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Mw3 fallout crossover event leaked

Mw3 fallout crossover event leaked

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to go over and talk about the upcoming Call of Duty and Fallout crossover. In season 4, it looks like we're getting multiple different crossovers, and this is probably going to be one of the biggest ones. Also, as a reminder, I have been posting a couple articles in regards to season 4, such as the battle pass operators, the fullon road map, and all the content we're getting.

Free gift pack reward & new store update

I highly recommend you check them out after On this one, we received the minor store update, which brought in a free gift pack that you can get right now. You'll have to scroll down into the store. This brings in two different rewards: a large decal called Mother's Love, and the second one is Happy Mother's Day as a weapon sticker, so you're able to claim that over the next couple of days before it ends up getting replaced.

And then we also got another bundle. This one brings in the Vivid vinyl weapon bundle, costing 800 Cod points; it brings in the half and half for the castoff 762. No trace surroundings or effects; that's the only weapon blueprint that you get in this bundle, and then you get things like a new calling card and a brand new weapon sticker, a large decal, and a weapon charm.

New unreleased operator bundles

New unreleased operator bundles

Now, oddly enough, there's a couple of bundles that were supposed to release in the first half of season 3, but they never made it into the game, and that includes the first one called the killer Tracer pack circus freak party pack, and that brings in a new operator skin for Enigma called Happy.

You also get two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called the funny business for the HR M9. It does have Tracer rounds, and these are what the Tracer rounds will look like, and then the second weapon blueprint is for the MTZ Interceptor, called the jokes on you, and it has the same exact tracers.

Then you get a large decal, a new weapon sticker, and finally, a weapon charm. And then there's another bundle part of that killer series as well, called The Bone Collector. This one brings in a brand new skin called Nomad for Raptor. I believe it's going to cost you like 1,800 Cod points, if I'm not mistaken, or 1,600.


It has two different weapon blueprints, one called the Marrow for the SVA 545. It doesn't have Trace surrounds or effects, and the second weapon blueprint is called the condo, and that one is for the cat AMR. Then there's a couple of other items, such as a new large decal, a weapon sticker, as well as a weapon charm, and then there's even a third bundle that was supposed to be released: the action figure skin for Jabber.

Accessories sold separately bring in this operator skin. I believe it's also going to be cheaper because they don't have trace-arounds or effects, and then it says battery not included in the name of the MCW. This is what it will look like when you get the tactical plastic for the Lockwood 680. And then the rest of the bundle will consist of a large decal, a weapon sticker, and a weapon charm.

You can expect these three to come out very soon. They have been dropping a lot of bundles in the store, and a lot of operator skins have been coming in, so you can definitely expect to see these three added before season 4. There's also a bunch of other operator skins in the reloaded update itself that are scheduled to arrive.

I did post a full article showcasing all of them. I just want to let you know about these and that they are still scheduled because I've seen a lot of people asking about them anyway. Jumping into the next topic that we have is the new crossover that is scheduled to arrive in the Call of Duty season 4 update. Apparently, there's actually three different crossovers that are going to happen; we have one with the CR, one with Gundam; we're going to be talking about these in an upcoming article, but the main focus of this one is the third collab that we have, and that one is with Fallout, apparently in the files.

Will the mw3 fallout crossover with the show or game?

Will the mw3 fallout crossover with the show or game?

More than likely, it's going to be a crossover with the show rather than the actual games themselves for the reason that the show more recently released it on April 10th, which makes sense why they're doing the crossover around this time. Another reason why it's more than likely going to be the show and not the game is because they have a really good relationship with Amazon Prime.

Fallout is exclusive right now. All eight episodes have aired exclusively on Prime TV, and we've gotten multiple different crossovers with the boys for MW3 and MW2.

Mw3 fallout ltm mode

Mw3 fallout ltm mode

And then there's also the potential that it could be a part of the games, mainly because I believe Xbox owns the company that created Fallout, and before we talk about the content, that will actually come in a couple disclaimers first. I don't know anything about Fallout, so I may get a lot of the lower parts wrong, some of the characters wrong, or anything like that.

Another thing is that these are all based on leaks; nothing has been confirmed by Call of Duty yet. Anything could potentially happen, whether it's cancelled, delayed, updated, or changed anyway. Cod Warfare posted He said the Fallout event may be very similar to the Warhammer event that we ended up getting last season.

cod fallout crossover

There are a couple reasons for that. For example, there's the power arm skins that could be used for jugs so the Jugger Marsh LTM could come back, but instead of using the Warhammer Juggernaut outfits, they're going to change them to use the Fallout version of the power suits. These are just some of the photos of what they look like, whether they're from the game or not.

Concepts that people have created: The point is that these outfits are big enough for them to be juggernauts, outfits, or cosmetics, so they can end up bringing in more juggernauts.

Mw3 fallout operator skins (vault dweller & the ghoul)

Cosmetics if they don't end up bringing this as an operator skin The next thing that he mentions is a potential Vault Dweller operator skin.

I know that they can come in either male or female; there's no particular character that's tied to a vault dweller. He pretty much wears a suit that is overall blue, and then it has some yellow stripes. From my understanding, they're people who live in vaults, and they do things like get water and power food, and then they also leave the vault to scavenge and get supplies.

cod fallout operator skins

Things like that, but that's like a very common thing in Fallout, and there's just many different characters, so I don't think it's going to be one of those expensive bundles. They're probably just going to grab one operator skin and put this vault suit on them, and then just call them a vault dweller, very similar to the Warhammer dock operator skin that they did.

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