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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So I have covered the DM 56 quite a few times here on the channel, and for the most part, my builds have kind of stayed the same in this particular one. I wanted to maximize some damage range here and speed up the aim-down sight speed a little bit so you could be a little more aggressive. Obviously, it's a semi-auto assault rifle, so being up close and personal isn't going to be a very good thing.

But when it comes to medium-range fights, getting your gun up is quite important, and obviously, maximizing the damage range is just going to make the thing have a good long range.

Best class setup

Option is running us off here with an optic. As always, when I'm using a semi-auto weapon, I do like to have a little bit of magnification.

best class mw3

So I like the 2.5x Coro Eagle Eye here. Pretty simple: you're going to be taking much farther range fights than something like a normal assault rifle or an SMG, so for longer range fights, you're going to need an optic just like this one for a stock I have the Regency 12 stock pad for fire aiming stability and aiming idle sway.

Prior to knowing what fire aiming ability actually was, I would have gone with the hogar recoil pad at the sacrifice of aim-down speed. What I realize with this weapon is that there's not really much recoil, to be honest, but fire-aiming stability is that shake on the weapon, which this is going to control, so it makes it much easier to hit your SS, especially at range over here in an underbarrel.

best class setup mw3

I have the SL skeletal vertical grip. This is one of the attachments I was just talking about that's going to speed up the weapon. the stock technically sped up the weapon as well compared to my last builds and this is going to increase your aim down sight speed, and Sprint of fire speed but we also are getting recoil control so we got 7% of the gun kit control 8% of the vertical recoil control then down to 6% to the ads, 4% to the Sprint to fire speed for the muzzle we have the Zam compensated flash hider, this is the primary reason I did choose the under Barrel we are sacrificing some aim down sight speed with this muzzle, but with the addition of the under Barrel it's still a super fast aimim down sight speed so we are getting vertical and horizontal recoil control along with even more fire aiming stability with this attach and our final attachment is a barrel with the prime Lord heavy barrel this is what's going to maximize your damage range with a 25%.

Increase to the damage range and a 30% increase to the bullet velocity, and as you guys can see, we're at 44.4. For that damage range, that's extremely far, and that's honestly. You don't need any more than this. I know some people say to use the high-grain rounds, but in a lot of situations in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, you're not taking a 44-mm gunfight, so I've called this thing the DMR 2.0 or the DMR-1 14 if you guys have ever had a chance to use it, and I still stand by that as a super fast-firing semi-auto assault rifle.

I want to say this one's. Probably better, but not as good at the same time. This one's a lot easier to use the recoils, but it doesn't have the same damage profile as the DMR, so I want you guys to go down to the comment section if you guys actually had a chance to use the DMR. Which one did you guys like better, the DM 56 or the DMR?

Here's the rest of the loadout. We're going to jump over into gameplay on the new map. You guys get to hear some of my opinions on the map, and you know how I'm vibing with it. Let's just say it's not my favorite experience, but I'm not going to spoil anything. Let's get into it.

Dm56 gameplay

Dm56 gameplay

Finally, I got freaking tanked. I've only played this map once, so I am not even remotely familiar with it, but I'm just going to hang near the hard points and hope for the best use of what I know about spawn logic and that I can find kills. Yeah, I'm not overly familiar here, so it could be a bit spotty, especially because I'm not using the most aggressive close-range weapon on the planet.

Well, that's spawn. It's good to know. I'm pretty how did he get there? How did he spawn there when I just spawned there? What, stuff starts to make not so much sense that I'm not liking. I'm still probably going to upload it regardless of what happens because it's a new map, but this may be one of those where it's probably not one of my first choices.

best dm56 class

To be honest, it's a little confusing; we'll see as I get to learning it more, but as of right now, it doesn't feel overly complicated. That is so unfortunate. I just don't get it. I'm going to put this up regardless, but it doesn't make sense. A lot of this doesn't have much logic behind it; they're just spawns to be spawns.

Flopper, it's 74 kills. I mean, it's a little too chaotic for my liking, and the map is big. You know what I mean. That's not a small map, and it just feels like everyone's on top of you all the time. I don't know how much of that one's going to be in my rotation or .

the MAX DAMAGE "DM56" is DEADLY in MW3! Best DM56 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3. Timecodes.
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