News - New Warzone 2 Season 3 Battle Pass & Blackcell Operators Gameplay Preview



Let's take an early gameplay preview of a bunch of the new operators we're getting for season 3's battle pass, future store bundles, and much more. Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if.

Mw3 season 3 dlc release times

You're new, of course. Season 3 is releasing next week on Wednesday, April 3rd. At these times up on screen, I'll go through more details on the channel regarding early downloads, file sizes, and much more, but obviously we got a big reveal today already for this update.

New season 3 rebirth island gameplay trailer!

I don't mind that much, but we'll see next week if the map changes are A, W, and L. If it really messes up the vibe, we will see it very soon, of course. For a quick note as well, apparently content creators are out in Dubai for a season 3 event, and there will also be a 6v6 map set in the city, which I just talked about in my previous article.

modern warfare 3

There's a code name for an MP map; it's literally called Dubai. It seems like they're doing a similar thing here with the Greek MP map, which was in the files, and of course the final map name was just called Greece, so Dubai probably will be one of the first 6v6 maps we're getting for this update, which is pretty sick before we go through some more stuff here.

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Gameplay preview of new season 3 operators!

Gameplay preview of new season 3 operators!

Go to {678}; it matters to get an extra 3 months of expressvpn for free, but now, of course, in this Rebirth Island trailer, we did get a lot of early gameplay previews of a bunch of the new season 3 operators we're getting for the battle pass store bundles and much more, so let's go through a ton of images.

The first one is a demon Easter Bunny operator, which I doubt's going to be part of the battle pass, most likely a bundle releasing, probably this weekend actually, because Easter is before season 3, so I guess they're teasing it a bit early. Maybe they'll still release it later in April. Who knows for sure?

But it's still an interesting operator. Next one: here we have a new green operator scanning. It's kind of hard to tell here that he's in the water, but again, interesting. Vibe, we have a new Coney operator here. It seems like a lot of these operators are Cony-themed. We already kind of got a Coney-themed batt pass with season 1, but I guess we're getting more Coney operators again.


This seems to be just a mixture of all the different operators, as you'll see. In this article, the next one is a pretty cool milsim, a gas mask operator. Not sure what operation this is for, but a solid look. There we have a new orange hazmat suit operator; it looks pretty solid. There are some other ones in the front as well, though those seem like existing operators, but that's because the next one here is pretty sick.

A new robot skin got to be tied into the evanced Warfare theme in some way, and this actually looks like the leaked zombie warlord we talked about in a previous article, so this could be again the warlord operator skin that you get from the battle pass, and then also you could fight him in Zombies, which they've done for previous updates, which makes a lot of sense.

mw3 2023

Honestly, I like this vibe again. As I said in the previous article, I would love to see more advanced warfare-themed operators return in this game. Whether it's the battle pass or a store bundle, just having them in the game would be pretty good. Another new skinny here, interesting stuff, and another new skin as well.

We have the back of it here—a bit of a blue vibe. Okay, here is this one: Kind of interesting. I feel like we've seen something like this before, but it's a beer in a jar. I guess type of skin. Here's another look as well. I feel like we saw this back during the Vanguard or Cold War. There is another new skin here on the right that looks pretty cool.

In the black and red theme, we have a new macaroon skin here, so the first one is just a look at macaroon. Okay, solid stuff there, and then another look at macarov, and it looks like a new operator. On the floor, I mean, people were saying that might be Alejandra. I don't think there could be someone else from Las Alma related to Alejandro; from that story, we don't know for sure, but it still seems pretty cool.

mw3 beta

More milim, skins here. Okay, we have another skin as well as another collection of new skins here, so most of these skins you're seeing in the Rebirth Island trailer if you scroll back are actually all new for the most part, which is pretty sick. Caris skin here, and then finally, just a new helicopter skin.

Crazy military version of him for Tier 100, I mean. I don't know what they could do, but I feel it would be insane. If we had a full, you know. Snoop Dog, almost like a weed-themed battle pass, it seems like that's not the theme of the battle pass this time around, but they could do something funny because, you know, the Season 2 battle pass wasn't a Walking Dead-themed battle pass, but you had some characters like that in that similar Vibe and Rick Rymes Verus they out of nowhere, so can they have Snoop Dog entirely possible?

mw3 leaked gameplay

But most likely it'll be a bundle that we have to get a part of a, you know, 420 themed event, or it'll just release around that time as well in a couple of weeks, so it's still pretty cool. Overall, of course, the Chichin Chong operators got leaked out as well, which I doubt would be in the battle pass definitely a separate store bundle.

Interesting we also have another leak from War Zone Mobile, which was revealed: a new Godzilla operator skin. This is so interesting, so these Godzilla operator skins got leaked out. We have the finishing moves. I'll show some gameplay up on screen; they're not, of course, fully finished, but still kind of what we're going to get there for those operator bundles that are not going to be in the battle pass, but it would still be sick if we had a Godzilla Tier 100 operator skin for the future.

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