind of, I guess. South here is the only turret circuit in the dark ether here, and there's also that orb right there, so we might come back and revisit that now, which is the strategy I use when taking out this Mega Abomination, because we're in the dark ether because there's no like going back from this going to tier one or anything.

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I just straight up use the Juggernaut at anytime, and honestly, even if it was a disciple, a mangler, or a mimic. I would still use the Juggernaut because it's just so treacherous, it's so dangerous, and I don't want to take any chances. So once it drops down, you can capture it, and then you can just kind of go over here and use it.

There's no super special strategy; it's just like any other juggernaut, any other Mega Abomination, it's going to strip your armor, but you should be able to do it all in one Juggernaut suit, and then I always try to get any sort of collateral damage here with collateral zombies in our way so that way we can pick up this Rift a little bit easier.

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This usually does a great job at dropping lots of armor and lots of ammo here, so that shouldn't be an issue. Now, this is going to be kind of the tough part here. Okay, we've got a vr11; if we've got that, okay, cool. This is one of the biggest differences. About the dark ether in most other places in Modern Warfare 3 zombies Once you kill zombies, they kind of stop coming for a little bit and give you a little bit of a breath, but not here, because there's so many zombies and it's just you.

The zombies will aggro you a little bit further and a little bit more intensely than just in Tier 3, so everything's a little bit faster-paced, and you're going to need to kind of kick it into gear a little bit here. It's almost like you're doing things mid-round on a round-based map. Now the second bunny is going to be right here, kind of in the middle South version of the map, and it's going to be on top of this building.

As you saw, you can just take the stairs if you've got a scorcher, which I do. You can just fly up there; it's really fast and really easy, but this one is always going to be an outlast, and for a lot of people, this is the easiest one. For me, I think it's my hardest. There's an ammo cach right here, right next to the Outlast, if that's important to you.

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This contract requires a little bit more skill and a little bit more firepower. Unlike the other Outlast in the other dark ether, there's no second floor or second story that you can use to kind of buy your time, so you've just got to rely on your gun and your training skills. And also your equipment, as you can see right here; we've got a lot, so I'd like to use one of these Casmirs.

To kind of give myself some time, and it also does a good job of getting me more ammo armor and all the good stuff, and I also think the meta right now is using energy mine, so if you start feeling overwhelmed. I love using energy here, and that does a good job of giving me a little bit more time.

The New Dark Aether Rift for Season 2 of MW3 Zombies takes place in Sa'id City but before you go in, you're going to need to know where the contracts are, where the pack a punch machine is, der wunderfizz, and even some aether tears.
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