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So the new Mo Sniper rifle Well. I guess it's not completely new; it's brought back, but let me tell you, the new sniper rifle here in Modern Warfare 3 is by far the best one in the game, with the most generous one-shot capabilities of the entire sniper class. Basically, from the waist up, you are going to get a one-shot kill.

On top of that, it's super steady, super accurate, and super fast. Combine all that together, and it feels absolutely amazing, so the only downfall of it, of course, is that it's like a recharge thing, so you can't really increase the Bolt speed all too much before shooting. But the positive side of that is that you don't have a clip to actually reload.

If you guys have had a chance to use the Moors here, I don't have anything to say. This thing is super fun, and I'm not even a sniper.

Best class setup

Let's get our build here. Started with a stock where you're going to want the Super Light 90 stock for Sprint to fire speed movement speed aim walking speed and hip fire spread.

best class mw3

One thing it doesn't tell you is that it does in fact give you aim down sight speed, and it's the best stock because of not only the aim down sight speed but Sprint to fire speed, and on top of that, all of the movement that you can see on the screen here is going to be the best stock. There is another stock in the meantime while you're leveling it up that is going to give you aim-down sight speed, but at the end of the day, you get more sprint of fire speed and aim-down sight speed.

Here, with the super light 90 stock for a bolt, you're going to want the quick bolt that's going to be for a faster rechambering speed. What I can tell you is that I think the statistics are bugged right now because, as you can see here, it doesn't actually raise the rate of fire, but it's 100%. I've done testing on it.

best class setup mw3

100% increases the rate of fire, so I think the statistics just aren't telling you what it is actually doing. I'm assuming in some sort of update they're going to update that so you can actually see what kind of rate of fire you're getting because the fire rate isn't overall terrible, especially when you add the quick bolt here for a rear grip.

You're going to want the OP 980. Grip that's going to give you aim-down speed and aim-walking steadiness, so you do have some other rear groups here that are viable. For example, the LT tack grip is going to increase sure sprint to fire speed, but personally, I like to have my sniper super fast, so this is going to give us 6% to the aim down sight speed.

Over here, in an underbarrel, we have the SL skeletal vertical grip. This is the only thing that is going to increase your aim-down sight speed. I know a lot of people like to use laser sights to increase aim-down sight speed on their snipers. Personally, I'm not a fan because you already have that large sniper glint, so why have a massive laser as well?

best mors class

Shooting across the map is going to make you super easy to find. And it's no slouch; you're going to get 4% of the aim-down sight speed along with 5% additional to the Sprint of Fire speed. Obviously, this is going to come down to preference. You can use a laser sight if you want to, but I think you should try my setup out first and then change it accordingly.

The final attachment is going to be the downfall light barrel; it's going to give you the most increase there towards your aim-down sight speed. And it's a massive 11%; that's a lot when it comes to aiming down sight speed and 5% more even to the sprint of fire speed; it is going to decrease your damage range, but you're going to see in the gameplay that I virtually get I think I got one hit marker the entire game, so that speaks volumes to how consistent this weapon is.

best mors class mw3

So I actually wanted to pull something up for you guys. There is a barrel that does increase the aim-down sight speed more, and that is the photonic charge barrel, but after using it, it felt like there was an odd delay. Actually, it's not an odd delay; you can see the rate of fire is slower. It just wasn't for me if you guys wanted to try it out.

I just feel like you're eliminating that aim-down sight speed factor. With the slower rate of fire, you can't play as aggressively, so personally, I'd take the faster fire rate with a little bit of a slower aim-down sight speed. I know that was a little bit of a choppy intro. You guys got to cut me some slack, though.

I got out of work and came home to record this article, and I'm dying. I'm sure you can see it in my face, and you can see it in my eyes, so this is all the attachment. Copy them down if you want to; it's definitely a good one I've had. Many of the people on the channel know I'm not a sniper, and there aren't many snipers I even put on the channel.

This is one you will see another article on, and it's 100% one of my favorite sniper rifles we've ever gotten in Call of Duty. Actually, here's the rest of the loadout. If you guys wanted to copy down, you guys can't see I am trying out the compression carrier, aka the Quick Fix vest, so I got a request to try that.

The only downside is that I don't have a tactical plan. I don't know if I'm going to keep this going or not. We're going to see. I'm going to do some testing. I'm going to see if I'm going to go back to my demolition vest because, at the end of the day, I restock my stems. I get restocks for all my sexes.

We're going to jump over into gameplay on the brand new map, emergency, A little bit of a longer intro here, and emergency obviously isn't the best sniper map, but I did a very good job featuring it. Let's get into it.

Mors gameplay

Mors gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy So for starters, I want to show you that I'm using the Quickfic vest. Where is it right there using the compression carrier, which is Quick F Fest? We are also playing on emergency, probably not the best sniper map, but honestly, I'm running on limited time, as you guys know, especially the long-time fans of the channel you do.

With my new work schedule, I go to work at like 3:00 a. M so, it's hard for me to get on after a long day of work and try to record a article, so what we're doing today is just playing the game, maybe getting a streak or two. I almost did something nuts that would have been a lined-up triple. I'm not a great sniper, though I'm not like the Phas guys.

best mors class setup

You know what I mean. I just strictly play for fun; literally, that's all I do. I play for fun, especially with sniper rifles, so all I want to do here is, like I said, reload; that's not good. I have to go. I'm probably going to die here. They smoked it, and I can leave, That was a mistake that was a mistake cuz I was, dead I was dead.

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