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A new MW3 content update is now live. There's a new event with free rewards, the Judger LTM, a new DLC weapon part patch note, and much more. We'll break it all down in today's article, but first off, the Jugger mode is now live.

New juggermosh ltm in modern warfare 3!

It's a ton of fun. Sincerely, of course, you're playing as the Warhammer Juggernaut operator skins.

You're using a lot of the Warhammer weapon blueprints from the bundles as well. You have a set of kill streaks. You could have a lot of fun there, so be sure to check it out, guys. And of course, if you buy that Warhammer bundle, you're going to be able to use those Juggernaut skins normally in multiplayer for the Juggernaut kill streak, but if you don't buy the bundle, don't worry, you could still use all that content.

modern warfare 3

You'll still have the skins in the Jugger MH mode while they're still available, which is pretty cool. and this mode as well is playable on a couple of interesting maps, so it says Jugger MOS is playable on Rio, Dos House, Tennis, and Spard, two of the Vortex Maps, which is so interesting. Miss and me as well, so they decide to bring back the vortex maps, which is so cool.

New warhammer 40k event with free rewards!

Glad to see that those haven't gone to complete waste there , and there's also an event tied to this as well, the Warhammer 40K for the Emperor event. Here's a normal XP progression event with a bunch of free rewards. Before we break them all down, a quick shout out to my partner. You4 GM: if you need cheap C points or rare unlock codes.

Zkx Mastery Camos, much more, and a bunch of stuff over there, use com M for an extra 5%. Scout, and the Blood Angel Scout as well, you'll get 5, 000 extra XP for this event, which will make the progression much quicker, but it's of course not necessary. For the rewards here, though, you're getting the No Fear weapon sticker, the March for Maage calling card probably not pronouncing that correctly, a battle pass tier skip, a righteous hatred, a weapon charm, an inquisitorial seal weapon sticker, a for the emperor emblem, a psyched-out stun grenade weapon skin, a Suns of Sanguinous calling card, a innocence proves nothing emblem, an adeptus, a stardus loading screen, a double XP token, and a righteous storm weapon blueprint for the WSP 9 SMG, which looks pretty solid, so those are all the rewards there.

A simple XP progression of the max reward is.

New dlc weapon part added to mw3!

New dlc weapon part added to mw3!

And again, once this is fully available for everyone, we'll do another article probably, potentially on more matters, breaking down this aftermarket part in MP War Zone and zombies, but now Let's break down a bunch of the patch notes here that just dropped today for MW 3s MP War Zone and, of course.

New modern warfare 3 patch notes added!

War Zone, but before we go through that, my partner Apex and PCs are also doing a St Patrick's Day Giveaway. They're giving away four different $200. PC gift cards, so be sure to participate in that. Added missing visual effects to the muzzle of the lament black cell blueprint for MP; UI bug fixes improved performance while scrolling in the Callon Card menu tracked Prestige challenges will no longer disappear from the calling card menu.


Seasonal content in offline mode will now match the available content in online mode. Saving a custom mod in the gun Smith will no longer remove certain camos. Here gilded The mastery challenge for the S SOA subverter now displays the correct requirements, and the Priceless C challenge for the Thea subverter is now properly tracked for maps here on Skido in Hardpoint.

Additional spawn points were added to decrease the probability of an unfavorable flip, which is really, really good, as they say here. One of the many factors in spawn selection is to avoid a spawn trap. This is very true when a player dies soon after respawning; that spawn point is temporarily deprioritized.

There are not enough safe spawn points available, so a spawn flip is more likely to occur. By adding additional spawn points, the system has more safe options available, decreasing the chance of a spawn flip and also avoiding, of course, a spawn trap, which is good especially for ranked play modes here in private matches.

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Increase the maximum player and bot count from 12 to 24. That's kind of cool, I guess. For weapons and attachments, here is the Hoger 556 first up. Lord Stock revised the attachment description to better reflect its true statistics. This heavy stock provides better accuracy and recoil control, which is okay for the F556.

The FR Sprinter and Recon stock pad stocks replace Sprint speed with tactical Sprint speed in the list of pros to align with the true statistics. Okay, SMGs here, the Rival 9, the break muzzle here, and the duplicate Jack BFB. With the correct name and description, this heavily vented break is designed to mitigate vertical recoil and is especially effective on burst weapons, so the Haymaker shotgun here The Jack Maglif kit got a bunch of changes: increase minimum hit fire speed by 40%, increase maximum hit fire spread by 41%, and increase tactical stance spread by 40%.

As well, for the Longbow Sniper, the Jack Tyrant 762 kit removed 30% of the hitfire spread benefit and increased aim-down sight time by 21%. For ranked play here, this is unfortunate; the Jack glassless, optic, in ranked play is now banned, which a lot of you guys were asking me what site I was using in a previous article; it was this one I was playing ranked play, and unfortunately.

It got banned, so that stinks there, but I guess it is what it is and not a big deal overall for zombie ch. Here for gameplay, address an issue that prevented Elder Sigils from dropping in the new season 2 Dark Eternal Rift if players had not completed season 1. dark ether Rift addresses an issue that would knock back containment levels by one tier, but next filling from dark ether Rifts, that's pretty unfair, and addresses an issue that prevented containment levels from knocking back one tier if a player left a match, and of course, as always, various crash and stability fixes for zombies as well.

New warzone patch notes added!

New warzone patch notes added!

For the war zone changes here, the weapon changes seem to be the exact same, pretty much for the hogar. Rival 9 Haymaker shotgun Longbow Sniper, but the gameplay changes are a bit different. Cluster mines now require two mines from a cluster mine to down a full-plated player, and a player with no plates will be downed by one mine from the cluster mine.

Okay, for black sites here Increase the drop rate of black sight keys to 5%, up from 1%, for bug fixes here. Fix the issue causing the bunker buster to fire from the incor position when on a moving platform; fix a collision issue on fortunes that keeps allowing players to exploit under the map; and fix a collision issue that causes the Geer count to be retrievable.

Okay, and that's pretty much it for the war zone updates.

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