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Off the back of yesterday's update, we did get a new conversion kit added to the game, which we all discussed in this article, but we will also be getting the new season reloaded update next week as well, which we'll be covering. All of that aside, what I do want to cover in this article are the top three best sniper and SMG combination loadouts for Rebirth Island, or basically Resurgence in general.

So the first thing I want to cover is the sniper rifles themselves. Now there's only three sniper rifles in this game that can one shot headshot, and the ranges change depending on which gun you're actually using, so we're going to cover these guns right now, and the one that actually one shot headshot is the cat AMR, the XRK stalker, and the new Mors sniper, so these are the three at one shot headshot.

I've also added the MCPR, 300, in here as well, just so you can see that, but this is at every single range that you get in this game at 300 HP with the head shot only, and that's kind of the main thing because you want to make sure you are getting the head shot to make these guns actually viable now, as you can see here.

best smg

The XRK stalker, which is actually the quickest and most aggressive kind of sniper on the list, does have the shortest damage range, so you only get that one shot head-shot up to about 50 m. Now this can be extended with attachments, which is what we'll show you in just a moment, but just keep this in mind.

Then, right after that, we do have the Mors sniper, which drops off at 76 m, and again, this can be extended with attachment. But again, there are ways to make this basically a one-shot out to infinity as well. And we'll discuss that in just a moment, and then we do have the catr, which is a one-shot head shot out to infinity range, and that is why it's still a really solid choice.

Next up. I want to show you the sniper support options, or the SMGs, if you will, which are basically SMGs now that, with all these new conversion kits that have been added to the game, we have the HRM. Which is exactly an SMG in that category? We've got the BP50 with the new conversion kit, which is essentially an SMG; we've got the MCW with its conversion kit again, which is essentially an SMG; and we've also added the WSP Swarm here as well, just for comparison sake; and also, it's still a pretty decent choice in terms of time to kill.

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Now, what you want to see here is that the time to kill in that first damage range is very close. I mean, there's not really going to be much that separates these guns, especially when you're landing all chest shots or body shots, and the only main thing you want to focus on here is where the damage actually drops off, because again, as a sniper support, this is another really important thing, so the WSP Swarm has the shortest damage drop off at 6 M, and again, this can be extended, but not by much.


Now we do have the HRM 9, which does go out to about 10–11 M, and again, this can be extended a bit, so definitely a bit more valuable. The BP50 again drops off just slightly. After the HRM which again is not amazing but it's definitely more valuable than obviously something like the Swarm, and this cannot be extended because there's not any Barrel attachments for this conversion kit, and then we do have the MCW which has an insanely good ttk but also out to 20 M which can also be extended as well so moving on into the classes now we do have all these different combinations of weapons you can mix and match them as you please and I'll go over which ones I think are kind of the kind of best choices in the game but let's start off with the mors and the bp50, so in terms of the loadout for the mors and the attachments you want to be using we've got the ton heavy barrel we've got the super light 90 stock quick Bolt the OP-980 grip and the anti-material slug, which is what allows this gun to shoot a one-shot head shot out to infinity range, so you don't need to have the charging.

Barrel on there, you could just use the regular barrel, which is the ton heavy barrel that gives you buet velocity. As you can see here, buet velocity idle sway, but this will give you that one shot head shot out to infinity range, which is actually a fantastic bonus of this gun. Again, this is the super light stock because it's going to help with aim-down sight speed and aim-walking speed, just overall movement stats.


Quick bolt helps with rechambering speed, and the OP 980 grip helps again with aim-down sight speed. So this is the build for the Mors. Moving into the BP50 conversion kit build, obviously you need the conversion kit itself. As you can see here, it basically turns this gun into an SMG. For the rear grip.

I do think you need tack tape; it's the only thing that really helps the Sprint to fire speed, and the recoil on this is pretty low anyway, so that is the one I would recommend going for. Everything else is pretty much blocked out, and the iron sights are very clean on this gun, so I don't think an optic Kimuro laser light is the best choice here now that it is visible.


But if you're in pretty much the point-blank range, which is what you're going to be using this for, then it doesn't really matter too much in my opinion, and it's the same reason for not choosing a suppressor here because you're going to be pretty much in most people's faces with these guns, so you might as well get the best possible recoil benefits and really not miss out too much on being suppressed.

And then we are using the high-grain rounds for some extra Billet Velocity just to make sure you land those shots. You can also choose something that gives you a bit more recoil control, like the low-grain rounds, but that is a personal preference. I think the recoil on this gun is very easy to manage anyway.

Moving on to what's my personal favorite loadout and the one that I think is actually the most well-rounded and well-balanced and is probably going to be the easiest to use there, the xrk stalker with the MCW. And this is going to be probably the best sniper class; in my opinion, that's in the game, so we are using the XRK stalker.

The build for this hasn't really changed; we're trying to maximize the damage range on this gun in particular because it has the shortest drop-off obviously for that one shot head shot, so with this build in particular, you do get that range extended from 50 to 75 M now, which is actually a lot better.

BEST SNIPER IN WARZONE 3. WHAT ARE THE BEST SNIPERS GUNS IN WZ3 REBIRTH ISLAND This video shows the best Sniper and SMG loadouts for WARZONE 3 Season 3.
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