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This article is going to be a really quick one, going over the five fastest TTK close-range weapons inside War Zone after the season 3 update. We're going to fire through this very quickly, so let's get straight into it. So what we have here is our TTK. Spreadsheet, and this includes every viable close-range gun in the game.

Now we're not including assault rifles in here, and some of them would actually make the mix for a good close-range weapon. We want to make sure we're factoring in OB movement speeds and things like that, so we're mainly looking at pistols and SMGs for this, and obviously we don't like shotguns, so we're not going to factor those in.

But when it comes to some of the outlier ones, we want to quickly mention the {712} Stinger, which actually got a buff with this recent update, so I do want to factor this one in, and also the Jack Ketchi, which kind of didn't really get talked about too much, and I do want to point this one out a little bit as well.

But other than that, we do have every other SMG here other than the Lockman Shroud, but that's because it's a burst-fire SMG, and I'm not really a massive fan of SMGs being burst-fire. Now, when it comes to the TTKs, we're only focusing on the first two damage ranges here because these are the only two that are important.


We're mainly using these for close-range engagement, so let's take a look at the fastest TTK guns now. So we're organizing these in terms of the fastest time. We've got the Aimo WSP Sniper, and that's why I wanted to add this to the list because it is the fastest-killing close-range gun in the game by 10 milliseconds.

Shortly after, we've got the Jackketti, so that is also a really solid choice, as you can see. Now these do drop off very quickly along with the next gun, which is also the WSP Swarm, so this is kind of back in the metax. If you're talking about below 8 m, then those three guns are definitely going to be your best choice now.


As soon as you hit a little bit past that, you're pretty much looking at very, very slow ttks. Now the Stinger obviously isn't really going to be viable anyway because it's in a Kimbo, but the other two definitely drop off, as you can see. Then we've got the HRM 9, which is still going to be probably the meta choice because overall it's still the most well-rounded option, so it's got the good ttk you're going to land your shots because the Swarm does have a bit more recoil and then also.

You are able to buy this from the buy station, unlike the pistols, unfortunately. And then we do have the striker 9 as well; the mx9 is shortly after that; this actually got a bit of a buff; and then the rest of the guns, as you can see, the ram 9 is still kind of in the relative metax; you can still use it if you do like it.

So, flying through some builds now, we don't want to spend too much time on this because you can find builds everywhere right now, but these are the ones I like, so this is the way I like to build each one of these weapons. We've got the HRM here: closa suppressor hand stop underbarrel. 50 round drum mags Cura laser light and the hatchet light stock, now the reason why I'm using the hatch at light stalk is just because I do prefer to have a bit of movement with the laser because they did Nerf.

season 3

The sprint to fire for this gun is with the recent update, so that's why I'm using that there. Now you can use some other attachments or the barrels to give you that kind of better iron sight, but that's a personal preference. For Jack Gretti, this is the build that you want to be using. Now you can swap out the suppressor for something else, maybe a laser or maybe an optic, because the iron sights are not very good on this gun at all.

But this is the Jack Ketchi, so you've got the closet suppressor, the Cura. Sapharic, vertical grip, which is this grip right here, is the only one that helps with aim walking speed, which is a straight speed. I'm looking for 50 round drum mags and the calyer grip now. Like I said, the only attachment that I feel like you can remove from this is the closest suppressor, and you can put on an optic if that's your preference.


Moving back into the WSP Swarm, which is a gun we've not used in a while, we're using the Jack BFB Muzzle. You could choose a suppressor; the Colossus is a really good choice as well. Brun heavy support under barrel grip; Kamura laser Again, you can swap this out for an optic if you prefer 50-round mags; the 100 rounds are way too much and slow you down, and I like the WSP factory stock for the mocking speed once again.

Moving on into the WSP stinger and a Kimbo, obviously we need the KMO attachment, the largest mags available, and the 1 M laser, which helps with the hitf fire accuracy the best, so that's why we have that on there. Then we do have the light barrel, which is the only barrel that allows you to have a muzzle on there besides the base one as well, but you might as well get the extra velocity and damage range out of it, obviously because we are using it in a Kimbo.

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And then we are using the Colossus suppressor once again. You can use a compensator if you would rather use that instead. You don't really need to be suppressed with this gun because you are pretty much using it at Point Blank Range anyway. And last but not least, another well-rounded option, probably not the most popular but definitely a good choice, is the striker 9, and the striker 9 in this specific build is a movement build that I like to use, so we're using the stubby barrel, and this is going to help with movement, so as you can see, this helps Sprint the fire, aim down sight, and aim walking speed, which is that speed.

Jack BFB, or you could use another compensator, or you could use theclus suppressor once again, or you could use the new suppressor. Probably not the best option, but still a good option nonetheless. Brun heavy support grip once again, 6 50-drum mags, which is what's available, the largest available, and then the factory.

Striker stock, which is going to help with that walking speed once again, so these are the five fastest TTK guns after the season 3 update.

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