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Welcome back to a brand new article today. What I got for you is that we're going to talk about the big update that's going to be coming out this Wednesday. A free gift pack, and so much more. I've also been uploading a bunch of articles over the last couple days going over the upcoming operator bundles and a full in-game showcase.

Also, I'm going to be posting a article on the second channel, but which type of article do you want to see? I have trick-shot articles where I go trick-shot and search and destroy with a sniper. This is just one of many clips I was able to hit with the brand new anime bundle, or I can also upload some War Zone Loadout articles for those of you guys grinding out War Zone trying to get that meta Loadout going on.

Huge mw3 & warzone update this week

But anyway, let's go ahead and jump into the article. So this Wednesday, we're going to be getting a brand new update added to the game. This one is going to be pretty big because we have a brand new playlist and update, and we have a brand new event launching. We also are going to have war zone patch notes as well as multiplayer, patch notes weapons are probably going to get adjusted because this is the first week of war zone that we have gotten and they said they were going to let people play it out based on how the game plays out what weapons are being used which ones are not being used they might buff and Nerf some of them and adjust them accordingly, the update will most likely add a bit more information, in regards to the holiday event that's going to be taking place on December 20th cuz that's another big update that we're going to be getting, so we're just going to be consistently getting backtack.

Weekly updates are being added to the game with consistent content, which is a really good thing that Sledgehammer is doing. There are so many different events that I'm also going to list and showcase some of them right now.

New store update & free gift pack

New store update & free gift pack

That said, let's talk about today's store update. We received three brand new items in the store, one of them being the Supernova Tracer Pack Bundle, which is going to cost you $1,800. The Cod Points Bundle comes with the Galactic Mine Operator Skin for Pathfinder.

This is a little showcase of what that operator skin looks like. It is animated. As you can see, the chest PL has that little animation. It also has a little halo on top, which is also animated. I got the matching weapon blueprint for the side. The winder called the Northern Lights looks identical to the interstellar Mastery camo, except rather than that purplish pink that the interstellar has, this has more of a baby blue color going on with it.

animated camo reward

It will also have Tracer rounds, as you can see here from the Tracer effects on the little preview page that they have. This is what it will look like. You got a brand new animated calling card called The Floating Forever, which has an astronaut in space, and then you got the out-of-this-world large decal, you got an infinite mind weapon charm, and then you finally got the doorway emblem.

There's also a second bundle that we have. This one is called Paint Slinger, costing 2000 Cod points with no Tracer effects. This is going to feature another skin for Pathfinder. Called the painter, this is a showcase of what that operator looks like, and then you have the sweat and tears blueprint for the AM9.

SMG the second one is going to be for the KVD enforcer, and that is called the graphic side. You then get two rare ether tools for your zombie players. You also got a calling card called paint, pain, and love. Finally, you got the tag for Rich's emblem, and then the last thing that we received here in the store update is the brand new gift pack, which brings in a calling card called Dropped, which you can claim right now in the store for free.

It should be here for the next couple days, and then it'll more than likely end up getting updated and replaced with a different gift pack, so make sure you claim that.

Dune trial of power event & rewards

Dune trial of power event & rewards

While you can, another store update that we're going to be getting in just a couple days from now is tied to the brand new Dune event. We know that there's going to be an event that's going to start this Wednesday. That one is called the Dune trial of power, and in the description of it, it tells you that if you equip the Paul Atres operator skin, you will be able to get yourself an XP boost during the duration of this event, which is very similar to the preseason events that we got with the macarov.

camo event rewards

In the Coak King operator event, you put on any of these, which were available in the store, and then you would get some sort of XP boost, sort of as a way to try and get people to get that skin to help them with the event, but even without the operator skin, it's very easy to complete them, and usually you just need, like, 5, 000 XP, and then you would unlock one of the rewards, and it just kept going up until like 50k XP, so as long as you consistently play the game, you would get the rewards, and this time around, we know what one of the rewards is going to be, and that is going to be the sand and spice camo, and this is what it will look like.

It's going to be an animated type of sand skin going on right now, which fits the whole theme of the event that we're going to have. Other than this camo, you can expect maybe four other rewards. Double XP tokens. Emblems, calling cards, and random rewards like that you will get, but this is going to be the mastery, so for completing the whole event, you'll be able to get this brand new animated camo.

I don't think we're going to be getting another event for Fade Rotha; he's going to be the other operator that we're going to see with this Dune collaboration. Because this event is going to be going on for a week starting on the 13th, which is going to be this Wednesday, and then it's going to end on the 20th, and then on the 20th we're going to start the Christmas event, and even after the Christmas event ends, there's going to be weekly events coming in every single time that will get you even more rewards.

I'm going to make an entire dedicated article on that.

Dune paul & feyd operator bundles showcase

Dune paul & feyd operator bundles showcase

The first operator here is Paul Atres. This is going to be a tracer pack. He also does come with voice lines, but just a disclaimer: the voice lines are cut directly from the movie, so he doesn't have unique voice lines that come in from Cod. Whether he says, like, marking Ammo Depot here or Target spotted something like that, they don't have those voice signs, but they have ones that come in from the movies.

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