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Early season 3 reloaded gameplay!

Early season 3 reloaded gameplay!

Welcome back to a brand new article, and in this one we're going to go over and showcase some early season 3 Reloaded gameplay. We're going to talk about the brand new weapons other than the battle 27; there's a couple of others, and then we're going to talk about some other things that you definitely need to know about.

Also, be sure to check out yesterday's article. I showed early gameplay footage of the upcoming rewards for the brand new virus Mainframe, the new animated camo, the brand new virus Mainframe operator bundle, what it looks like, how much it's going to cost, and even the brand new playlist, arcade mode, and all that good stuff.

That's going to be the last event that will take place before we jump into season 3 Reloaded, and that goes live this coming Wednesday, so if you want all the early details on that, I'll.

Triple 2xp weekend & xdefiant test session now live

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We talked about this yesterday, but Triple Double XP is now live. This is going to bring in double XP, double weapon XP, and double battle pass XP. This will be going up until Monday, the 22nd, ending at 10:00 a. M pacific Standard Time The craziest part is that at the same exact time that we have this double XP event.

X Defiance beta has officially dropped, and they are doing a test session, and that's going to be going live pretty much at the same time except it will be ending one day earlier on the 21st. This game is available on PC. Xbox S X, and PlayStation 5, and if you guys want to play now. According to many people, this game is Call of Duty: Killer, so if you want to give it a try and see what this game is all about, it is available right now for a limited time completely for free.

Season 3 reloaded update early update access & gameplay

Season 3 reloaded update early update access & gameplay

But anyway, the season 3 Reloaded update is set to arrive on May 1st, which isn't this Wednesday but the Wednesday after that, and that's going to be around 9:00 a. It'll start smoking, and then, by the time you get closer to it, you'll notice that the water tower has completely fallen. This is the photo that they provided, as well as the gameplay footage that we got of it.

It basically just drops the water tower; it gives you an area where you can actually play and hide. This one doesn't really do that big of a map update or change. I don't think it really impacts the lobby all too much unless you're one of those players who likes to camp up top at the water tower, and you just won't be able to do that for the duration of this match, but then the second location.


This one is going to be the lighthouse, which will also get destroyed, and the lighthouse will completely fall. What it does is fall towards the prison, and once it does, that will give you an automatic rotation to the top of the prison from headquarters. Without having to go through the stairs where people are camping or through ladders where there's probably a proximity mindset, and then the last infield strike potential change is going to be the inside of prison, which has not yet been revealed in the game as of right now, but we do have footage of it, and that's going to be bringing in the very center of it.

This will just get completely destroyed. It'll turn the whole middle section into a rumble, and it'll give you a straight rotation up to the top as well. You can use a vehicle; you can run up there if you want, but that also gives you a direct route to the very top of the prison. And remember, these don't happen all too often, and if they do, they'll happen at the start of a match.

So if you're not happy with it and you see it going on, you can always back out of the lobby, and this is something that they're going to experiment with. I'm guessing that depending on the feedback that they get, they may end up removing this feature. That's probably why some players started reporting seeing it; maybe they're just spreading it out just a little bit just to test out the waters and see if people are fans of it or if people hate it.

I played for around 3 or 4 hours yesterday, and I only saw it once, so it doesn't happen nearly as often. I'm guessing that when the reloaded update drops , it is going to start happening.

Weapon trade station & foresight content gameplay

Weapon trade station & foresight content gameplay

Other brand new features that you can also expect to be coming in, for example, are the new weapon trade station. This is just recycled content from OG War Zone 1. Based on the description in the blog post, it's going to work the same exact way you end up trading in a weapon, and it will give you two rarities lower, and then in return, it could give you some other special items such as ammunition, lethals, tacticals, and even a possible specialist perk token, and we saw how that worked out in War Zone 1.

This is just the footage that you guys are seeing here of that; don't really expect much of a difference. Even the weapon trade station itself looks very similar to the original one. Another new feature is the forsight, or kill streak. That is something else that is something else that we saw in OG War Zone 1, and that one pretty much tells you where all the future circles are.

cod content update

It will work and look exactly the same as this footage. If you find the killstreak in one of the crates, you can buy it at a buying station. Once you get it, you'll be able to call it in, and then it'll just show you the future circles. It will work and look exactly the same.

New checkpoint 6v6 map early gameplay

Some other footage that we have is going to be of the new checkpoint 6v6 map.

As sad as it is, this is basically just a recycled portion of a stronghold. From the way that it looks in the photos, it's going to be the same exact thing; no changes are probably just going to fix it up to that point. There's going to be spawns on both sides and then change up the barriers a little bit, but as you can see here from the way that it looks on the map icon, not much has really changed with it.

If you do land at Stronghold consistently or are familiar with this, then you've technically played this checkpoint map a little bit earlier, but that will be available with the season 3 Reloaded update, and here's just a quick gameplay showcasing of what the map will look like. Everything's just going to stay exactly the same, and this is the gameplay footage that I pretty much got while I was landing there fighting other teams.

Bal 27 ar dlc weapon & gameplay

Bal 27 ar dlc weapon & gameplay

The next thing I want to talk about are the upcoming brand new DLC weapons we're getting in season 3 Reloaded, and the first look at some of them and what they are going to look like. First off, the first one is going to be the B-27. This one is pretty obvious. I mean, we talked about it in the past, and we've seen it in the blog post.

EARLY SEASON 3 RELOADED GAMEPLAY FIRST LOOK! New Weapons, Content, MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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