News - New Maps Coming To Warzone 2 Ranked Play. Hardpoint Locations, Snd Sites & Control Points


We're going to be covering the two maps that come into one all-three-rank play on Monday. In this article, we're going to be covering the hardpoint locations. Destro locations and a control now just quickly before we get into the article. Now let's get into this article. Now try put out a tweet saying that try and the Cod League have seen interest in expanding the competitive map, and they're really excited to announce that they'll be testing Vista and departures in rank play after major concludes this weekend, so you can see on the tweet here it says that beginning March 25th.

Vista and departures will be added to all competitive modes in Mod Warfare 3 rank play until Friday, March 29th. Any feedback will help the Cod League and their teams decide whether they should be added to the official map. Pool, so it seems like here that they're going to be adding it to every single game mode, including hardpoint search, destroy, and control, which, you know, I think that's really a great idea.

You know, put it into the rank playlist and get the community's. I thought of how the maps feel because you know certain Pro players might think you know I don't really fancy playing this map in a proper competitive environment, but actually it could actually be potentially a really good map, so what I'm going to do now is, so now we're going to get over the maps, look at the bomb placements.

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Hardo locations and control points, and see how well this will work, so starting off with departures, you can see on the screen I've got an overlay. Of the departures with the Half Point locations, thanks to the Breaking Points website here, you can see that starting off with P1 is fairly straightforward.

High Point is here in the middle of the map. You know, pretty standard, there are 4 P1s starting off both sides in the spa. It looks like it's about equal distance; it looks like the blue side. For CAC, it might be slightly sooner to get to P1 than the other team, but I'm sure the spawns will be adjusted slightly in place.

I definitely do like the positioning where it goes. P1 2: I think P3 and P5 potentially should be flipped around here because P2 and P3 being on the same side reminds me a little bit of subbase on the old rotation, Here, but with P1, go into here. P2, you know you'd anchor potentially this side or this side of the map, and you could take cover behind what looks like this bus here and then.

cod mw3

P3 i think this is like a little jewelry shop or something in here or like a little kitchen, so that''s kind of like a kitchen Hardo on the Brenberg Hotel from last year, so that again, you know, you could anchor from one side of the map, people should spawn, like in this location here or around this P4 location, then moving into the P4, this is like this bottom es, area, there's some skies here and esis there, and when I played the map in pubs a few times, this will be quite an open hard oint.

This one, where you probably want that's top side control to look down over, you probably want to be spawning people out towards this P2 area of the map, and that way they're going to be funneling through this way and then finishing up P5. I can't remember the area here, but again, it looks like another little, small room.

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Again, you're going to be potentially holding it from probably this side of the map so you can rotate through the P1 earlier and kind of lock those people into that spec respawn, so I'm not really playing departures on hardpoint inbs. I've played quite a bit of kill confirm and stuff when I was leveling up my Smurf account on my soloq series, but I've not actually played Hardo, so I'm not too sure, even from just a 6v6 standpoint, how this map plays out.

From the overview: I do think that you know this looks like it could be quite a good map; it reminds me a little bit of. I think it was Hydro Electric, sorry, from last year, where it's quite a big map. But as long as the game works well, it should be a good map to play, you know, potentially. They can then look into getting an invasion out of the map pool and replacing it with this, so then getting into the snd bomb sites here onto departure, you can see here you got the attacker spawn on the right-hand side and the defender spawn on the left, and again.

I like the bomb positions here both spread across the map in probably what's going to be quite ideal areas to attack. It looks like, potentially, maybe the left side might be a little bit easier to attack through this right-hand side. You have quite a few buildings here to work through. I think there's a left-hand side.

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You know, you know you kind of get funneled out through this car park here, where, you know, it looks like quite easily, just kind of holding the cut off maybe from this top escalators watching the cross, so I think it will definitely be a lot harder to here to be hit on those attacking rounds, but again, you know, it looks like quite a good search and destroy map.

Again, you know, potentially personally, I would take terminal out in favor of this down the future if it plays well because I really just don't enjoy terminal Search and Destroy. It's so two-dimensional; there's really not much you can do on that, whereas, you know, look, there's so many. Even if you say you're going to this right and side, here you can so easily work up to the top through some of these buildings.

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I think there's even an underground and overground bit on this, so there's so many different ways you can attack. You can go through the middle, flank around, and go up. I guess this is like an elevator in the middle, or again, you know, if you push on the side, you can go through the middle, you can go through the left, you can even pinch through this little back left building here potentially, and flank around the back if they know they might only have one person covering this bomb site, and you might get a bit of Lucky on COD timeing if they're rotating between doorways.

But again, you know, you might have some Camp him back here, but it looks like it could be a really great search and destroy map. Now let's get onto the control sites. So again, getting into the control here, it looks like pretty much a similar setup to the SD bombs. You can see that the control site is actually pushed up slightly further into this open space here, so it's going to be pretty similar here to what we've seen on Search and Destroy in terms of attacking OOTS.

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You can see that the bump B site is literally the exact same place, and it was just pushed slightly further forward, so again, you know, it looks like quite a good invasion map—not an invasion map, sorry. It looks like quite a good control map. Again, potentially taken out of that invasion because invasion is one of those maps where, on the attacking side, you're never going to run those lives down and you're always forced to go away, so again.

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