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Big cod news today

Big cod news today

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today, we have a lot to talk about. Not only did we receive a new surprise update, apparently Cod 2024, which could be free for millions of players, but we also got a new update to changes that the CDL is going to be making a lot of noise about in terms of Call of Duty.

A quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday going over the massive season 3 Reloaded update that is set to arrive in under two weeks. If you want all the details on the brand new operators, coming in the new content, and everything else. I also covered just yesterday that there's a Morse build loadout that actually allows you to shoot through every single building in the entire game, and I'll show you guys the loadout and some examples of that, but anyways, let's go ahead and let's get into.

New mw3 multiplayer patch notes


Its brand new update went live earlier at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. This brought in changes and patchstones to both multiplayer and War Zone, and here's what they are for multiplayer: They did a UI update. The maps widget in the quickplay menu can now be scrolled to all entries; the more sniper rifles Now display the correct icon in the kill feed emblems unlocked in MW2, which will now be stated as such in the customization menu.

Address various issues causing certain stats to not be tracked on the scoreboard and resolve an issue causing the score to appear at 0 during the round transition. Editing a loadout during a match will no longer cause the player to be given an incorrect loadout; they also did progression updates. Executing a player with the soul render will no longer grant more XP than a standard finishing move.

cod 2024

resolved an issue preventing the Winner's Perk Challenge from tracking progress on weapons and attachments. The AR, the MTZ 556, increased bullet velocity from 650 to 690. The Hogre 556 adjusted recoil and gun kick to decrease deviation, allowing a more predictable pattern. The M16 actually got a silent buff a while ago; it says to decrease horizontal and vertical recoil by 20%, decrease gun kick by 20%, and decrease visual recoil by 18%, but they were actually done in the previous update; they just didn't mention it, and then the SMGs, the M9, decreased the minimum and maximum HP fire accuracy by 10%.

Increase aim-down sight time from 200 to 220, and then the striker 9 removed the ability to aim-down sights while sliding without tactical equipment. The striker decreased aim-down sight time from 215 to 204, increased bullet velocity from 540 to 570, and for the WSP Swarm, they slightly decreased the Flinch resistance for the shotguns.

The Haymaker Jack maglif kit got a small Nerf, decreased the damage pellet count from 5 to 4, decreased near-medium damage from 20 to 19, and decreased the near-medium damage range to 6.4. And then for the sniper rifle, they corrected an optic misalignment causing shots to travel slightly off center, and for the attachments, the Mors hexer optic removed the speed benefit, and for the second attachment, the ECS, they added compatibility with MW2 SMGs.

For the equipment, the EMD grenade tactical tracking device will now ignore enemies who are down, and players will now have to stand before removing the tracking device. Frag grenade lethal increases intermediate explosive damage and decreases intermediate explosive damage radius for the kill streaks.

The remote-turn players will no longer be forcibly swapped to their primary weapon upon destruction of their own turn for MW3 range play, limited-time weapon evaluation, track, and sledgehammer games. They said they're going to be adding these until April 23rd, and that's going to be the BP50, the Hore 556, and the MTZ 556. For the SMGs, the HRM 9 and the RAM 9, and these are going to be put in the pool until the 23rd; they will be removed, and then they did a couple of bug fixes, which you can see right here on the screen; now they did a war zone update as well; and then the first one was for the lethal equipment.

Warzone update patch notes

Warzone update patch notes

C4s have reverted the update that previously prevented C force from being detonated mid-flight, and then the frag grenade decreased the intermediate explosive damage radius to 3.8, down from 4.9. For the weapon balance changes, the MTZ 556 has increased bullet velocity, the same as the MW2, and the HGR 556 has adjusted recoil and gun kick to decrease deviation, allowing a more predictable pattern.

The M16 that little silent buff that weal aled about earlier decreased horizontal and vertical recoil, decreased the gun kick, and decreased visual recoil, and for the SMGs, the Ram 9 decreased minimum and maximum hipfire accuracy by 10%. Increase aim down sight time to 220 up from 200, and then for the striker, decrease aim down sight time to 204 down from 215, increase bullet velocity to 570 from 540, and for the wsp storm, decrease Flinch resistance to 0.15, down from 8.

And for the sniper, the Moors corrected an optic misalignment, causing the shot to travel slightly off center, so no big Nerfs, no big Buffs. Honestly, nothing really happened that will change the meta in this update. I'm expecting all that to happen with the reloaded update that happens in two weeks, but the next thing that we have are a couple of bug fixes, along with the attachment changes that they made, which are pretty much very similar to the ones with MW2, except for the bug fixes.

3 new konni operators & bundles

3 new konni operators & bundles

But anyway, let's go on to the next topic, and that is the new store update that we have.

We have three different brand new operators that were added to the store. The first one is the Coney Empress, which brings in a new skin for Warden, costing 1,800 Cod points. Along with that, there are two different weapon blueprints. The first one is called the pedal fall, which comes in for the DG 56.

The second weapon blueprint is called the Revenge, which comes in for the tack eradicator. There are no trace arounds or effects right here, and then you also have a large decal called The Madam Moon, a brand new weapon sticker called the Mirror Image, and a weapon charm called the Shamas. We also have another bundle that comes in for Macrov called the Urban Macrov.

cod 2024 free

This is what he will look like. This one costs 1,600 Cod points and will feature two different weapon blueprints with no trace surroundings. The first one is called the Dual, which comes in for the VAS 9K, so I guess they're doing MW2 weapons now, and then the second one is for the KVD enforcer, and that's called the tsubo, and then you got other different things like a large decal called the Unmasked.

COD 2024 FREE for XBOX, NEW Surprise Update, Week 3 Challenges EARLY, MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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