News - New "vel 46" Class Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So I have made one previous build for the MP7 or Vel 46 here in Modern Warfare 3, and I think with this second build I'm putting out for you guys. I have improved upon it; we've increased the aggression, lowered the recoil, and just made it an absolute blast on the map. I think this might just be an SMG meta here in Modern Warfare 3.

Simply because of the mobility factor itself, there's one attachment that you need to run to really increase mobility. For very fast-paced players, you guys just need to try this thing; it's an absolute blast, and I don't have anything else to say.

Best class setup

You guys get to copy these attachments down, Starting us here with a stock, I have the assaults T60 stock for gun kick control and recoil control.

best class mw3

This is a weird one because normally I wouldn't run a stock that takes away aim-down sight speed, but I'm going to show you quickly. The pros actually outweigh the cons in this particular case. We got 3% to the gun kick and 4% to the horizontal and vertical recline control, along with some other hipfire stuff, for an only 3% sacrifice to aim down sight speed.

The pros do outweigh the cons in this particular case, and that's why I decided to go with it for a rear grip. I'm going with the ZLR combat grip that's just for gun kick control, and recoil control gives you 7% across the board here. Making it easier to control recoil at the end of the day is one less thing you have to worry about, even though it's a fast-paced weapon.

If you get into a medium-range engagement, you are going to need attachments like this one to make it easier to hit your shots. We're over to a magazine, and this is kind of rare. The 30-round mag is our most important attachment. Normally, I wouldn't say a magazine is an extremely important part of your build, but in this particular case, I'm just going to show you the dang statistics here.

best class setup mw3

I don't really have to talk about it. You can just look at this and see that we are getting every bit of mobility handling and movement speed that you have to offer, and that's why it's so important. The big glaring ones are the 16% to the ads and Sprint to fire speed, but we're also gaining a massive 12% to the ad movement speed and 11% to the Crouch movement speed.

This really does make the weapon meta, and it makes it so you absolutely fly around the map, making it one of the fastest-paced weapons in this entire game. For an underbarrel, we're using the SL skeletal vertical grip to increase not only aim-down sight speed but also recoil control, so you're getting the best of all situations here.

7% to the gun kick and 8% to the vertical recoil control 8% to the aim-down sight speed and 5% to the sprint of fire speed I felt like it did need some more recoil control, but I also wanted to keep the aim down sight speed nice and fast, so this was kind of the perfect attachment here, and for our final attachment, a muzzle with the m compensated flash hider.

I've talked about this attachment in the past; it's that fire aiming stability that really puts his muzzle over the top, but you also get vertical and horizontal recoil control, nothing too crazy, 5% to the horizontal and 15%. To the vertical recoil control, there's all of your attachments. If you guys didn't get a chance to copy those down, just pause the article right now.

Put them on, jump into a small map, and go on to shoot house, stash, house, and shipment. Any small map that you want to play, go into it with this, and you're going to have so much fun. As always, there's also the rest of the load out for you guys. If you guys need to copy that one down, let's jump into some games.

Playay, so you guys can see exactly what I'm talking about, and you can see exactly what EX is capable of. You're not going to be disappointed with this one. As always.

Gameplay 1

Gameplay 1

I hope you guys enjoy So with my changed schedule with me only doing one game play, the biggest problem I've been having is that a lot of the games don't go as long as I want them to, but I'm thinking I'm just going to set my expectations at like 8 minutes maybe. Focus Less on like. Editing—you know what I mean?

Like, do like quicker edits. Not focus on so many cuts and things like that enemy, Kia. I obviously saw you. I don't understand why people are sitting on walls and stuff; it doesn't really make sense to me. There are no long shots in this game. You know what I mean. Well, they're not long shots.

Why would you need to? Why would they need to be on walls and stuff? You know what I mean. So the score is right, and now it's looking pretty good. I'm trying to just get as fast and aggressive as possible because I feel like that features the weapon better than me going for nukes at this point.

best mw3 class

I feel like being aggressive actually features the capabilities of the weapon more than playing a little slower and going for nukes. You know what I mean. I feel like I'm not crazy when I say that. Move, and apparently I can't move either, or I die. I mean, I'm not anywhere near anybody, but this is one of those snares.

It's only 4 minutes into the gameplay. Here, my whole team, look at this. Every single one of them is on it. Here it is. I don't even want to hit it, though. I may have to do a second game for this one. I'm only at 5 and a half minutes for the game. Play; that's just not good enough. You know what I mean, like, I like the game itself.

I like the gameplay that I'm putting on right now. I am going to hit this warm, and it's going to have to be a second game for this one. I think I'm not even going to hit like 9 minutes in this game, play, or spawn. Yeah, because this game's over, like, holy crap, man, this is 6 minutes, probably another small map, maybe not, I don't know, 90 kills on the dot 6, and 1 half minute recording. I'm talking about doing one gameplay, and I got games like this, but I fried through all.

Gameplay 2

Gameplay 2

Right game number two here on Dosh House I'm disappointed that the first game was so quick, but now that I'm doing a second game, I really hope reloading it's kind of quick. You know what I mean. Now I don't want it to be a long game, probably because it's a house.

I'm just going to stay aggressive like I did on Shoe House. There's going to be up close and personal lock in some streaks. I took the swarm off. I mean, this weapon is best used for being so aggressive that they can't even react. It's just how it's going to be. It's like a WSP swarm in a way, but I like this thing better.

To be honest, I like the MP7. It's not like an overpowered weapon; none of these MW2 weapons are. MGB I think more than anything, I just wish my games weren't going so quick, at least from a game-one perspective. I got into the mindset that I don't want to do game number twos anymore, and here I am doing game number two, so it seems like I'm a little cranky, and I kind of am you , ,.

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