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I'm going to show you the brand new solo Tombstone duplication glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies. This is super easy to do, and this method does not require a teammate at all to duplicate items. As you can see before I start the glitch, I have 116 items in my stash, and I will show you my stash each time I do this to prove to you that I'm duplicating items completely solo.

Using this new glitch after the season 2 patch will allow you to keep your large backpack, so you can fill up your inventory with items to duplicate now. I'm going to load into the game, and the only thing you need to do is grab the tombstone perk in the game. I do not have a tombstone on my map, so I'm going to be showing you immediately what the first step would be for this glitch.

However, if you have a tombstone on your map already, then you will need to go over to it and take everything out of it so that it crumbles, and then you're going to buy the tombstone perk. Now that everyone doing this has the tombstone perk equipped, we are all set up and on the same page for the next step, which is to go over to the bad signal portal.

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For the next step, if you want MW3, camos hard unlocked bot lobby schematics, the new skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts, check out Mitch Cactus. Com They are 100% legit with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code gray for 5% off. The bad signal portal will spawn for every single player, even if you haven't beat the ACT missions.

As long as you start the mission Act 4 before you load into the game, if you have already beat it, then it'll just spawn every single time you play in the game, as you can see here. I'm dropping my self-revive. But later in the article, I found out that having a self-revive equipped doesn't matter, so if you have one on your character, you'll still be able to do the glitch before you do this next step.

Anything you have in your inventory at this point will be saved in your tombstone and duplicated. I recommend you bring decoy grenades to throw while you're doing this next step. From here, you're going to activate the portal and then run into the water and go deep underwater. So that you start holding your breath, you're going to watch your breath meter on the left start to go down, and as soon as it turns red, you're going to pull up your map to vote to use the portal.


This will then start the countdown, and as you guys see, as it gets closer to zero, your character is going to start to drown. If done correctly, you will die right as the portal animation pops up, like you see here. If you are on all of them, they will go directly into your stash. As you can see now, when you load your game back up, you will see that all of the items that you had in your inventory are now in your gear because we quit during the portal.

These are now duped and glitched items, so you can just press unequip on all of them, and they will go directly into your stash. As you can see now, my stash is at 125, and when I started the article, it was at 116. From here to duplicate again, you're just going to load into another game. Unfortunately, with this glitch, you are going to lose your insured weapons, but honestly, that doesn't really matter since we are just using this glitch to duplicate items, and we don't even need a weapon to do so.


When you load into your next game because we died underwater, your tombstone is going to spawn at the graveyard, and you are going to need to buy the tombstone perk every time you do this duplication. So if the perk is on your way over to your tombstone, then go ahead and grab it; if it's closer to your tombstone, grab it after crumbling your tombstone, and then buy the perk.

It doesn't really matter when you buy the perk; you just need to make sure that you crumble, and then you can buy the tombstone perk. You can also see that I still have my large backpack on, so I'm able to take out all of the duplicate items and hold all nine of them to duplicate them once again. So to duplicate, once again, after you have the tombstone perk and have crumbled your last tombstone, you're going to activate the portal, then immediately go into the water and stay underwater.

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From here, you're going to wait until your breath bar turns red, and as soon as it does, you're going to pull up your map and vote to use the portal. You will then die underwater, as the portal is starting, and you're going to force close your game as soon as you see the portal animation if you're on console, and if you're on P-Screen, you're going to wait for the black screen after the portal animation to force quit.

When you load your game back up, you're going to see all of the items there, so you can just unequip them into your stash, and now my stash is at 134. When I last showed it to you, it was at 125. While doing this glitch, if your stash doesn't let you unequip the items like I'm showing you here, then you can go into the description of this article to watch my stash glitch tutorial and see exactly how to fix it.

The glitch that I referenced in that article will now be this glitch tutorial that you're watching here since the information in that article is still good, but the newest after patch method is the article you're watching right now, as I'm going to do the glitch one more time to show you my stash going up.


143, I want to mention a couple of things. You are not going to be able to use the items after you crumble your tombstone. Since each game we are setting a new one, however, that doesn't matter because you'll be able to fit over 200 items in your stash that you can use whenever you want, so now we are able to load into any game with the items that we want to use, and then you can just duplicate more when you're starting to run low.

If you want to dup the items and bring them into the dark ether, you can do so and then use all of those items because you're going to lose your tombstone. Unless you use this method in every game that you play, you will also lose the amount of money that you have on your character when you die underwater.


Is what will be saved in your tombstone, so the more money that you have when setting your tombstone, you'll be able to save yourself a lot of time when going to buy the tombstone perk before you duplicate again. If you want to see the unlimited money glitch after the season 2 update, click the article on your screen right now so you can fill up your new Tombstone with Max Money.

A massive shout out to Jesse Pow, the last of the rare breed, for this amazing glitch.

This is the BRAND NEW SOLO DUPLICATION GLITCH After Season 2 Update! This glitch works after patch to duplicate unlimited items in modern warfare 3 zombies.
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