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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about some unexpected rewards, a new event delay, and some early access.

Another triple xp event

Another triple xp event

And for those that are confused as to why there's another Double XP event going on right now, it seems to be because of the unfortunate issues that were occurring as of yesterday. There were accounts getting reset to level one, there were some server stability problems, and other issues with content, I think in MW3.

And because of all that, as of today, they've enabled a triple XP event for the next 24 hours. It's not going to be a long one that goes through the entire weekend, but still something to make up for the unfortunate problems yesterday, so I would agree with folks out there that said yeah, there's been almost too many XP events going on over the last week and a half.

There was an XP event that ended season 2, one that started season 3, and another one going on right now, so before you guys know it, you're going to be Max ranked with a full maxed-out battle pass before the start of next week, but not complaining about that, that's cool nonetheless.

Icymi: week 2 update today

As a reminder, earlier today I posted a separate article to go along with my new Wednesday series, going over the brand new weekly challenges, the brand new aftermarket, parts, and even the minor patch notes that we got.

We also got plenty of coverage about all that on detonated dcom for those out there that want to read some articles about multiplayer, War Zone, and zombies. We have the best CDL loadout bundles for War Zone Mobile.

Camo fix for the b.e.a.s.t

Camo fix for the b.e.a.s.t

Plus plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter , but fun fact for you guys: for those out there confused with the Beast Glove melee weapon, if you guys went ahead and bought the entire Titan collection. I'm aware it cost 80 bucks. CAU updates went ahead and posted just a good couple of hours ago that they are investigating a problem that is preventing people from equipping camos on the melee, so it's intended for you to be able to do it; it just hasn't worked for the last couple of days, so luckily that gives a little bit more value to the weapon itself for those out there that went ahead and bought the weapon after purchasing all four bundles.

Free combat pack 3 trailer

Now we I also got a brand new trailer from PlayStation for the Third Comat, packed as a reminder. Modern Warfare 3 is the last call of duty. As a part of the Sony exclusivity deal, there won't be combat packs like this going forward for the next Black Ops game or Call of Duty. After that, maybe they'll have some type of Xbox Game Pass bonus where you can get some type of cosmetic pack for having the game through Game Pass.

Who actually knows? But this third combat pack here is pretty cool. It has a nice blue theme to it, which is perfect for the theme. Here is my channel, but we do have the sapphire combat pack featuring two blueprints, one for the BP50 and one that I believe is an SMG for the Rival; we also have a charm and emblem, and then the operator skin herself, which is pretty cool.

Cosmetics—don't forget about the calling card. I think it's a pretty well-done combat pack, probably one of the best ones we've seen in a while. As a reminder, both Xbox and PC will get access to all combat pack content for Modern Warfare 3. I believe at the very end of October, as the Sony exclusivity deal is set to.

Horn & gondola challenges

Horn & gondola challenges

Now, I posted a separate article a couple of days ago talking about the new blaze-up challenge event across MW3 and War Zone. The list of challenges for every single game mode did leak out a bit early, so we talked about them in a article a few days ago.

We went over the blueprint and the other rewards as a part of the event, but I do want to clarify a couple of things here tonight for those out there that may be confused. First off, there are two challenges on the war zone front that may be difficult for some players to understand. The first one is activating the horn on the boat near the factory.

So if you guys are having trouble finding that horn, I'll show you exactly on screen where it's at. It's right at the top of the boat. I've actually never seen it before, nor have I interacted with it. It's kind of similar to the horn from Fortune's Keep and the research vessel. That's something that folks out there also had some trouble finding, but then there's a challenge asking you to go ahead and drop on the Gondola while you're parachuting, whether it's after infill at the start of a match or after a read deploy.

Now, that's a bit of an iffy type of challenge since I know I dropped on it right during infill and nothing happened, and then I went ahead and died, redeployed, dropped on it after cutting my parachute, and it did work, so it's unclear if maybe the infill itself is a bug for certain players or if the gondola has to be moving.

I don't think it really has to move. I know there were some friends of mine that dropped on it when it wasn't moving and ended up unlocking the challenge for them, but for now I go over that real quickly.

Fixing the blaze up event quick

Fixing the blaze up event quick

Now there's a couple of other challenges apart from blaze up that you can't actually complete until tomorrow, so if you guys out there are trying to beat these challenges through just war zone, not multiplayer or zombies, or let's say you don't own Modern Warfare 3 and don't have a choice anyway, there's three challenges in particular we have to wait to go ahead and do, and those three challenges are tied to the high trip Resurgence LTM.

That was supposed to go live today; we'll talk more about it in a second, but it has been delayed until tomorrow. Now you can still do the rest of the blaze up challenges and still unlock the mass blueprints by doing challenges in the paid version of the game but the three challenges you can't do in war zone just yet because of the lack of the high trip mode include the weedon challenge as you can see so if you guys go into multiplayer, you have to get 20 kills using launchers and getting direct hits on those players, and then there's another challenge called utterly inspiring for this reward, and the only way you could do it is either in zombies or hop into multiplayer and get four kills in 20 seconds in two different lives but then there's the out of this world animated calling card which again you can only do in multiplayer zombies Get 10 stick kills with sex, or you can go ahead and destroy Harvester orbs and zombies.

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