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Mw3 krampus easter egg guide

Mw3 krampus easter egg guide

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over the secret Easter egg challenges that we have for the holiday war zone update, as well as the different rewards that you're going to be able to get from them. We also have some other news topics that I'll cover in the later half of the article, but first, let's go over the Easter eggs.

To complete these Easter egg challenges, you will need to play in the Santa Slay Ride. Resurgence, mode The majority of these challenges are very easy to complete. You may have completed some of them without even knowing that they were Easter eggs, but the first one that we have is called the Krampus Easter egg, and what you need to do is find Krampus on the map and summon him, and his location is at E4.

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I noticed that there's a bus station right across the water almost every single time that I've landed at this location; it'll be right off the water down by the rocks. It's going to be on the right side of YX stand cargo, as well as a little bit above and to the left of Oldtown, as you see here on the map, and that's where you want to land.

It may take you a second to find it, but there's going to be a hand sticking out the rocks, and it's going to have a little like an interact icon. Once you get anywhere near it, go up to it and interact with it. Once you do, it'll say Krampus is now hunting; everyone in the event has been started, and then it'll quickly cancel the event.

It'll say Krampus is stuck under a rock and cannot be summoned. Give it a second, and the commentator is going to say he will return, and right after that, a popup will appear letting you know that you have completed this Easter egg now every single time you see this pop-up, where it doesn't give you any text or any type of notification.

On exactly what it is, that's actually one of the war zone Easter eggs that's available right now. It's just a buck, but whenever you see this pop up, that means that you've completed one of the Easter egg challenges. The reward that you get for this is called the hun, or calling card, which is actually going to be animated, and this is what it looks like: There's going to be a lot of different calling cards.

All santas slayground secret easter egg challenges so far

All santas slayground secret easter egg challenges so far

There's a loading screen, a charm, a sticker, and just a bunch of different things that you are able to unlock by doing this Easter egg, but I'm going to show you guys the challenges, and then I'll show you guys the different types of rewards, but the next challenge we got is going to be to eliminate a player with a snowball.

If you've been doing the War Zone Santa Slay Ground event challenges already, you've probably already completed this Easter egg, but as long as you eliminate a player with the snowball, it's that simple. The next challenge is going to be to capture a tree fully, and by doing that, all you have to do is go to this tree, hold it down, and make sure no other players come in that area.

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It's probably best to do this with a squad, and as you hold it down, it will slowly progress. Go into tier one, tier two, and then tier three. Every time you hit a tier, you get loot. Once you fully hit Tier 3, you will get a pop-up notification. Let me let you know that you have completed it and that you have gotten some sort of reward.

As a result of this, usually you will get a black-sight key from one of these crates. Grab that key, and what you want to do next is hit a teleporter, which will pop up. It's like a door that will open up. Hit it, and that will take you straight to the black site location on the map. Once you are there, unlock the door and go in there.

This will summon an undead zombie Santa boss, and you're going to want to eliminate him. What will happen is that he will spawn upstairs, in one of the rooms. Once you shoot at him a little bit, he will teleport spawn in some zombies, and then he will teleport to another room in the bottom, like the left-hand side of that, so what you want to do is split up with your team.

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One person stays at the bottom, and one person stays at the top. You'll do it a couple times as you weaken him, and then once you fully get that elimination, you will get a notification letting you know that the black site has been cleared and you have gotten some sort of secret Easter egg challenge completed, and I'm going to guess that it's just completed.

The black site undead zombie Santa boss will actually spawn in for a second time, and that's going to be at the train location. So this will be the next challenge you'll need to complete: head over there and defeat him once again. He usually spawns in the same match, or you could just do it in a separate match.

It doesn't matter as long as you defeat him; he'll do the same thing where he'll teleport from the front to the back, and then he'll spawn in some zombies, eliminate those, and then he'll have a health bar. Once you fully complete that health bar and knock him out, you will get a popup letting you know that you have once again completed another Easter egg, and the challenge is to basically just clear the train.

The next one that you have is to eliminate reindeer. It worked for me by only eliminating one of them; they'll spawn at some point in the game, and it will give you a popup on the mini map letting you know that there are deer running around. The commentator will even say something about it. You just want to go hunt them down and look for them.

eliminate them Once you do, they will drop Loot, and then it'll also give you a pop-up on the mini map letting you know that you have completed it. The last secret challenge that I know of so far is to win a match of Santa Slay Ride Resurgence.

Santas slayground easter egg rewards

Santas slayground easter egg rewards

These are the different types of rewards that you are going to be able to get from this event. The first one is going to be the pain deer calling card. I'm going to guess this one is for eliminating the reindeer.

But this is what it looks like—it's not animated. The next one is going to be a large decal for your weapon. This one is called Naughty. I believe this one could be for winning the match. not entirely sure because I did most of these in literally one match, but the next one that we have is going to be the snowball weapon charm.

I can confidently say you get this reward for the snowball challenge of eliminating a player with one, and then the next one is going to be this brand new loading screen. This could be for capturing the tree. Would it make sense for it to be a reward for anything else? The next one is called the Hunt Calling Card.

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This is the one you get for defeating the zombie. Santa is not sure if it's the train one or the black site one, and this calling card is called the glare, so this will be for the other one, one will be for black sight, and one will be for the train.

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