News - New Massive Cod Warzone 2 Season 3 Update. 6 New Maps, Rebirth Island And More

6 new maps mw3

Call of Duty just announced the new season 3 road map, and man, it is an absolutely huge and massive season, which includes the return of Rebirth Island, six new 6v6 maps, and plenty more. To be honest with you guys, this is shaping out to be the best season yet. Let's begin with the release date.

Season 3 of Mon Warfare 3 and War Zone will officially launch on April 3rd at 9:00 a.m. Man, I don't know about you guys, but this map is going to be absolutely awesome. Yes, it's a bit on the bigger side, but just look at the colors and the saturation of it; it is absolutely awesome. I'm super excited for this map, and then we have our second brand new map called Emergency.

massive update cod modern warfare 3

This map will also be available at launch of season 3 and is on the smaller side of things which is good as you guys know I'm a fan of smaller sized Maps then we move on to our third map of season 3 and this is going to be the first map that has been reimagined, or remastered if you will and re grow house it will be available at launch as well now for those of you that played Call of Duty Vanguard and stayed there through the postseason, content you guys should remember this map it was called sphere if you guys remember at the middle of the map there was this weird electricity ball just sitting in the middle of the map grous is the same map as fear but of course visually changed the to fit the modern setting of mod Warfare 3 compared to World War II setting of Vanguard.

Then we move on to our fourth map, called Tanked, and this will also be available at launch. Now this is what they are calling a repurposed map. All that simply means this is the zoo point of interest from Vendel. Simply taking it out made it fit into a 6x6 map. That's all there is to this map.

modern warfare 3

Then we have our second repurposed map in season 3, and this one's called Checkpoint. It will be available mid-season. Again just like the zoo point of Interest made into a 6v6 map checkpoint is the same but this time it will be from the stronghold, point of interest in rebirth island taken made into a 6v6 map and that's all there is to it for our sixth and final map this is going to be another brand new map seen for the first time in mod Warfare 3 is going to be called Grime it's a new small to mediumsized map and will be taking place in a London Canal, again all of these six Maps look absolutely amazing but I'm super excited for the three brand new maps cannot wait to check them out moving on from the maps to the new weapons that'll be available in season 3 there will be four new weapons first of all we have the fjx, horror submachine gun it will be available at launch VI the battle pass sector number eight and the description reads an ultra compact SMG with best-in-class CQC.

modern warfare 3 massive update

Damage and Mobility, very excited cannot wait to try it out then we of course have our first retaining, weapon from everybody's favorite game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare yes that's right for our second weapon we'll be getting the more sniper rifle which will also be available at launch VI the battle pass sector number four of course if you guys play advanc Warfare you all know about the mor sniper rifle I am super excited to try it out as you guys know I love the advanced Warfare then we have our third new weapon the Gladiator melee weapon it will also be available at launch VI the battle pass sector number 15, and finally for our fourth and final weapon in season 3 is of course none other than the B 27 assault rifle it will be available midseason, of course another Advanced Warfare weapon an overpowered.

Pay to win the blueprint of the B-27, the obsidian Ste, if you guys remember that. So yes, two Advanced Warfare weapons will be making their way into season 3 of Mod Warfare 3, the SN rifle and the B 27, and again, I'm super excited. What on Earth is going to be overpowered? I can already tell, and then we have the Jack Atlas kit and finally the photonic charge barrel for the new Mor Sniper rifle.

modern warfare 3 season 3 update

Moving on from the weapons to the new operators that will be available in season 4, specifically, there'll be four new operators. First of all, the headline of the new season will be none other than Vladimir Marov. In game modes, however, the difference in this game mode is that every time you get a kill, the enemy will drop a mine, but that mine will not be lethal to you, and your teammates know that the mine that the enemy dropped will only be lethal to the enemy team; otherwise, everything is the same.

To be honest with you guys, this sounds very interesting, and for our fourth and final game mode, it will be called escort and will be available during the midseason. Now that this game mode is identical to the payload from the original war zone, this is going to be the same thing; it's the same game mode, but instead of being a payload in the war zone, this one is going to be escorted in multiplayer.

mw3 new maps

And that's it continuing with multiplayer season 3 we'll see the addition of new perks and Equipment, first of all we have the Gunslinger, vest it will be available at launch this vest will give you two secondary weapon slots it will give you four equipment slots two tactical a lethal and a field upgrade and for the gear slots you'll have four gloves, boots and two gears our second new vest will be the modula assault rig will be available at launch it will give you five equipment slots two tactical two lethal and a field upgrade, three gear slots gloves boots gear and finally you will start with a maximum Reserve ammo for our third vest is the compression carrier it will be available at launch you will have only one equipment slot which is the lethal you'll have three gear slots gloves, boots and gears and you will immediately regenerate Health after a kill or objective capture, then we have new boots which is the reinforced, boots it will also be available at launch and simply it will make you immune to movement reduction effects alongside all of that it will be get a new gear the high grain antenna.

It will be available at launch, the mini map is zoomed out for you, and nearby allies enemies remain on radar longer for you and nearby allies if a nearby Ally has the CCT, coms vest perk, and finally see nearby Ally radar pins from the Intel jacket and Compass indicator from nearby Ally signal jammers.

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