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Leaked upcoming mw3 weapons coming soon!

Leaked upcoming mw3 weapons coming soon!

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we have a massive topic to go over and talk about. We're going to be going over all the leaked upcoming weapons, and that actually includes the car98k and the spaz. a quick reminder I did post a article yesterday going over all the upcoming season 3 camos.

We have some animated ones, and a lot of them are going to be free for you to unlock. I show you guys when and how you'll be able to get them, so if you missed that article, I highly recommend you check it out.

Free molecule camo & new parkour mode surprise update

Let's jump , Yesterday we received a surprise playlist update, and this actually brought in two things.

cod mw3

The first one is the molecule. Camo is now trackable, and you are now able to unlock it. The challenge is very straightforward. You need to play High Trip Resurgence and win a match. They did a playlist update yesterday midday, and that actually ended up fixing it. Unfortunately, if you got the win before, you will need to go over and get another win, and if you want to check and see if you have it, you'll need to go over to the special tab in the camos.

It's not going to be available in the event tab because it is like an Easter egg secret challenge type of thing. There's also a second hidden reward, and this one's easier; all you have to do is play one game of High Trip Resurgence, and that will unlock you this new weapon charm called Take One and Wait 30 minutes.

The brand new playlist update also ended up bringing in a new mode for more multiplayer, called Get High. This is that parkour map that we talked about; apparently it was only here for a limited time as soon as they did the update; they said it's going to be available for 4 hours and 20 minutes, and it actually ended up going away.

I believe they're going to do this daily we'll be bringing it back every day and maybe towards the end of the event it'll just stay as a regular playlist that you can play at any time but what it is you and like 20s something other players will jump into a match you guys can't eliminate each other, you'll be able to do a parkour, race and the goal is to get high there's a door all the way at the very top you only have a time limit of 10 minutes to get all the way up there it really doesn't matter what the other players are doing as long as you don't mess up too often you're able to get that I thought maybe you would get a reward cuz it's actually not that easy to do it took me like an hour or two of tries.

Just to actually get that, and once you do it, it literally just teleports you to the start again, which doesn't give you a victory, doesn't give you an animation, no rewards, nothing at all.

New leaked kar98k sniper coming soon!

New leaked kar98k sniper coming soon!

This one is something that has been highly requested. I've seen so many comments ever since War Zone 2 came out. People are like, Where is the card? It was one of the best snipers ever to use in War Zone 1, and the fact that they took it away is not really fair. Well, guess what? They're actually bringing it back.

It's sitting in the files right now. There are a couple things that you need to know about it, though. The very first thing is that this weapon is not going to be the same exact one that we received in MW 2019. As you know, Sledgehammer is currently the lead character for Modern Warfare 3. They're the ones doing all these updates.

cod mw3 update

The Modern Warfare 2019 version of the car is an Infinity Ward weapon, and as you guys know, with the whole situation and things like that, they're only bringing in Sledgehammer weapons as of right now, like we saw with the Moors with the B 27 coming in all these remastered weapons. They're going to do the same thing here, but this version of the car is actually going to be coming in from Vanguard.

I know this is probably going to point out a lot of you guys because the MW 2019 version was actually a really good sniper; it's probably one of the best ones compared to the ones we had in World War II and in Vanguard, and with Vanguard, it was like the ad time was a little too slow compared to what we saw with sniping on MW 2019.

There is some good news though, because it says the leakers found in-game files of the OG car 98k returning to the war zone in season; it's an exact copy of the C 98k before the Nerf made it a one-shot at all ranges verz and OG car 98. And then they show the image of the files, and then they follow up with, Hey, I'm Alex, a leaker posted, and he said the car, and then he said 5x.

Emoji, it's actually going to have 10, and he's probably talking about the bullets in the mag because, according to Bob, who quoted it, he said this is probably the amount of bullets in the car: 98k. To elaborate, the 98K has a default magazine, two increased-size mags, a stripper clip option, and a single option, either a way to shoot it like the Moors or a way to reload one at a time. I'm not entirely sure which one is going to be the default, which sort of proves a little bit further that it is going to be the Vanguard version now.

Kar98k sniper release date

Kar98k sniper release date

Let's talk about the potential release date, according to leakers. Since this weapon was added to the files as soon as the season 3 update began, it means that this could potentially be launching as early as season 4, so that means we'll have one more update in between, which is season 3 Reloaded.

And then in season 4, they're going to be introducing this brand new weapon usually when it comes to weapons nothing is confirmed until like the very end and then unless Call of Duty confirms it maybe with like a Blog Post photo or something like that they usually will hype up something as big as this around a month or two in advance, and with the popularity of this weapon they're definitely going to market it in some sort of way, so we'll have a little bit more information as we get closer, but as of right now, it looks like it could potentially release in season 4 went ahead and made a concept of what the car98k.

kar98k leaked

It would look like this in the game, and this is what it would look like in the gunsmith, and to me, it looks like it would make a perfect fit, so I really do hope that they bring this out as early as possible.

Spas 12 shotgun leaked in mw3

The next weapon I want to talk about is the Spaz 12, so this was among some of the weapons that were also leaked with the brand new season 3 update that is set to arrive in future seasons.

KAR98K, SPAS 12, More LEAKED Weapons COMING SOON! Modern Warfare 3 Warzone DLC Weapon Update.
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