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Maps are coming out. We have six new multiplayer maps and a whole bunch of new operators. We have the famous Rebirth Island, with four new weapons coming out this season. We have tons of new game modes, and there is a lot in store for you guys, anywhere from my War Zone players, my multiplayer players, my RAEd players, even my zombie players.

Unfortunately, some of these updates will be in midseason, but don't worry, guys; we're going to talk about that, so let's get into the article. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos, such as Interstellar Borealis, hard-unlocked, or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts, be sure to check out Mitch Cactus.

Com; they include tons of legitimate services for Playstation. Xbox, and PC, and they have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code eer for 5% off, and don't forget Act. Giving a little bit of rebirth in multiplayer feels really good for me because then I can warm up and get some of those kills for either ranked or if I'm kicking it off toward some war zone with the new rebirth map coming here on April 3rd.

cod update

Lastly, for the list of multiplayer maps, we have Grime and a midsize map coming midseason. With a ton of attention to detail, from graffiti all over the walls and even in the tunnels on the outside of buildings and all of that to a whole bunch of trash, actually laying out in the middle of the street inside of the houses inside of the buildings, this is going to be a great midsize map for all of you guys who like to have more of an open world kind of battle because this is going to be tons of people inside as well as tons of people rotating from the outside to the edges of the map.

For game-mode enthusiasts, we actually have four new modes returning to Call of Duty. The first one that is going to be Capture the Flag, you can see that on screen, with the new tanked map as well on screen for you guys, and this is what I was talking about: you guys are able to actually run and gun and kill people, but at the same time check out some of the fish while you're at it.

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But actually, on screen right now, I wanted to talk about the four new weapons that are going to be coming out this season. The first one that is going to be on the list is the FJX. Horus SMG next on the list we're going to be talking about is the Morris sniper from Advanced Warfare. This is a fan favorite, and honestly, in my opinion, I'm glad that Morris is coming back.

Unfortunately, it's not going to have the cool little effects to it, but we get a cool new sniper. Third on the list is going to be a Gladiator melee knife, and then lastly, we're going to be talking about the Bal 27. This is an advanced Warfare favorite in my opinion, and getting a new gun in Call of Duty that might have a reskin on it honestly isn't that bad when we were all grinding for the obsidian steeve in Advanced Warfare.

I know you guys were, but let's talk about the game modes. Next on our list is going to be a new game mode or a good game mode for all of my veterans out there. This is going to be one in the chamber, where basically you have one bullet in the chamber. Maybe they might implement some throwing knives like they did back in Black Ops 2, but honestly.

mw3 season 3

One in the Chamber is definitely going to be a good game mode to be playing where you only have one bullet and you have to kill one person, and for every kill you get, you get another additional bullet placed into your weapon and melees, obviously. Well, there's going to be those people. Last but not least, our fourth game mode is going to be called Mindfield, and you heard correctly that it is going to be called Minefield.

This will be out midseason as well as escort. And well, as it says in its title, this is going to be a game mode where every kill you guys end up getting drops a Bouncing Betty or a mine on somebody's death box, so for instance, if we're playing kill confirmed and we get a kill, they're actually going to have a proximity mine on their body, and you have to shoot it in order to get the tags.

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Now, if you were to play this game mode and you were to frag out and kill everybody in the lobby insanely fast, there's going to be a ton of Mines all over the place, so this would definitely be a very fun game mode to play and enjoy with your friends and maybe have a couple laughs now that is going to do it for all of my multiplayer updates we're going to move over to the ranked play and talk about a little bit of what we have coming in store now for ranked play unfortunately there wasn't too much in the content or the leaked files for what's coming out for multiplayer ranked, but we do have a little bit to show you guys in the Showcase.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer rank didn't get too much love this season, but hopefully, next season or even midseason, we'll end up seeing some cool stuff. Our first thing on the list for multiplayer-ranked rewards is going to be the same as last season. I believe that where you rank five, you get an operator, and you get a calling card.

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Rank 10 gives you a camo, I believe, and another calling card emblem, and so on. You guys see what happens: the more time you have played, the more rewards you get. It doesn't look like it's really going to change this season at all, but we do have some new season 3-ranked skins for winning games that we'll show you guys here in a second.

Now on screen right here, if you guys were to win five ranked matches, you're going to get a MW3. Season 3 competitor sticker, win 10 ranked matches, and you get a pro-isue rival 9 weapon blueprint, which looks very good in my opinion. Of the 25 ranked matches, one is going to be an absolute Banger charm, 50 ranked wins is going to be the hold the L large decal, 75 ranked wins is going to be a new loading screen for you guys that you guys saw on screen, and winning 100 is going to give you a new camo to actually permanently keep for all of your weapons.

mw3 season 3 update

Now for the overall skill division rewards, it hasn't changed too much as we're going to keep these same skins, but we are going to get a large decal instead that you can see on screen right here for gold on up, so if you guys do stay in bronze or silver, and I'm going to say this is going to count for war zone, we're going to probably get a different emblem or a different large decal for war zone, but you can see on screen right here we're going to get a large decal for our weapons for multiplayer.

And if we end up getting the number one or the 250, what I think this is basically saying is that depending on what rank you are in the top 250, you will actually get the number for the calling card, but the same thing for everything else: we're going to have the same skins, we're going to have the same kind of emblem effect, and whatever you are this season will inflict you guys on season 4 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The MASSIVE Warzone Season 3 Content Update! ALL New Features, ZOMBIES, More - Modern Warfare 3.
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