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Activate lighthouse using gas canister

Activate lighthouse using gas canister

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, I'm going to show you guys how to do the release. The dragon Easter egg will unlock the Crimson Worm Camo, which looks like this. There are a total of four steps that you need to complete. The good news is that you can do them in any order that you want, but I have found that this is the easiest.

The first step is to head on over towards the lighthouse, which is at the bottom right side of the map. You're going to want to find a gas canister, and I recommend doing this as the first step because this is the only RNG involved with this update, and this could go in your favor or you can end up being unlucky.

So there are a couple spawns for where it could be. It could either be by the car, which looks to be somewhere around this area. My friend picked it up and found it right there. There's also one that could drop towards the bottom by the beach next to a crate, and then the other possible spawn could be down by the docks in the corner between the building and the rocks.

Once you find that gas canister, you want to head to the top of the lighthouse. When you walk inside, there will be a blue engine on the right side. You will want to interact with it; it'll ask you to refill using the gas canister. After you interact, it will turn on the lighthouse, and it will slowly start spinning.

What you want to do is line it up precisely with the building. The blue building that is on the west side, which looks to be like this, you want to perfectly try and land it up as best as possible. I used a ping to help me out, so when I ping the building, you can see the ping through the wall, and as soon as it gets lined up in that area, you want to press stop, and you want the light to be flashing towards that building.

Blue building binocular lens location

Blue building binocular lens location

The next step is to head on over towards that blue building a little past it. When you go down the stairs, there's going to be a binocular. I'll show you guys the location of it on the map. This is going to be step number two. You're going to want to punch that, and it will drop a. You want to grab the lens and take it to the top of this blue building.

There will be a tiny, weird nest, and you're going to want to put it on the nest. If you do that correctly, the light should bounce off of this and go in a direction towards the left. If it doesn't, that means you need to readjust the lighthouse, which you can do later on.

Winery binocular lens location

Step number two is to head on over to the winery.

camo easter egg

This is going to be the exact location that you want to target; it's just to the bottom, and a little bit to the left side of that, there will be a set of binoculars. There as well, you're going to want to punch them; they will drop lenses, turn around, and go straight to the top of the building. I use this following ladder to go straight up.

Once you get up there, you want to go to the nest, which will be on the right side of the building at the top, and you want to interact with it and place the lens. Now you can jump onto the fourth step, which is heading over towards the terrace, so at the bottom, on the left side of the terrace.

Terrace binocular lens location

Just a little bit under where it says that located here on the map, as you can see, there will be another set of binoculars, facing the ocean, and you want to punch that as well once you do grab the lens turn around there will be a building you want to climb up above and get to the very top of once you get up there on the left side of this building there will be a nest that you want to interact, with and once you do that you have now placed all three lenses, as well as lined up the firehouse.

The Easter egg should now be complete. You can do any of the following in any order that you find, so I did it in a completely different order, but this step that I gave you the way that I did it, I found to work the fastest way.

Additional easter egg tips

Additional easter egg tips

It's best to get rid of the RNG first because you may end up getting unlucky. Someone who doesn't know what they're doing might grab that gas canister, and there's only one of them for some reason that spawns in, so you want to first try and see rather than doing all these other lens steps and finding out you can't find the gas canister.

What makes it really easy is that you can die and still complete this Easter egg, so as long as you place some in the nest before you die, it will save your progress, and you can continuously go and do the next one that's available. If you have the lens in your inventory, you will need to land back on your body, grab that lens, and complete it because only one of them will spawn per binocular.

crimson camo fortunes keep

It took me a couple games, but I was able to do it, and then I came back and did it a couple more times, so it's very easy to do if you are with friends. You can split up and have each of them go their own separate way and complete a different one while someone goes and looks for the gas canister.

Hopefully, you found it informative and helpful.

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