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Welcome back to a brand new news article. Today we got a brand new Call of Duty update. I'm going to be discussing everything you need to know in regards to that footstep. Audio updates are coming soon. We have Shadowban. Issues going on right now: there's a bunch of free rewards that you can get, and then there's also an upcoming weapon vault, so there's so much to talk about and cover in today's article.

Also, for those of you guys who play War Zone and are interested in that.

How to claim 20+ free rewards in mw3 & warzone

You can now claim that this is going to be the Call of Duty League viewership rewards and the celebration of the Cod League going live today over on YouTube. You're going to be able to get yourself a bunch of rewards just by watching.

cod bundles

One thing that I need to let you know though is that this is exclusive only to YouTube, so for those of you guys who usually watch your streams on Twitch, it's not going to count there, and it's only being exclusively streamed by Call of Duty themselves over on YouTube. So if you want to get these rewards, you need to go into your YouTube settings and go to Connected Apps.

Click on Activision, and log into your Activision account that way. That will connect your YouTube and Activision accounts. And then you're going to want to watch, so it's going to start by going live today at 12:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. If you're watching this article after this, make sure you quickly head on over to their live stream; they should be live for the next couple hours.

Start watching to get these rewards, but here's what they are: At 1 hour, you will unlock a 60-minute, double-weapon XP token. At 1 hour and 30 minutes there's the glitch or kick emblem, and then at 2 hours the shoot frag celebrate calling card, and that's going to be the rewards for day one. You come back the next day on Saturday, which is going to be the 9th, and it starts at the same time of 12:00 p.

M pacific Standard time, which is going to be 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, and then you get yourself a 1H hour double weapon XP token for the first hour; at 1 hour 30 minutes, you get the Galaxy brain calling card; then there's the SH animated emblem at 2 hours; and then for 2 hours and 30 minutes, you have a brand new TV charm; then you come back the next day on Sunday, at the same exact time of 12:00 p.m.

Pacific Standard time, you got 1 hour a double XP, Have a nice day sticker at 1 hour and 30 minutes, and then at 2 hours, you have the mirror weapon blueprint.

Surprise mw3 update patch notes

Surprise mw3 update patch notes

But jumping into the next topic, we have brand new patch notes that we received in yesterday's update. This is going to be for the war zone. They got some general changes that addressed a data mismatch issue that caused an error message and customization. Reset to occur in the launch of season 1, they did some weapon attachment changes for the XRK stalker.

Barrel attachments can now be equipped at the expected weapon level, and then attachments for the muzzles in the Zen 35 compensated flash hider added a missing unlock requirement. Customization, they fixed an issue that prevented the Bantam operator from being available to equip, fixed an issue preventing the smoke maker blueprint from Battle Pass Sector A5 from being equipped, and fixed an issue that caused certain weapon charms to obscure a player's visibility.

cod dune

prone or aim down sight, and for the war zone, gameplay changes, a public event occupation scan, and restock may now occur during the six circles. The Coyote armor patrol bolt and cargo truck have been disabled in solos, and they increased the number of utvs that spawn in Battle Royale solos, and the loot for the WSP.

Stinger, has been removed from ground loot. They also ended up doing some bug fixes. Fixed an issue that caused the amount of cash loss on death and plunder to not appear; fixed an issue causing the kill cam to appear blurred; and other minor issues that have been going on since the release of that season 1 update; and then for the multiplayer side of things.

The daily challenge is to get three operator kills without dying four times now and track the maps correctly. An increase in spawn favor towards the owned flags and a domination rust adjustment have been made to reduce the chance of unfavorable spawn conditions. Modes Gunfight players will no longer experience a broken animation upon aiming down sights with a preset KV inhibitor sniper rifle.

Loadout hardcore kill cams will no longer play upon death in all hardcore game modes. Final and round-ending kill cams will remain active as expected, and private matches The CDL rule set is now accurate to the competitive settings in version 1.0, Specifications. For zombies, the vr11 addressed an issue that prevented the vr11 from zombifying Shield soldiers.

Gameplay The Dark Eternal Rift addresses an issue with the rift pedestal interaction props not appearing for certain players and fixes an issue where players could see the rip pedestal offering from other squads. All X fills will increase the number of enemies spawned in the final Xville, receiving a significant boost to enemy count and enemy types, increased enemy spawning for Outlast, and raid weapon stash.

General fixed a crash that could occur when engaging Grey. La fixed an issue where certain items would not carry over into the act for Mission and Dark Eternal Rifts, and the UI addressed an issue that prevented some battle pass skins from displaying in the Strike Team menu and addressed an issue that displayed an incorrect Mission Title.

Mw3 new weapon vault coming soon

Mw3 new weapon vault coming soon

When players have selected the act for Mission, apparently there's a weapon vault that's going to be coming soon into the game, and this is something that was scrapped in MW2.

After the Vault edition came out, we thought the same thing would happen here in MW3. We would get it in the vault edition, and then they would stop making weapon vaults because developers have confirmed to us that they take way too long to make because of the way that they are, so if you don't know what a weapon vault is, it's basically a blueprint.

That can be replaced. You can replace attachments, change them up, or swap them out, and it doesn't change the way that the blueprint looks, unlike other store blueprints in the game. If you change any of the attachments, it changes the way that the weap weapon looks, and it starts removing the blueprint.

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