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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back once again to another article. You got some Diablo 4 in the background. I've not really played this game since. What it was released pretty much I think I rushed through the campaign and got to about level 50 odd, then it became the point of the game where Diablo's problem was that well, it was just boring; it was like, okay.

I'm grinding this game. I'm getting very, very incremental increases, and the game just isn't fun as a looter. Well, I was just going to say looter shoot. It's not a looter, but you know what I mean? It's a game where you grind to get better gear. However, it's just not like Destiny or these other loter shooter games you've seen on my channel before; this is obviously a top-down version, so yeah, Diablo 4, it's.

It's a game in which they are making changes, listening to the community, and trying to make this game more rewarding. I've seen a lot of people talking about the public test realm, server, whatever you want to call it, and a lot of people are kind of excited for the PM's what's coming in this game, so yeah, enough about Fortnite.

season 3

Fortnite is a brilliant game, and you know they update it all the time. Give it loads of content; you know it's fresh; it must just be so easy for a Fortnite content creator to keep you informed about making articles on the game. Again, it's the best free-to-play game. Out there, it is definitely the best free-to-play Battle Royale game, without doubt.

I don't even think any of the fans of any of the other games can actually say from an objective point of view that, you know, Fortnite isn't the best, because it clearly is. If anybody disagrees with it from an objective point of view, you're just a fanboy. Let's be real; there's no reason to say it's not the best OB.

Obviously, subjectively, you can say that. This kind of leads you to know the whole point of this article and just that Call of Duty is losing any form of relevance. You look at player numbers across the war zone. Multiplayers have been bad for some time, but you know, even in War Zone, it's getting to the point that.

season 3 update

You know, it's kind of getting dead, and season 3—you know, season 3 is just coming out on War Zone. As of making this article, they're putting Rebirth Island back in the game, and I'm like, Is this really what the community is at now, where the game is so bad that they just want old content? reinvigorated into the game.

It's kind of the whole Call of Duty thing now, isn't it? Instead of making new, fresh, exciting content, what we're doing is bringing back content that we should have never taken out of the game to begin with. You could look at the whole thing. You know, people've been asking for vians to come back into the war zone for, you know, a really, really long time, yet they've not done that yet.

They've had the cheek to actually release vians on mobile. Is it by mistake that they've released vians on mobile and not on PC or, you know, console? I don't think it is. I kind of think that you know that the whole toxic monetization model of mobile article games is a lot worse than what consoles and PCs have.


I'm just kind of gobsmacked at how Call of Duty still has these players, and this is probably going to be the title of the article. Like, people complain about Call of Duty all the time, yet the people who complain about Call of Duty all the time are the people who's, you know, the biggest problem for the entire franchise.

You know you keep playing the game. You know why your Activision is going to change anything while you still play the game. I don't care. There used to be this argument that, well, if you're playing the game and not spending money, it's not really hurting anything. I kind of don't follow that metric anymore because of how Activision looks at it.

What, is good for Call of Duty as a franchise is just play a count You know, if they've got loads of people playing their game, that's good for them because they know that people are playing a live service game, and again, even if it's free, if it's got loads of people playing it, that's what they want because, just pure numbers, if you look at the pure numbers game, the more people they've got playing their game, the greater the likelihood is they're going to make money through all these post content updates.


They do, but again, there's no reason. It's not a mistake that article games now all have a live service model, even if it's a yearly release. I get Fortnite live service. That's fine it's a free-play game where you can earn a lot of things, like skins, for free. You know the battle pass and all that kind of stuff.

I got that in Fortnite, but when you're talking about Call of Duty, a game that's released every 12 months, they've got all these free-to-play business models in them, and then the content we get isn't even the only new content you get. Are the skins? You know the microtransactions. A lot of that is new; even some of that's recycled, guys.

But you know, for people getting all excited about Rebirth Island coming back or even the introduction of War Zone, you know, coming back at some point in the future where there's leaks saying that it's going to come back. You know, venture into the war zone. You know you've got bigger problems than that with the war zone.

warzone 2

We all know multiplayer is a complete mess. I think everybody accepts that school-based matchmaking is engagement-optimized matchmaking. I don't really think there are many people out there now who argue that skill-based matchmaking is a problem or engagement-optimized matchmaking isn't a problem, so I don't really need to talk about that.

I've done plenty of articles about that, but the biggest problem with War Zone now is the gameplay. It is boring. It is so boring. I've said this on live streams. I've said it on other articles, but I'll say it again because there's probably going to be a lot of people watching this article who haven't really seen a article of mine because, again, it's going to have a provocative title, and people are going to get upset and triggered, but the game Playay Loop is just terrible.

War Zone used to be a game where you actually had to run around loot, you had to do contracts, you had to get in-game money while you're playing so you could go to the buy stations and actually buy a load-out drop-buy, uavs, and stuff like that, but the game now is We drop in. Okay, we might have a 50/50 gun fight, and when we land, we may get a good weapon.

Well, a usable weapon when we land. But ultimately, what the vast majority of people are doing now, and I've seen this firsthand, and again, don't think the YouTube streamers or Twitch streamers or, you know, those content creators are kind of like what the average player does because they don't. You know, we all know they're cheating.

Call of Duty Season 3 for COD MW3 and Warzone is yet again full of cheap reused content. Anyone remember when Call of Duty made fun, fresh, new content. Become an exclusive member.
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