News - This Is The New Meta Smg. Fjx Horus. Best Fjx Horus Class Setup Warzone 2



Today we have the FJX Horus new DLC gun here in season 3, and we found a build that goes insane—one of the best SMGs in the game right now—and we're going to show you a little bit of what it does right here. See how this gun feels.

Fjx horus class setup

The The first attachment that we are rocking on here is going to be the Jack glassless optic; it's pretty good.

I know a lot of people like using this. I finally gave it a go on one of my weapons, and it did pretty well for me. The second attachment we have here is going to be the Martis heavy barrel. This barrel is going to give an insane amount of recoil control to your weapon. You get minus 25% for your vertical, minus 16 for your horizontal, and then minus 12 for your The recoil gun kick, mobility, and handling will go down just a tad with the 30 attachment, which is also amazing for the recoil control of the Z35 and Flash hider muzzle, and this muzzle again is going to bring up the horizontal and vertical recoil control.

The fourth attachment we have here is another attachment that is going to bring up some of the vertical recoil, which I believe is more important than the horizontal. The horizontal will go down four, which is not too bad, but this gun shoots insanely fast, so all of these recoil Control Plus sides on the vertical are really, really good and a must-have.

The final attachment here is the 48-round magazine, because again, this is one of the fastest shooting weapons in the game right now, and it really does mow down the enemy competition, and those are going to do it for the five attachments on our fjx. Here we go ahead and get into the firing range, and you can see that this is pretty good for you on the first two and the third one.

You're probably not going to be using this gun on a far-range map.

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Fjx horus nuke gameplay

This game started not too long ago, so see how this gun feels. I mean, we already have a four-piece game there. I just dropped two nukes with this gun, but this is the official class. I finally got all the attachments I wanted, and I just dropped two with this thing, Freaking My God.

this IS THE NEW META SMG. FJX HORUS Best FJX HORUS Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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