News - This "secret" Class Is Insane Warzone 2. Best Fss Hurricane Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So the next weapon on my MW2 best-class set-up list is the FSS hurricane. And to keep it a buck with you. I didn't think this thing was going to be very good; I'm not going to act like it's a meta-SMG, but it performs almost identically to what it did back in Modern Warfare 2. Here in Modern Warfare 3, it does not have the highest amount of damage, but it does have very easy recoil control and is fairly decent at long range.

At close range, you will get gunned by some faster-firing SMGs. But if you're just looking for a change of pace or you're looking to unlock some camos, I definitely get the best setup.

Best class setup

Here for you guys, getting us started here with an optic. I'm not a particular fan of the Hurricane Iron Sights; it feels like there's too much shake in them, and I tend to miss some of my shots.

best class mw3

I do like the slate reflector. It is going to come down to preference. You could go with the slate reflector, the Jack glassics, or even the iron sight if you want to. This is just my preferred optic of choice. However, for the stock, I'm going with the demo fade. Pro Stock, that's going to give us some gun kick control and recoil control.

We got 4% for the gun kick and 3% for the horizontal recoil control. 4% to the vertical recoil control we are sacrificing a bit of aimed out sight speed but I feel in this particular case, we are going to be gaining more than we're losing so the pros outweigh the cons only 3%, loss to the aim down sight speed at the end of the day down here to a rear grip we have the sa and ZX grip for recoil control gun kick control 7% across the board.

With all the recoil control, it is going to help you hit your shots, especially at medium range, over here in an underbarrel with all MW2 weapons. At this point, it's the breu and heavy support grip for gun kick control, aiming idle sway, horizontal recoil control, and most importantly, fire aiming stability.

best class setup mw3

This is the best under Barrel when it comes to controlling visual recoil control, aka fire aiming stability; for the gun kick, it's 10%, and the horizontal recoil is 12%. But of course it's that fire aiming stability that I'm really targeting, and another attachment to really target the fire aiming stability is the purifier muzzle break.

I actually tried the ZEM compensator, which, as you guys know, is like my favorite muzzle in the game. The purifier muzzle break actually felt better here because this weapon had some side-to-side recoil that doesn't visually show. I feel like the statistics may not be right here; we're getting 18%.

With the horizontal recoil control, it felt a ton better. I understand this is probably not going to be my most popular upload on the channel, but I'm going to do my best to cover all these Modern Warfare 2 weapons, and I did see it requested, so whoever was asking for it there, you go. If you guys didn't ask for it and you still want to give it a try, Make sure you copy all these attachments down, and as always, there's the rest of my load out.

I've been really interested in that quick fix vest, but at the same time, I really like that the demolition vest restocks my stems and restocks my sexes. As always, let's get into it.

Fss hurricane gameplay

Fss hurricane gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it. Okay, let's get super duper active here with the SS hurricane. I haven't used this thing since MW2 at all. I mean, I used it for, like, a game of Hile Elixir, unlike shipment. My God, that's the whole squad. The hurricane performs almost identically in this game as it did last game it's not great it's not, overpowered but what it does have is a fairly decent damage range with a low, not a low recoil pattern, but a good recoil pattern up.

Well, this Slow Joe guy is rocking my world. He's killed me three times; every death I've had, it's been him, and he's hit head-on on me every time I get to get active. I had to stay aggressive. I can't just keep taking these long-range gunfights. I really wish there wasn't so much visual recoil on these weapons; there's a guy above me for that.

best fss hurricane class

Sure, hard point. Yeah, I hear a guy up here, almost certain, maybe not. I like this game so far, which is super aggressive, which kind of suits me pretty. My teammate is hitting some nades; he's cooking them. They're on both sides of me at the moment. Let's go this way, enemy. I don't know how I'm not picking up any ammo packs.

I am playing aggressive, so I'm confused about it. Hosti eliminated me here, but yeah, I thought for sure I was actually around that wall. I don't know how much I agree with that one stand; they got to be here. No one heard him last second, but yeah, they got to be here either that or

this SECRET Class is INSANE in MW3! Best FSS Hurricane Class Setup Modern Warfare 3 Mulitplayer. Timecodes.
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