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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So with Sledgehammer Games coming out and talking about fire-aiming stability and what it does here in Modern Warfare 3, I've kind of targeted a lot of my builds around them. If you guys didn't know, fire aiming stability is what controls your visual shake or visual recoil on the weapons and makes it very easy to control the recoil.

Recoil is controlled, whether you know it or not, when you're playing on a controller. For example, you kind of tend to just kind of flick down on the stick, so if you can eliminate a lot of the visual shake and the weapon shoots really straight, it's much easier to use, and that's exactly what I've done here with the AR9.

Obviously, the AR9 isn't the most powerful weapon, but one thing in this game that it had over the others was a lot of visual recoil, so we're going to go through these attachments, and I highly recommend giving it a try. You'll see how easy it is to use.

Best class setup

We're going to start here with an optic.

amr9 best class

Obviously, this is an optional attachment, but it's my preferred optic of choice on this weapon. We have the MK3 reflector. I hate those ion sites; they're super enclosed. I can't see through them, and I can't track shots. If you like them, feel free to run the iron site. If you have a different optic you want to use, feel free to use that as well.

Over here, we are using the Ort 6 Precision stock now, like I just talked about in the intro where I featured The recoil pattern fire aiming stability is the primary source or reason behind this particular build, and it shoots extremely straight. This is a big part of it; it's two more ticks towards fire aiming stability there now, but unfortunately it's not visible on the stat bar that they give you.

I hope that changes in the future, but the fire aiming stab is a big part of this build; it's the most important part of this build. This attachment plays a big part in the rear grip. We have the S and ZX grips for two more ticks towards fire aiming stability, along with gun kick control and recoil control again.

amr9 best class setup

I can't show you any visible statistics. For the fire aiming stability, but we are getting 10% for the gun kick and 7% for the horizontal and vertical recoil controls. Just know that the fire aiming stability I keep talking about is extremely important, and a lot of people should start paying attention to that statistic when you're going through the pros and cons of weapons for an underbarrel.

I have the cura spheric, vertical grip; this is a different one for me. I wanted to try this one out, and I kind of took care of it all. My fire aiming stability was lacking with other attachments, so I had an opportunity here to try out a different underbarrel, and this one did a really good job.

amr9 class

we're gaining aim walking speed so we got movement speed gained we got gun kick control and vertical recoil control so overall we're moving faster which is very beneficial for an SMG but also getting recoil control as well we got 7% to the gun kick we got 8% to the vertical and I'm also going to hide my camera here and you guys can see how much movement overall we're gaining 9% to the movement 18% to the crop movement and 14% to the ad movement You are going to be absolutely flying around the map at insane strafe speeds.

Our final attachment is the Z-compensated flash hider now. I tested out some other muzzles, and I personally didn't like them. You don't need more fire aiming stability, but at the same time, this kind of gave me enough recoil with a small decrease in my aim-down sight speed. There are some other muscles you guys can definitely try out, but I think this is just my favorite muzzle.

I've talked about it here on the channel. You got 5% to the horizontal and 15% to the vertical, along with even more fire aiming stability. Here's what I'm going to say about the muzzles: If you have a different one that you prefer more, you can definitely switch that on, but make sure it doesn't sacrifice any steadiness or fire aiming stability, as always there's all my attachments on the screen.

This one looks a little odd. I'll be up front and say it, and it's mainly due to that stock. That thing's kind of ugly, but it definitely does a damn good job. There's also the rest of the load out. For me, we're going to jump into some game play so you guys can see what this thing can do live in action.

Make sure you guys throw on all these attachments to load out. Do what you want to do, but at least give this a try. You're going to have a ton of fun with it. Let's get into it.

Mercado game 1

Mercado game 1

enjoy I originally got Marcato and thought I was going to do the 74u on it because, as you know, MW2, map MW2 weapon, but I realized this map definitely suits more like SMGs. So, I kind of steered away from it and said we're going to run it up with an SMG, and the AM-9 is the choice. Marcato has a lot of close-range engagements with the objectives, and of course this map is a lot more wide than it is long; it doesn't take long to get across the map, especially with how the spawns are set up and stuff.

Every game I played today has been super weird. Yo, hello, but respectfully, I'm going to need you to not mute the only reason I don't like listening to people in game chat. It's not like I'm trying to be offensive or anything, but I need those sound cues. It's very important to have sound cues in Call of Duty; they're literally a lifesaver.

The littlest sound cues can save your life. I am frying at the moment, and we have spawns locked up for next. Whatever that guy's got—RPG, SEC, the area—that punch is unreal. I said this in the past; they had knives back in the older cods for like Panic knifing; he's still going to be here here.

You're not killing me again. I'm losing it. I'm kind of losing it. Actually, here's a swarm of yours. Kilo Nice! This is a good first game overall. I think I should have had a nuke, like I choked kind of hard with the whole punch thing, but again. I don't think you should have, so if you're remembering BO2, the Panic knife was kind of ass you had to be like on top of them, and it was a one-hit kill, but you didn't have to lunge with a knife unless you used the tack.

Push. I already need to take Nuke off the table; we're just going to hit this. I don't know where the guy's alive on the hill; he's got ghosts. That's him all right, teammate. Hold that for me, and I'll watch the middle here, yep. Watch 80 kills on the nose. 80 kills on the nose This thing feels great.

AMR 9: This setup was great.

Greece game 2

Greece game 2

All right, so we have the AR9 for game number two. We're going to get super aggro with it, as you guys saw in game number one. The thing is pretty damn good. I'm keeping it and stacking that fire aiming stability once they actually talked about it and explained how important fire aiming stability is.

BROKEN and NO RECOIL "AMR9" Class in MW3 Multiplayer! Best AMR9 Class Setup -Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
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