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There's already a new stash glitch in Modern Warfare 3 zombies after the patch; however. I'm here to warn you that for most of you watching this, the new method will not be worth it and can only be done a very limited number of times. I'm making this article to save you time from trying a new glitch that's going around, which will net you almost nothing.

I'm first going to show you the new glitch so you know how to do it properly, and then I'll explain the pros and cons of this afterwards. Like the article and subscribe if you aren't already, and let's get into this. As you guys can see. I am currently doing the second half of the tombstone duplication glitch to pull items out of the game from my tombstone, and if you saw my article from earlier today, you would know that the tombstone duplication glitch still works; it was only the stash glitch part that was patched when I loaded into the lobby.

You can see that my stash is at 186 out of 10, and when I try to unequip items, it says that my stash is 10 out of 10. What you're going to do is swap the last four items in your gear with a sigil or elder sigil. From what I have seen from other people doing this, the regular sigil works better for some people, but both of them worked for me while doing this.

duplication glitch

After you have swapped the last four items, you can see that if I try to unequip them, it says that my stash is now at 14, out of 10. What you will do from here is switch over to a character that does not have a large bag on it, and this will then shrink your gear to a small bag size. Now you're going to simply switch back over to your large bag character, and you will see that the signatures were forced back into my stash with the other four items, and now my stash is at 190.

Out of 10 from here, I'm going to load into another game to repeat the process, and again, we're doing the same tombstone glitch, so every game you'll need to have the tombstone perk equipped. While going over to the graveyard, you can get MW3, camo hard unlocked bot lobby schematics, the nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts at Mitch {568}.


They're 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code gray for 5% off. Now, when you are at your tombstone, you are going to want to take everything out of it so that it crumbles. Keep in mind that only the last four items in your inventory are what you are going to be able to put into your stash after this; therefore, you are going to rearrange your inventory so that the last four slots are what you want more of in your stash.

However, all of the items that you have in your inventory will be saved in your next tombstone in your next game. Now, at the bad signal portal, you will activate it and then immediately go underwater. Stay underwater so that your breath bar goes down. As soon as it turns red, you will open up your map to vote.

Yes, and the portal will teleport you right after you die on the console. You're going to force close your game when you see the portal animation, and PC players need to wait until after the portal ends, and right when it does, you will alt-f4 your game. When you reload your game, you will be able to bring all of the items from your tombstone.


Now back into your gear but now this is where some people are going to have more success than others for me because my stash was now at 14, out of 10 the game randomly chooses four items to not let me bring out of the game so I'm only able to do this new stash glitch one time and now my Tombstone is ruined as well to fix this you will have to equip real items from your stash and press unequip, on an item to see if you brought real items in as you can see in my stash it now says 12 out of 10 and honestly the duped ones were probably the scorcher and the ather blade but I didn't want to waste time going through my stash to try to find the real one so I just deleted the wrenches and added two more as you can see now when I try to un equip them it says I'm back at 10 out of 10 so my Tombstone duplication, glitch will now work again as before.


Everyone's game is going to be a little bit different depending on how many real items you have in your stash so some people using this new method were able to get an extra 10 20 or up to 30 items into their stash while doing this that is why I still wanted to show you that this glitch does, kind of still work and is possible but it doesn't really work for most people and it's just going to be a select few that this will actually work for so honestly getting up to 30 items into your stash from doing this I don't really see how that's possible when using the sigils forces real items into your stash and ruins your Tombstone dupe but I'm here to warn you guys to just basically not do this, however if you are someone who has very few items in your stash then this glitch may be helpful to you for a little bit for the most part this glitch will not be helpful to anyone that has a large stash and I ended up actually losing two more items from using it to fix my Tombstone.


After using this new method, this is why I wanted to make this article to warn all of you not to use this new glitch that's going around because, for the majority of you watching, it'll just be a waste of time. I wasted my time to save you yours, and you can still do the tombstone duplication and glitch to have all of your items in your next game to use.

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Im going to show you the new stash glitch thats going around but it is a WASTE of time! Watch this video to know what not to do.
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