News - The Secret "m16" Class Is Ridiculous. Best Class Setup Warzone 2

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

I'm going to keep it stacked with you. I hated the M16 back in Modern Warfare 2. I kind of lied about it. I kind of said I liked it. I didn't think it was as bad as people thought it was, but it's definitely better here in Modern Warfare 3. They made some changes to the fire rate, and it's actually much more viable.

You can kind of just sit there and spam the trigger, but it's still not easy to hit shots with because the visual recoil and overall recoil on the weapon in general are a bit spotty. But it's not the worst weapon in the game by any means; it's definitely very usable, and in fact, I died to it quite a bit.

A lot of people have been experimenting with it, and I've even seen some people trying it out in the war zone as like an SMG, close range option, so who knows what they're doing? Maybe it gets buffed, maybe it gets nerfed.

Best class setup

Who knows, but for now, I have a pretty good setup for you guys, starting us off here with an optic with the Jack glassless optic for fire aiming and stability.

best class mw3

It's just a reflex site that gives you fire-aiming stability. You don't have to run this if you don't want to, but I highly recommend at least giving it a try. You'll see that a lot of that visual bounce does get controlled with this optic for stock. I'm going with the demo fade Pro Stock just to speed the weapon up a little bit.

Nothing crazy there; we get AIM walking speed and Sprint speed, but the only downside is aiming idle sway, which really isn't a massive deal in this particular game in Modern Warfare 2. Aiming idle sway was horrendous, but there's not much here in Modern Warfare 3 for rear grip. I got the Saen ZX grip for recoil control, which is self-explanatory.

7% across the board to make it easier to hit your shots for an underbarrel. I got the brew and heavy support grip that's going to take care of your fire aiming stability. AKA recoil control along with horizontal recoil control and gun kick control, the most important one being fire aiming stability, but we also get 10% to the gun kick and 12% to the horizontal recoil control, and our final attachment is the Z 35 compensated flash hire for again fire aiming stability and some more recoil control at 5% to the horizontal and 15%.

Regarding the vertical recoil control, I would highly recommend avoiding long-range fights with this thing, but at medium and close range, it's not bad whatsoever; in fact, it's kind of fun to use. Don't play on shipment or meat with it, but use normal siiz maps like I used it on the dome. I've also used it on Marcato.

I've also used it on I don't even know there's a lot of maps I actually played with this thing on and just consider normal size or mediumsized maps. It does a good job, and I think you guys are going to enjoy it, so copy these attachments down if you want. Here's the rest of the loadout. As always, let's jump into the gameplay.

How about it? As always, let's get into it. I hope you guys enjoy it.

M16 gameplay

M16 gameplay

Let's lock in with some Dome. So the M16 is what we're using today, and I would say that the M16 is arguably better in this game than it was in. MW2, I say that arguably, it's not like a confirmation; I just think from field purposes, it has a faster fire rate. I don't know who is shooting me.

I'm off to a rocky start, but there's nothing that I can't overcome here. I think I just need to lock back in. We're on my first game of the day, and there's a three-piece to turn the game around, and we're back to getting bodied because he's behind me for some reason. I love that all right. Billy, listen, they have a lot of passion, but it's not showing up on the scoreboard right now, I don't think.

best class setup mw3

Then there is Billy, who once again comes up behind me. I feel like the only way he kills me is if he's behind me, because if I'm seeing this correctly or remembering correctly, he hasn't killed me from the front yet. Streaks relocated to SEC since they were right here. I'd assume they're going to come through here, but I don't.

It doesn't look like it's inside the perimeter; it looks like they might have been killed by me.

the SECRET M16 Class is RIDICULOUS! Best M16 Class Setup MW3 Modern Warfare 3.
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