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This is all the working Tombstone glitches on Modern Warfare 3 zombies in season 3. I constantly get asked if all of these glitches still work, so I'm combining all of them into one article because all of the information is still valid before the season 3 Reloaded update. To be clear, from the start, the stash glitch no longer works, so you cannot store any of the items that you duplicate in your stash, but you can use them in every game that you play by duping them and saving them in your tombstone.

I will be showing you the regular solo and squad Tombstone glitch, the blood burner Tombstone glitch, how to unlock schematics and gold camo while keeping your Tombstone, and the unlimited money Tombstone glitch in that order.

Solo & squad ts

First off, all the items that I have on my character are already duplicates, so I am free to use them.


However, the only step at the beginning is for you to use the tombstone perk, whether you have a tombstone on your map or not. You need to drink the tombstone perk as step one. Next, you want to get all the items that you want to duplicate in your inventory. If you have a tombstone on your map, then you're going to go over to it and take everything out of it so that it crumbles, and now that everyone is on the same page, you have the tombstone perk, the items that you want to duplicate, and you can get Modern Warfare 3 camos hard-unlocked bot lobbies to max out all your weapons, the new schematics, the nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts at Mish Cactus.

Com They are 100% legit and have over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code gray for 5% off. Now make your way to the building near the bad signal portal. You will need at least 1, 000 points to use this teleport portal, so you're going to enter the code that I'm showing you here, and then you're going to activate the portal.

season 3

Now you're going to follow my path to the roof and run over to the bad signal portal. This will give you the most time to get ready to go out of bounds so at the edge of the map you want to wait for the timer on your screen to switch from 7 to 600 and right as it does you will go out of bounds, if done correctly you will see the teleport screen and then the eliminated, screen by the way you can do this with the team if you guys want to if you all go out of Bounds at the same time when the seven switches to six anyways after the red screen you should get this black screen saying dark ether zombies in the top left corner on all platforms you will now force quit your game at this point when you reload your game all of your items will be in your inventory including your weapons and gear then when you load in to your next game your Tombstone will spawn at the graveyard with all of your duplicated, items and the ones that you have on your character currently are all duplicates so you are free to use them you are going to need decoys equipped to make this much easier but more importantly you will need a blood burner key in your inventory to duplicate.

Blood burner ts

Blood burner ts


As you can see I have a tombstone on my map but if you don't have one that's completely fine either way you need to equip the tombstone, perk by using a can or the perk machine but I recommend that you duplicate one so that you have one in your inventory for every game that you play if you have a tombstone you're going to go over to it and take everything out of it so that it crumbles and then you're going to activate your blood burner I suggest you bring two keys to start out with this so you can duplicate, one but if you only have one then you can use the blood burner that spawns, on the map to set up the glitch so you can use that one key to then duplicate, it you're going to come to this location on the map and I'm going to briefly show you what we're going to do with this glitch so I'm going to show you how it's done once so you can practice it and then do the glitch, with your blood burner you are going to drive onto the water from this spot and get off of the bike and quickly get back onto it and you will see that you teleport.

With the bike, go back to where you parked originally. Now assume that this is the step that you took after the glitch. You will then drive across the river and hop off of the bike, and you want to look for this patch of clovers on the ground and then stand in front of this bush. This will be your landmark for getting out of bounds for the timing of the glitch.

I suggest you practice this a couple of times so you know exactly what to do, but now that you know what we're going to do for this, you're going to drive from this spot onto the water and follow the river all the way over to the Tier 3 Zone. When you're driving on the water, you want to make sure that you don't touch land at all while doing this, so just make your way over to the Tier 3 Zone without touching any land and stay away from the shallow parts.


At this point, you will park your bike before you get to the bridge, and you're going to leave it on the rocks in the same spot that I'm showing you here. Now you're going to simply run over to the portal from the second act four mission, and then you're going to activate it. From here, you're going to sprint back over to your bike, and again, you can just throw a decoy to help you do this very easily and distract all the zombies.

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