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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So one of the things they've done over the past couple seasons to Nerf the MCW is make the aim-down sight speed and sprint-to-fire speed worse, a.k.a., make it worse at close range. So what I've decided to do with this particular class setup and in this particular article is kind of find a way to reverse all of those Nerfs.

Obviously. The Recoil isn't going to be as good, but at the same time, for medium-sized maps or aggressive styles of players, this is going to be a very viable Choice Let's get it started here with the Jack glassless optic.

Best class setup

I've talked about this optic before; it gives you fire aiming stability, and on top of that, it's just a normal reflex site.

best class mw3

It's my preference here. You can choose a different reflex site or possibly different optic alt together if that's what you want to do for a stock. Here I have the A90, Venom stock. This is definitely a change. It's going to increase your overall mobility and aggression here with the MCW. At only a 9% sacrifice to the gun kick control which in my opinion really is worth the sacrifice I'm going to hide my camera so you can see all that's being gained with mobility, and like I said the only sacrific being a little bit of gun kick control which isn't like normal recoil control it's just that normal kick on the weapon down here to a rear grip you're going to want the RB Rapid Strike grip now this one is going to take away recoil control, but this is the primary attachment to speed up the weapon and primarily for that Sprint of fire speed I wouldn't say that the MCW had a terrible aim down sight speed all around but the Sprint of fire speed was quite bad in my opinion especially after all the Nerf so as you can see we got 9% there to the aim down sight speed and then a mass of 19%.

best class setup mw3

To the sprint of fire speed, which puts it about, at pre-Nerf levels for a muzzle. I'm going with the T51 riled break for vertical recoil control, fire aiming stability, and gun kick control. Now the vertical recoil control is my primary thing here, as because we sacrificed some recoil control with the last rear grip, I did need to make up for some, and as you can see, it's 32%.

There is the vertical recoil control, and our final attachment is the MCW Cyclone long barrel, so this is going to takeaway sprad to fire speed, but when you add on the rear grip, that's where we're getting those pre-Nerf type of numbers, and this is still the best. Barrel, it's going to increase your bullet bling damage range, fire aiming stability, and aiming idle, so you can see we're only losing 6% there to the sprint of fire speed, where we gain 19% with the rear grip and 15% to the damage range.

18% to the bullet velocity, and of course that much-needed fire aiming stability. As always, there's all of your attachments on the screen for my more aggressive style of players, or maybe you're a medium map fan or a small map fan. Definitely give this class setup a try. Honestly, I'm surprised the CDL Pros don't try something like this.

There's definitely some smaller maps being added to the rotations, and if you have maps like Rio that are there skidrow, this would be very good. MCW setup for things like that. As always, there's the rest of my load. We're going to jump into gameplay to feature this faster style of MCW. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Mcw gameplay

Mcw gameplay

So I built out this MCW, a bit more aggressive for like medium P mediumsized maps, basically maps you're not going to be taking super long gunfights on, so it's got like a faster aim down sight speed and a faster sprint to fire speed, but we still have that Cyclone Barrel on, so if we want to get into longer range engagements, we do have the potential.

With that damage range being said, it's still not like an SMG, so you've got to keep that in mind. You don't want to get up in their face and stuff like that, but you do. You have the potential to do so if you get into a situation. Where and why is this guy going into the water constantly? There's one guy I've shot at twice, and he just disappears into the water.

best mcw class

God I'm going to do my best here to feature all the capabilities of this thing, but like I said, it's still not an SMG, but the MCW obviously is like the pro AR, like this is probably viable in ranked play but not on a map like invasion. I guess maybe, like a map like Skidrow or something like that or Rio, this would be a pretty good option because there's not a super long range.

Engagements, one of the biggest things they've done with the MCW to Nerf is they've lowered the Sprint to fire speed named down sight speed, but I've been able to bring it back to like that pre-Nerf kind of area move to the enem the, perimeter taking, fire all right. We got our OverWatch Hilo The other team is getting throttled on objective; at this time, my team's doing a pretty good job on objective, but they're not really fighting back in that category.

Load there we go; now you're fighting back, I like. I peaked at that and realized that if I actually took that gunfight, I would have been in a bit of a mess there because of how close I would have been. I can't get near them, so I'm just going to hold off, keep my distance while the swarm's in the air, and then we'll hit the advanced UAV and try to maybe go for a nuke.

best mcw class mw3

Here again, I'm just going to stay pretty far away, just for the moment, and then we're going to hit it. We're going to hit it right now. All right, we have that information on where they're at. Good There's another one there; see, there's your long range. It's still got the potential to do it; it's a sniper.

I'm good, but it's not ideal; that's not what it's going to thrive at; it's going to be the best in the medium range. Keep a long story short, secure the area; it's a 22-year-old just doing my area. Yeah, they're all just camping. I mean, I don't know. I'm trying to push them out. At least they spawn close now.

I bet this guy's still here, sitting in a freaking. Corner Yeah, he is why there is an objective. I promise you, you should go play it, and you're going to see what the hell I'm getting trapped in. He just killed my whole team. He's still here. I'm getting

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