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So welcome back, guys. In this article, we will be doing the new dark ether rifts. These are the new additions to the season 1 zombies, so if you don't know what this is, this is basically that new like tornado-like thing that's basically spawned on the outskirts of the Tier 3 red zone, so in order to be able to do this, we will need to have four items, so the first item we will be needing is this CCTV camer, and then for the other ones, we will basically need this, which is the lock diary, and then the next one from there is this, like jar of B hover pills, and then the final item we need is this dog collar, so in order to find.

You basically need to do certain quests, so the first one we're going to start off with is the new Act 4 mission. You can locate this by looking at it on your stack map in the open world of zombies. This is basically right next to where that tornado thing is, but basically you want to come in here, complete what it tells you to do, and then defeat the worm boss at the end of it, and then in the reward drift you will get this lock.

So as soon as you've got that, you basically want to just fill the game with the portal that's spawned on the beach. Now note that all these items that you're getting through these quests can be filled with, so don't worry about doing them in one game; you can do them in multiple games. Just fill them with them and put them in your stash, just so you don't lose them.

dog bone schematic

So for the CCTV camera, you basically want to get a dead wire ammo mod and attach it to your gun, and find one of these Harvester ORS. When you first start shooting it, you'll notice the harvester turns from purple to a goldy color. Just keep shooting it until it basically destroys you. As soon as it's destroyed, you will notice a purple rarity.

CCTV, camera From there, we now need to turn this to the yellow or golden verity of this camera, so in order to do this, we will basically need to find one of these EPs around the map. These are the things that basically launch like redeploy you in the sky, so this is what it looks like on the TAC map.

These will only pop up if you are in close proximity to them, so as soon as you've gone through them, you'll basically see some sort of yellow portal thing right in front of you. The aim of this is to basically parachute into this yellow bit, and you will be teleported to a different part of the map.


So for this one, you'll basically be teleported to this part of the map in this orange zone, and then you'll see this purple Bounty contract, so what you want to do is go to that purple Bounty contract and activate it. Once you've activated it, obviously, all you need to do is complete the bounty by killing whatever target you've got, and then from that reward, Rift, you will then get the golden vity.

CCTV, camera So for the next one we'll be doing the dog collar. So in order to do this, you want to get Moltov and chunks of Flesh and place them into a dog house, so obviously, chunks of Flesh drop from zombie kills, and all you can get into the game with or piing up once you place it into the dog house, a bad dog like an enemy dog will spawn.

Just kill it, and the collar will drop to the floor. Now again, this is the purple rarity of the collier, so we will need to turn it into gold, so in order to do this, go for a eat forte again, and then this time it will be like a red portal sort of thing, so just go through that, and then you'll be teleported into the red zone of the map, and then again, there'll be a purple Bounty contract.

mw3 aether blade

Just go up to it and activate the contract, and then just proceed on to actually completing the contract, so as soon as you get over to where your contract is, just basically kill them off, and then as soon as you kill them off. As before, go up to the rewards rift, and now inside that rewards rift, you will have the golden rarity of the dog col.

This is a purple rarity. In order to turn gold, go through an e-t and then go through this green portal. As soon as you've gone through that, you'll be teleported to a certain section of the map again, and then there will be a purple contract spawned on the map. So, as before, just go up to the contract.

mw3 aether blade schematic

And, basically, activate the contract, and then as soon as it's activated, if you want to make your way over to where the contract is, just kill the con, like Bounty. Go to Rewards. Rift, and then you will have the golden rarity of the pills, so once you have all four of these items, you want to have them equipped in the game that you plan on doing this and come over to that tornado-like object or thing on the outskirts of the Tier 3 Red Zone, so you need to place these on these pedestals so the CYO free symbol you will want to place the locked diary into.

Then the brain rot symbol is what you will want to place the pills into. Naom, one you want to put the dog collar into, and then the dead wire symbol you want to put the CCTV camera into, so as you can see, sometimes these do glitch out. The only suggestion people are given at the moment is to stop the game and come back in until it eventually works for them.

The way I got mine to basically work was by just circling around these pedestals until eventually an interaction icon popped up, so I know it's a bit annoying, but this is the only way I've managed to do it so far. So once you've placed all four items, this portal will spawn in the middle of the little island, and a mega-abomination will basically spawn out of it.

mw3 dark aether

So, the aim of this is to basically just kill this mega bomb, and then, as soon as you have killed him, you will get a reward. Rift Po, so just literally get everyone on your team just to, basically, hail fire on him till he's obviously died, and then as soon as he is dead, just go up to the road.

Rift, and then this time you will basically get a sigle. In this reward Rift, these are things to basically activate the dark e-portal, so to activate it once you've got one of these, just come up to the side of it and interact with it, and it'll basically have a light like a portal spawn in the middle of it.

In order to go through this, everyone on your team will have to go onto the stack map and hold or press Y in order to vote to go

MW3 Zombies Complete Dark Aether Rifts Guide! MWZ Dark Aether Rift Easter Egg Tutorial.
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