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Huge upcoming content updates

Huge upcoming content updates

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got a minor update. I'm going to cover it, and we're also going to talk about the update that's coming out in just a couple days, on Wednesday. And then we're also going to talk about the next update that's after that, which is going to be season 1 reloaded, so we have a couple of news topics to go over today.

Also. We're almost at 2K subs. Also, I did upload a article yesterday going over the possible crossover with the Godzilla: Kong event that could be coming to Call of Duty. I go over all the information and the leaks that we have in regards to that so far. Be sure to check that out after this article before we get into today's topic.

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New cdl team packs gameplay showcase

Today's brand new store update brought in the CDL team pack. Every single team is now available, starting at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. Each bundle is priced at $1.99. USD per team. Although last year's bundles were only $9.99, and this one got a little bit of a price increase, it's better than having to pay 2, 000 Cod points or $20.

Which was the price of the standard CDL pack that we ended up getting a couple weeks back anyways they're available in the store at the very bottom there's a tab called CDL team supporter pack you have the regular launch pack which is 2, 000 and then all the other ones and just to showcase what some of them look like every single one of these bundles will receive the same amount of content so you have four different operators, two will be male and two will be female, you have two home variants and then two away variants, you also get a brand new camo to represent the team, you have a large decal.

You get a weapon sticker, a weapon charm, and an animated calling card, and all these operators are going to look exactly the same except for the color, so depending on the team, you choose the color variations. Might differ; some of them will have a completely different version of the home in the way some of them will just add a little bit of white to them.

New update patch notes & weapon balance changes

New update patch notes & weapon balance changes

Interceptor; it's like a two- or three-shot in the war zone that's definitely going to get nerfed; they've confirmed that is one of the weapons; there's also the ram 7even, which has almost no recoil if you put on the right attachments. I believe that one is also going to get a Nerf as well, and then there's other popular weapons such as the WSP, Swarm, Pulat, the Tack Eradicator, LMGs, and a couple of others.

You can expect those to end up getting slight Nerfs, and then any of the weapons that many people have not been touching or using will probably end up getting some buffs as well. This update will also bring plenty of bug fixes. There are currently a lot of issues going on with the game right now, just to name a couple of them.

cod mw3 1.37 update

We have the Melstrom Dual trigger, which is currently disabled in War Zone; we have the Snake Shot, which is currently disabled; and players aren't able to use the Tyr aftermarket. Part even after unlocking it, and then if you look at the global issues, there's the issue with the Bantam operator players logging into season 1 may be seeing incorrect errors, and then when you take a look at the Battle Royale issues, there's so many of them.

There's a vehicle skin glitch with the War Mageddon vehicle skin; there's armor plates that they're investigating; it doesn't cause you to equip it correctly, so I guess if you run over equipment, which I've noticed, it'll cancel you trying to put on armor plates; there's also the squad HUD; and then apparently there's actually a new glitch right now where players are spawning in with 16 teammates in War Zone Battle Royale and Resurgence modes.

When I first heard about this, I honestly didn't even believe it up until I saw the clip, and as you see here, there's a guy just running around with a bunch of different teammates. I'm not even sure how this ended up happening or how that was even possible in the first place, but that's just some of the issues that players are currently facing.

There's also a bunch of audio issues, for example, the redeploy notification. They said they're investigating an issue causing enemy redeploy notifications to not play consistently, and that is something that's very annoying to deal with, especially in Resurgence modes, when someone's landing on you and you can't even hear them if you notice the majority of these issues started around December 10th to December 8th, and they didn't have enough time to fix them before they went on their holiday break, so now that they are back, most of these should get fixed with this next update.

Although there's not going to be a lot of content involved this week, we are going to be receiving quite a bit of patch notes that are going to cover all the details of things that they have fixed. If there's anything that they have changed or updated, we'll know about that, but the content is going to come out in.

Mw3 season 1 reloaded update blog post

Mw3 season 1 reloaded update blog post

In the update, I'll be with the midseason. But the good news is that usually around a week before a large update like this, they drop the block post that will give us information on exactly what content to expect.

I'm not entirely sure if they're going to do it this time around. Mid-season updates are a little bit odd with the seasonal updates. It is always the Wednesday before the update goes live, but then with mid-season one, they sometimes do them on Wednesday, and sometimes they wait all the way until the Friday before; we've even had them wait as late as the Monday before, which I remember they did for the last time we saw the boys event; we got the blog post on Monday, and then the update went live two days later on Wednesday.

They may do the same thing here. If there are plenty of patch notes and things going on with the update that we're getting this week, then they may end up delaying it a little bit, and maybe they'll cover it on Friday or they'll cover it on Monday, but whenever we get that blog post. I definitely got you guys covered, and I'll give you all the information that we get from it, but you can expect things like a new, event-brand new operator.

A new map with different types of modes. There's going to be two brand new weapons. The first one is going to be the HRM. 9 SMG and then you also have the TAC evolver, which will be an LMG available as well. What's interesting is that we just got some new leaks covering some new weapons that are going to be coming out in the future of Call of Duty.

NEW MW3 Update, New Weapons, Patch Notes, MORE! - Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded.
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