News - New Two Shot Megabomb Supercharge Wonder Weapons. 4x Pack A Punch Wonder Weapons Warzone 2 Zombies Glitch


This is how you can twoot Mega Abominations with your supercharged Wonder weapons in Modern Warfare 3: Zombie. After the season 3 update, you can equip a legendary tool on any Wonder weapon and triple-pack-a-punch it to make it four times as strong as you can see. This thing absolutely destroys zombies in Tier 3, especially using the VR11.

It is so much fun to use, and Abominations, now you stand a zero chance to start. You will need to have two weapons equipped on your character, and you will need to have a Molotov as your lethal grenade. You will also want to get a gold wrench in your inventory to upgrade your weapon, along with the wonder weapon of your choice.

For this article, I'm going to be using the vr11 because it is absolutely overpowered in Tier 3, and you can use it against the red worm as well when you load into a game. I want to mention that this glitch does not involve the Tombstone glitch, but if you have one on your map and you want to keep your items, you will need to take everything out of it so that it crumbles before doing this glitch; otherwise, you will lose all your items when you die for the glitch.


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To start the glitch, you will need to activate a raid weapon stash contract. You can do this glitch completely solo, but you will need to have self-revivals on you or a dog to revive you. Having a friend can be useful. You will need to go over to the weapons case to start the contract, and you want to have your Molotov ready to throw down onto the ground.

pack a punch

Right before you get down, you're going to interact with the safe to open it. The best way to get the timing for this is to watch your health without any perks; it's going to go from 40 to 15. This is when you are going to press interact with the case, having the tap to interact or prioritize. Tap in your settings will make this much easier and your hands will then reach out for the safe right as you get knocked so now in full speed I'm going to throw the molotov down onto the ground and then when my health goes from 40 to 15 that is when I'm going to go and interact with the case and then I will get knocked, after I have interacted, with the case from here will simply get revived by any means and if you got the timing correct then you will see that you have a third weapon slot available, and it's going to be empty of course if you miss the timing then you can get another Molotov and try again however many times it takes you but once you do get it you can then equip a wonder weapon of your choice into your third weapon slot or it can be any weapon it doesn't really matter but for this article the wonder weapon now this next step is very important you must equip a legendary tool on your secondary, weapon so for me I have the tack Eradicator.


As my secondary gun so I'm going to put the legendary tool on that weapon, if you do not do this then the glitch will not work so now that your secondary weapon has the legendary tool on it you are then going to call in your Juggernaut streak which you can get from a tier three buy station for 10, 000, points you will then make sure that you are holding your third weapon slot out in your hands before using the Juggernaut, streak so for this is going to be your wonder weapon you were going to hold that and then enter The Jug streak now you are simply going to wait for The Jug timer to end and when it does your wonder weapon will now be in your secondary slot and it will have the legendary tool on it from here you can use a crystal or go over to a Pack-a-Punch machine and triple pack your wonder weapon, as you can see it is now pack-a-punched, and has the legendary tool on it so it is now supercharged.

And it is four times as strong. You can then take this insane weapon into the Tier 3 Zone and absolutely bully high-value targets. If you choose to use the VR11, which I highly recommend that you do, then you can one or twoot every single hbt and boss in the Tier 3 Zone. I mean, look how easy it is for me to kill Mega Abominations.

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