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Mw3 godzilla x kong crossover event

Mw3 godzilla x kong crossover event

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about a potential crossover event that could happen in Call of Duty, which is going to be the Godzilla and Kong event. A quick reminder: I did upload a article yesterday going over all these season 1 reloaded operator bundles that have been leaked and that we know of so far, so if you want to know what those bundles are going to look like, there are some free ones that you'll be able to get as well.

Warzone 1 godzilla x kong event content update

Recently, we've been talking a lot about upcoming potential crossovers. For example, we have one with the boys, and that is an event that we did receive in the past with Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone, and it was so popular that Call of Duty decided to bring it back around for a second time, so it's looking like this year they are bringing back popular events that we've seen in the past, and one of the events that was actually very popular in the OG War Zone 1 was Operation Monarch.

Or a ground pound from King Kong that could eliminate a lot of other players. With every major event, there were also rewards and challenges that you were able to complete, and you were able to get yourself a weapon blueprint. And finally, there were also the operator rewards; there is a Godzilla Mastercraft bundle.

Mw3 godzilla x kong crossover potential date

Mw3 godzilla x kong crossover potential date

Godzilla Kong, and that is going to be the new movie coming out called The New Empire. Also, take this information with a grain of salt because we never know with leaks and rumors. Anything could happen; they can end up being scrapped and the information could be inaccurate, so just keep that in mind.

The movie had its own trailer; there was artwork for it, and it will be released on April 12th, 2024, which is still a couple months away, but the very big coincidence that I notice is when you take a look at that same day, that's when we ended up getting season 3 of Modern Warfare 2 last year, and the last time we saw the Godzilla and Kong event that was actually during season 3 as well, and it was even in the season 3 Battle Pass trailer as you can see here, so there's definitely a whole lot of coincidences going on with these dates, and they are following the same sort of pattern here with MW3. So we can expect that season 3 will start around that time, and if you notice, a lot of the major events that we get in this game are usually around a big update, so season 1 reloaded a big update, and we're getting the boys event they speculated In season 2's big update, we're going to be getting the Walking Dead crossover.

Mw3 kong finishing move leaked & teased

Mw3 kong finishing move leaked & teased

Anyway, just based on the date alone, it seems like we're grasping at straws, and it really wouldn't make too much sense. It could be just a coincidence; it doesn't really confirm anything at all and doesn't really connect Godzilla and Call of Duty together, but then Prestige is a YouTuber. He posted this and quoted the announcement of the first poster for the Godzilla Kong: New Empire movie, and he said we need to bring the ye finisher back for Modern Warfare 3, and then he tagged Call of Duty and Sledgehammer.

cod leaks

Games, and in the short article was the original finishing move that we saw for Kong in the OG War Zone 1 and, surprisingly, Sledgehammer. I ended up responding to this tweet with the I emoji, and if you take a look at the replies, everyone was begging them to do it to bring back the event. It's super popular; it's something that a lot of people wanted to see in the game, and the fact is, if you remember what I said earlier, since war zone 1 content didn't carry over to war zone 2, you're not able to use the seat finishing move, so the fact that they responded to this tells us that maybe they had the idea of actually bringing it back into the game anyway.

Around a week after they posted this, we ended up getting the season 1 update, and what magically appeared in the files of that was a brand new King Kong finishing move. As you can see here, Sup posted this, and this is what this brand new variant of the finishing move looks like: There's a couple, and there's one where he's standing.

He throws him back and forth and then just throws him; it doesn't go as far as the original one, and then there's the punch one that just sends them flying. Really far away, and that sort of does resemble the ye finishing move, and then he posted saying there's no name or picture for this one and it looks like another King Kong finisher, which means although they added it with the season 1 update, the finisher is not going to release during this season because it's not yet done, we have no icon for it, we don't have an official name, and it's a standalone finish move, meaning it's not tied to any particular operator that we currently have available in season 1.

How to unlock kong yeet finishing move

How to unlock kong yeet finishing move

Because of this, there could be endless possibilities as to how exactly it will release. There is the potential theory that it could be a part of the Godzilla Kong crossover, just like we saw in War Zone 1, and how this was a part of the Kong operator bundle, or there won't be a Godzilla Kong crossover, but it's actually going to be a free reward for the boys, and that also makes complete sense.

This could be one of the event rewards, maybe the complete mastery, so once you complete all the challenges, or if you at least complete one of the challenges, you'll be able to get this as a finisher, just like we saw with the elf secution in the CMAs event. That was a free reward that you were able to get, and, being honest, it matches the theme of the boys.

cod mw3

You have the super strength that you use, and you're able to hit somebody and send them flying. I'm pretty sure that's something Homelander can do, so it would make sense if this is going to be a reward for the boys event, and that's why it was added in season 1. I also don't think that this will be a finishing move included with a bundle because we know a train superpower is super speed, and this is super strength, which doesn't make sense, and then a firecracker.

Her ability is to light up firecrackers by snapping her finger, so once again, it doesn't fit her as well, and those are the only two boy operators that we're getting: Homelander, who has his laser vision already; same with black noir and starlight; they got their own finishing move, so the only conclusion that I could come up with is that if it is in the boys event, it will be a free reward, and in my opinion, it's a win-win situation.

If it's free in the boys event, I'll take it; if it's going to be in the Godzilla event, I'll take that as well, which is why I tell you to take this with a huge grain of salt. The only information that we really have as of right now for Godzilla, Crossover, is the finishing move that I showed you, as well as the coincidences.

NEW MW3 Godzilla x Kong Content Update Event! - Operators, Challenges MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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