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Chances are you probably don't because there's a few advertised. CMAs and Santa Slayr event challenges and rewards, but there's also a handful of secret rewards that you want to make sure you have the ability to get. If you care about these limited-time items, they're just free stuff in general. Before the event ends today, we're running down the no-secret goodies that you should be on the lookout for.

Make sure to complete the listed challenges in modern warfare 3

Make sure to complete the listed challenges in modern warfare 3

So first and foremost, naturally, you have those Santa Slay Ground event challenges that Grant rewards, that we see on the event tab for those that haven't completed those, and you can get things like the underbreaker weapon sticker and double weapon. XP token tier skip missle toe weapon charm deadly knit calling card L Krampus emblem and the Santa's right hand execution, getting all of those Grant you the ugliest sweater weapon blueprint print for the DG58 LSW.

This is just a sort of reminder again that the time to get them is indeed running down, so make sure you end up getting them again if you at all care about them personally. I kind of think that some of these are rather forgettable rewards. I would have loved to see an animated camo as that mastery reward, given that we've seen so much emphasis on camo rewards, and just like weekly events here with this.

I think it would have been really cool to see something like a wintry camo, perhaps. The thing that I think of immediately is the Frozen Barrett 50-Calon Cold War blueprint. We got one of those in a holiday gift pack, but it would have been really cool. I think of it as an animated camo, an icicle-style camo that you could use for every weapon across the board, but alas, we didn't get that, but anyways.

A disclaimer on secret modern warfare 3 codmas rewards

A disclaimer on secret modern warfare 3 codmas rewards

There are also a few hidden things, like calling cards, weapon charms, loading screens, and more, so let's talk about those. First, a disclaimer before we get into those, because they're hidden challenges.

We don't quite have a direct way, and some of these have seen multiple explanations that people haven't quite nailed down just yet, and it also doesn't help that when you complete any sort of hidden challenge, the icon for completing them pops up, but no reward or challenge explanation pops up like you'd normally see with the in-game challenge notification.

And even if you go to the notifications tab in the menu, it just says challenge no name, completed with it, so it's bugged. Even with just a few days left here through almost 2 weeks of it, there hasn't been a fix for it, so again, we have some known and unknown challenges.

How to get the "sgt pain deer" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

So starting with the known challenges, we have a handful of calling cards that are available to unlock.

Firstly, the sergeant pain deer calling card this task with getting a kill on a hellhound during the slay ride Resurgence, an event that happens here at this point, will spawn multiple different reindeer, or rather, hellhounds, around the map. If you kill them, they are actually a good way to get some loot later in games for some high-level things like self-revivals.

I think I've gotten a redeployment flare out of those as well, alongside Ammo and other just cash and things like that. They are pretty tanky though, so they may require some team shots here and focus fire on them to take it out, but if you kill one of those at any point during the event, it will grant you that calling card.

How to get the "he hunts you" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

How to get the "he hunts you" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

Next, in the Heat Hunt, your calling card is available by interacting with Krampus's arm on the Riverside west of Oldtown, in Sector E4.

Now one thing is that maybe I'm wrong about this, but having tested it a couple of times, it seems to be only available in Battle Royale. That interactable feature in the map itself seems to be unavailable, but it's one of those things that you can just jump in to a solo match, go directly there, and then back out if you don't care to play Battle Royale but you want that calling card secret reward here.

With this, all you have to do is just go in, interact with it, and back out, but that's all you have to do. Thankfully, Krampus doesn't follow you around this year as he did in Caldera and Vanguard's year of support.

How to get the "glare" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

Next, the glare calling card is apparently to secure a Christmas tree or trees to tier three x amount of times.

Now this is one that I truly could not give any insight here as to how many this is because that's one of my squad's main objectives here: dropping into the game, getting that early loot, getting those early fights, patting out your kill stats because maybe you get a good drop and you can take out a couple of enemies before they even know what happens to them, but while you're staying on that, getting them to Tiers 1, 2, and 3, of course, gives you increasing denominations.

And Rarity, if you just have the availability for so, this could be one that's 5 10 15 20. I've lost count of how many I've done in the process to get that, so just jump into games and slay ride Resurgence. Go for those if you haven't done so already, and you should get them in time.

How to get the "deck ya" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

How to get the "deck ya" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

The DECA calling card apparently is earned from playing 10 games of Slayer Ride Resurgence, so simply put, just jump into play. You could die immediately, but as long as you play, you end up getting that calling card.

How to get the "the hunt" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

The hunt calling card is apparently for killing zombie Santa on a black site and on the train in a single game now.

Disclaimer: I have heard of reports of this either not tracking or.

How to get the "greetings" secret modern warfare 3 codmas reward

Maybe not being the exact challenge here with this there were people that said that's how they got it there were people that said they did that and did not get it but that's the proposed way that this is apparently unlocked, in the CMAs event and then the greetings calling card is apparently to open Supply crates under a Christmas tree but it's weird because I don't have this one so I'm not 100% sure if that is the challenge itself if it's bugged, whatever but again as we talked about one of my team's main strats is to go for those Christmas trees so I've opened a ton of chests but still don't have it personally but I've heard other people saying that's how they've gotten it so, just take that into consideration.

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